Ultimate Patio Accessories for Cooling and Heating

Relaxing on the patio with friends and family is a great way to unwind after working all day. However the temperature has a significant effect on how comfortable you will be. In some cases you’ll want the patio warm, and in some instances you’ll want it cool. Whatever your needs may be, the following accessories should do.

How to Heat the Patio

Spending time on the patio can be fun, but what if it is too cold? Well you don’t have to let the winter chill keep you inside. With the right accessories you’ll still be able to savor the outdoors and keep warm.

Sunnydaze 42 Inch Outdoor Patio Fire Pit

This outdoor fire pit comes with a spark screen so you can savor the fire safely. Durably built, the fire pit’s moon and star cutouts add to its aesthetic appeal, and it is versatile enough to be used in the patio, porch or backyard.

There are gate strips built-in to contain firewood and wood. A lifting tool is included as well so you can move the logs safely. You can use the same tool to take off the spark screen.

Coronado Fire Pit

The fire pit is constructed from 75mm heavy duty steel, and it has a rustic patina finish. The pit has also been specially painted so it’s able to withstand high temperature. Since it is resistant to heat, just like all the best fire pits for your patio, you’ll be able to use this for extended periods.

The star and moon cutouts don’t just look good but gives you a nice view of the fire. The legs are durable and keep the pit above ground, providing extra durability and style.

The rail around the fire pit makes it easy to clean, and the spark screen prevents embers from getting out.

Outdoor fire pits tend to be hit and miss when it comes to performance, but with the Sunnydaze you’re going to get consistent warmth every time you use it.

Things We Liked

  • Durable design
  • Heat resistant finish
  • Comes with a spark screen

Things We Didn't Like

  • Has only one drain hole

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

The Fire Sense patio heater has 46,000 BTUs, providing you with the heat necessary to keep you and your loved ones warm even during the cold season. The heater uses a state of the art ignition system for reliable performance. A press of a button and the heater is on.

The Hammer Tone is built with convenience, as the patio heater runs on a regular 20 pound tank (not included). It uses regular liquid propane gas so finding fuel is not an issue.

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater
Its consumption rate for a full tank is 10 hours, which is better than other patio heaters in its range. The patio heater comes with a wheel assembly so you’ll have no trouble moving the patio heater around.

The wheels are made from heavy duty materials so you can use it on rugged terrain without worry of damage. Its auto shut off valve also means you don’t have to mess around with other controls.

With its dark bronze finish, the patio heater looks great anywhere you put it. Add the durable construction and the piezo ignition system and you have one of the best patio heaters for the buck.

Things We Liked

  • 46000 BTUs
  • ​Has an auto shutoff
  • Beautiful finish

Things We Didn't Like

  • Cover not included

Choosing a Brick Patio

Brick patios come in different styles and shades, but what they’ll do is provide your patio with a natural look. Before you buy, keep these handy tips in mind.

brick patio
  • If it freezes in your area, make certain you buy bricks meant for paving. You will find these with the “MX” rating. Those with an SX rating are designed for walls rather than patios. Those are going to flake or crack during the thaw-freeze cycle.
  • Regular bricks with 2 to 3 holes are usually for walls too. Look for those that are built for patio specifically.
  • If you’re going to use bricks for your patio, put acrylic sealer on it every year to ensure they don’t crack up.
A few more things to consider when buying bricks for your patio:
  • Measure your pato’s floor area and use that as a guide.
  • Make some allowance and buy a few more pavers than you think you’ll need. This way if you make a mistake you’ve got other reserve pieces.
  • If you’re not used to creating brick patios, it’s best to leave this to a professional.

Patio Brick Cleaning and Maintenance

Some patio bricks that undergo heavy moisture could end up with efflorescence, a white stain. Some homeowners actually like this because it gives the patio a rustic, worn out pattern.

If you don’t like the stain, you can remove it with a pressure washer or a detergent. Make certain the detergent is suitable for patio bricks and won’t damage the appearance.

If your brick patio is set in heavily shaded, moist areas, the bricks could get slick and algae could spread all over it. Use a bleach solution to remove the algae.

Why Choose Bricks for Patios?

Because bricks come in different styles, shapes and shades, you can configure them to suit your aesthetics. Bricks have a more striking appearance than concrete and you can set them in different, interesting patterns.

Patio bricks are also thinner than the average bricks used for home building. However they are more durable and can handle heavy traffic. Even if they are constantly used, the quality and built won’t deteriorate.

There is no single brick patio style that’s better than the others, so it’s matter of personal preference. When shopping for brick patios, check out the various colors and finishes as that will determine whether it’s going to have a fresh new look or a rustic-style appearance.

Installation of brick patios can be done DIY or you can have a professional service do it for you.

How to Install Patio Bricks

How to Cool the Patio

Summer days and nights are perfect times to be at your patio relaxing with loved ones. But sometimes the heat can really get to you. The good news is there are ways to overcome this, mainly with the right accessories.

NewAir AF-310 Indoor/Outdoor Evaporative Cooler

The AF-310 is a three in one product, working as a humidifier, tower fan and swamp cooler. The slim design makes the AF-310 a space saver and is ideal for use on patios and indoors.

evaporative coolers on the roof

The AF-310 has 60 degree oscillation, enhancing air circulation whether it is used on patios or inside your home. The ice box also provides optimum cooling, and it has an indicator which lets you know if refilling is needed.

The AF-310, as all the best evaporative coolers, cools the patio while eliminating the dryness around you. The unit also comes with a remote control so you can adjust the settings without going near the fan. There is also an electric timer which lets you use the cooler at the setting you want.

As long as there is water in the unit, it’s going to produce cool air and make your patio comfortable. It does produce a bit of noise but not so much it becomes a deal breaker. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the air quality and circulation are the great.

Things We Liked

  • Cools an area up to 100 square feet
  • Excellent air distribution
  • Works a as cooler and humidifier

Things We Didn't Like

  • Makes a slight noise when in use

Westinghouse 7200700 Comet 2-Light Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

patio ceiling fan
The 7200700 Comet is equipped with a high quality motor which circulates the air and cool areas up to 18 x 29 feet. This ceiling fan comes in six colors including black, espresso, white and brushed pewter. Style differences aside, they have the same power.

The blades are weatherproof so you can install this on your patio, in your patio gazebos, verandas or decks. Design wise, the ceiling fan has touches of the classic and also modern elements. It is also durable with a two year warranty on the parts and lifetime warranty for the motor.

The ceiling fan is equipped with a triple capacitor, a reversible switch and three speed options so you have complete control over it. With an airflow of 5087 CFM, the ceiling fan keeps the area around your patio cool and fresh.

The Espresso design is complemented by the opal frosted glass and the disc style fixture. This gives the fan a unique appearance, and since it is weather proof there is little maintenance needed.

The Comet has also been proved for use in damp areas, and it is going to keep you cool while illuminating your evenings. Aside from providing cool air, the Comet also keeps your energy bill low by reducing heating costs by 30%.

Things We Liked

  • Good for up to 360 square feet
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Efficient airflow

Things We Didn't Like

  • Emits a hum on medium speed

Best Choice Products Aluminum Patio Umbrella w/ crank

patio umbrella for enjoyable shade
The Best Choice 9’ diameter umbrella has a tilt and crank design which makes it easy to use on your patio. Made from 180G polyester fabric, the umbrella is large enough to block out the sun.

For those times when the sun is just too hot, you can use this umbrella on your patio to keep cool. With its 9 foot diameter, the umbrella is large enough to fit a lot of people under it. Sold in beige and burgundy, the umbrella is just the right size for use on a 48 inch table.

The umbrella’s fabric is just right, not too thick but not too thin either. The fabric is just sufficient to keep the sun’s ray away so you’re comfortable under its shade. The umbrella works great as it is, but you can make adjustments to it via the crank and tilt mechanism to keep glare away.

The umbrella is also UV resistant. Constant exposure to UV rays is harmful to your skin, but this umbrella provides the protection your body needs.  Like in most top quality patio umbrellas, there is also a wind vent built in for stability.

Things We Liked

  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent sun blocking
  • Comes in different colors

Things We Didn't Like

  • The umbrella base is not included

Outsunny Outdoor Sun Shade Sail Canopy

If it’s just too hot outside but you still want to spend time on your patio, you can install the Sun Shade Sail Canopy since it's one of our favorite pop up canopies. This 24 x 24 foot sand colored canopy is made from high quality polyethylene 186 GSM fabric, underscoring its durability.

The fabric is built for long term use and easy to set up. Once on your patio it’s going to provide shade for those times when the sun is just too hot. While this canopy is designed for use on patios, you can also install this on your porch, deck or anywhere in your backyard.

Create a rustic feeling on your patio
The Sun Shade also works well when used for general outdoor lounging, and it is an ideal accessory by the poolside as it is by your patio. The fabric is made from breathable material so there’s plenty of ventilation underneath and there’s cooler air.

The ventilation provided by the canopy means you can still spend time in you favorite patio spots during summer. Aside from the soothing air, the canopy also protects you from the harmful effects of UV rays. Because the canopy is so light you can take it with you anywhere for shade protection.

Aside from the canopy, the package includes nylon ropes and 301 stainless steel D-rings. With these you can easily install the canopy where it is required.

Things We Liked

  • High quality material
  • Carry bag included
  • Easy setup

Things We Didn't Like

  • The center area tends to sink in

Lasko 2264QM Misting Fans

The Lasko Misting Fan has three speed options so you can better manage its performance. The controls are out front so you can quickly make adjustments, and its ETL listing means this misting fan is safe to use.

The misting fan uses Lasko’s proprietary 3-prong grounded safety plug o extra safety. The Lasko also has a carry handle so can take the fan with you anywhere around the patio.

great misting refreshment from this fan
The rubber pads are there to provide surface protection, essential when used outdoors. With its Quick Mount system you can install the fan on the floor or wall.

The fan is built from industrial grade materials, and its tubular steel design is designed to last. The Lasko blades are also made of steel for durability and superior air movement.

You can pivot the Lasko to adjust the airflow. It does make some noise , but that is par for the course for misting fans. When used in patios, garages or shops, you will hardly notice the sound anyway.

The Lasko is easy to clean up too. Just unplug the fan, remove the face grill and clean it. Because it has a sealed rotor you don’t even need to oil the fan.

Things We Liked

  • Durable construction
  • Powerful speeds
  • Easy to use controls

Things We Didn't Like

  • Makes a little bit of noise

RCA RIC102 Compact Ice Maker

The RIC102 can make ice in just 6 minutes or less, perfect for summer days. You can choose from two sizes, and it yields up to 26 lbs. of ice a day. The ice maker, available in silver, can hold up to 1.5 lbs. of ice simultaneously.

Ice on hand at all times
It has electronic LD controls for easy management, and with 2.3 quart is sufficient for average ice users. The compact, portable design also makes this ideal for summer patio parties or when you’re lounging on the pool with friends.

Thanks to its LED indicators you will know when the ice is ready. This machine also comes with a compressor cooler for superior performance. Unlike other portable ice makers, the RCA doesn’t make a lot of noise. Even when set at full speed it won’t irritate the way other ice makers do.

For long summer days, ice is invaluable. Whether it’s tea, fruit juice or other beverages, you’re going to need lots of ice to cool you down. With the RCA ice maker that’s what you get as the ice maker works just the way you expect it to.

Things We Liked

  • Makes ice in under 6 minutes
  • Good capacity
  • Portable design

Things We Didn't Like

  • May be too small for heavy ice users

Coleman 48 Quart Ice Cooler

Have your white wine chilled
The name Coleman is synonymous with ice chests and coolers, and the 48 quart is a fine example. Available in red, white and blue, this ice chest holds up to 63 cans, perfect if you’re having a party at your patio.

The Coleman ice chest is deep enough to hold upright 2 liter bottles, so you don’t need to set the bottles down vertically and risk spillage. With its ThermoZONE Insulation, freshness of the cans inside are assured.

The ice chest doesn’t have HCFCs, HFCs or CFCs so this is an eco-friendly product. The id is hinged so it’s easier to get to the cans inside. The two-way handles are also handy and convenient for carrying.

The body is made of hard plastic so it’s suitable for use indoors, outdoors, for patios, camping and the beach. Because it uses ThermoZONE Insulation, the food and beverage remain fresh. The Coleman ice chest is easy to clean up too.

Things We Liked

  • Has a 63 can capacity
  • Rustproof
  • Doesn’t leak

Things We Didn't Like

  • The lid doesn’t stay open so you have to hold it up