9 Types of Lights to Consider for Your Backyard

Outdoor lighting of houses can provide an extravagant look to the exterior design and look of the house. Every house has patio, balcony, backyard or garden and everyone wants it to look as pretty as possible. These places are used for small parties, get together and sometimes for some quiet and lovely family dinners. One can change the dimensions of a garden by using properly lights for it.

Putting up lights can entertain various guests. In addition, it can help keep the house secure and safe from thefts or burglaries. Putting up the right light in their can transform the place into a welcoming area where time can be spent in peace.

1.  Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights are environment-friendlySolar lights are the new modern era lights as it is environment-friendly. They also provide a low-level accent light to the garden or the backyard. Solar lights are very energy efficient since they decrease the energy input up to 80%.

Their running cost is nearly 80% less than that of the traditional lights, making them an attractive option for those looking to save the environment and save money long term.

Why do we need them?

Top Outdoor Solar lights are one of the most practical choices for any backyard or garden outdoor lights. They can be useful for light party mode, small get together, or for a decent family dinner.

Solar lights do not require electricity to operateSolar lights do not require electricity to operate. In fact, they are independent in generating the power from sunlight. Then they light themselves as the dusk time comes and it can run all night long if they got enough sun.

How they’ll help our backyard/garden

Solar lights generate their power with the help of specially designed and fabricated batteries that can store energy from the sun during the daytime. Then, they automatically switch on at the time of dusk. The solar lights are capable of providing soft and groovy lights for long hours at night.

It is required to place solar lights at a place where the sun rays are easily accessible so that the batteries of solar light can be charged sufficiently to operate at night. They can be placed anywhere in the balcony, garden, backyard or park. You can see the operation of switching on and off of light being a hassle-free task. At the same time, it benefits the environment by saving energy.

2. Pool Lights

Pool Lights are amazing yet necessary for the ones who enjoy swimming and pool parties. There can be many lights near your backyard trees or terraces can be filled with security lights, yet no light can help you see under the water.

Pool lights will make your swimming pool look awesome

Why do we need them?

Pool lights are a must. They not only provide a luxurious and stylish look to the backyard, but they also help us to keep an eye on the pool’s water from any unwanted breaching of animals or mosquitoes.

Since the swimming pool or short ponds designed in the backyard are made majorly around trees and grasses, there is always a high chance of small insects or mosquitoes to be invited. In order to take refuge in water, many times dangerous snakes can also breach inside the garden. Therefore, it is necessary to use pool lights, which can enhance the vision of inside water.

How they’ll help our backyard/garden

Pool lights are small and they are bright too. They help clear the vision inside the water for any contaminants. Moreover, they come handy for some evening pool parties and at night for having fun night besides the pool.

They do bring some groovy and funky look to the pool itself. The pool lights can transform the look of backyard from just being a backyard to an astounding backyard after dusk.

3. Lamps

Lamps are the traditional lights that are mostly used for lighting gardens, backyards, balcony and porches of houses. There are various types of lamps available in the market for transforming the garden into a hangout place of the late 80’s. Furthermore, they can transform patios into a place to chill in the modern era.

The lantern style lamps are innovative and sturdyWhy do we need them?

The most important reason why these lamps are used is because of their high illuminating nature. They illuminate sufficient amount of light that can help the user for their cause and can help save any person to intrude the security. The lamps can be used near the entrance gate, or in garages, on porches. They can provide enough illumination that can provide sufficient vision for one’s housework and for visitors to reach the main door without any problem.

How they’ll help our backyard/garden

The lantern style lamps are the most innovative and sturdy ones since they give an inviting and regional feel to the visitors as well as to the owner. They can be also used in back door entrances to illuminate the back side of the house and have a clear vision from windows for any intruder or breaching act. Lamps can be very handy for illuminating the backyard or garden with just one single piece and also can provide a transformation to the look for the same.

4. Garden Walkway lights

Garden walkway lights will make your night walks safer and more enjoyableGarden walkway lights can be counted among the luxurious lights that are must to have for anyone who wants to walk down on a path to get a luxurious feeling.

Why do we need them?

Garden walkway lights apart from offering an amazing feel to the walking person offer a clear vision of the path they are walking on. Majorly the walkway paths in the garden are surrounded by grasses, trees, bushes and ponds. This is the place for poisonous snakes, small insects, and mosquitoes to live.

It is recommended for the people who have kids at their home to have garden walkway lights to their own as well as for kid safety. Therefore, having a clear vision while walking on a path in a garden of any backyard can decrease the chance of encountering any such insect or mosquitoes.

How they’ll help our backyard/garden


Garden walkway lights provide an amazing lighting effect

Though good garden walkway lights are rarely used by people, they must be used for people who have a pretty dense garden in their backyard and also have kids at their home. These garden walkway lights can provide an amazing lighting effect on the path and a clear vision of the path can also be obtained through them. 

The garden walkway lights can also be used for night parties with dim light all around and only walkway lights turned on for some groovy nights and romantic night outs with friends.

5. Outdoor motion sensor lights

Outdoor motion sensor lights prove to be useful to remove our inner fears when we are walking along a dark sidewalk or an icy path and cannot find our way then a motion sensor will detect you after which the path is lit and is guiding you towards your destination.

Outdoor sensor lights are activated by motionOutdoor sensor lights are activated by motionOutdoor sensor lights are activated by motionWhy do we need them?

Outdoor motion sensor lights prove to be very useful in a dead end or where a road ends as sometimes those paths are not well lit. Also, when thieves or a robbery is going to happen then we can use those outdoor motion sensor lights to detect them.

They are able to sense objects through heat or even better, through infrared rays and having a very wide field of view of up to 240. The maximum time limit is almost 1-20 minutes depending on how you set up the timer of the lights after which it shuts off automatically until movement is sensed.

How they’ll help our backyard/garden

They will be very helpful to you if placed properly in obscure locations such as the walk up to your door. It can help even when you are in your garage to find if any movement is sensed and in terms of a theft. Cornering the robbers will be easy with these lights as they are bright enough to daze them for a few minutes buying time for the police to come and catch them.

6. Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pit gives out a warm, flickering lightFire pits are required when we need to feed of chilly temperatures during winter or even for a simple barbecue occasion. Also, they are able to add ambiance or a design purpose to your backyard/garden if you want to spend your evenings or beautiful nights outside. 

Outdoor fire pit gives out a warm, flickering light

Why do we need them?

Outdoor fire pits are great not only for keeping you and your patio warm, but for providing some great light and creating a wonderful atmosphere. Most people enjoy a flickering light and the nice, smoky smell of a nice fire.

How they’ll help our backyard/garden

The best outdoor fire pits will help elevate the beauty of the backyard and can go the distance in fighting off the cold weather. They may not help the rest of the garden much, but fire pits sure help to create a nice environment.

7. Outdoor LED Floodlights

Weather and temperature changes also make them more immune so they are useful in cold temperature warehouses and storage facilities.

 Outdoor LED floodlights are long-lasting and durableWhy do we need them?

We need led floodlights in situations when areas need to be lit up in a broad manner such as a playground, stadium or even a warehouse when normal lights don’t just cut it. Also leds are known to be more efficient and power saving in their design and also have fireproof properties making them much safer to use. Their replacement and maintenance costs will be less and can give out crystal clear and bright light during very dark situations and as far as emissions are concerned these lights are free from harmful elements.

How they’ll help our backyard/garden

Floodlights basically have the same function as motion sensing outdoor lights and can help during a theft purpose or even to light up a path to your driveway.it can even brighten up one’s garden in places where it isn’t well lit and cannot be seen by the naked eye.

8. LED grow lights

Led grow lights are for those who wish to have a greenhouse or plantation in their backyard as their purpose is to facilitate plant growth in conditions when the air around us doesn’t suit well with plants.

Why do we need them?

LED grow lights are a must for indoor gardeningGrow lights are well suited to certain temperatures where bacteria or any other microorganism cannot thrive or expand as the conditions required for them are either too cold or too hot. Led grow lights are also used when some substances cannot be seen under common light but are visible under various other color spectrums as well.

How they’ll help our backyard/garden

Led grow lights help our garden when a greenhouse has been setup and whose purpose is to habituate plants, flowers and stimulate their growth under conditions when the outside environment is either not suitable or is harming them in some way. Some types of grow lights work for specific purposes and come with special wattages that are suited for the environment.

Grow lights fill the purpose when uv lights or other spectrum lights are too expensive or difficult to maintain. Grow lights generally come in 1 unit and not separately as other lights and need to be acclimatized before using them.

9. String lights

String lights are a beautiful decorative touchString lights are used to brighten up the garden in the most aesthetic sense and add beauty to your house. They come of utmost use when hosting a party and can bring down the tensions in the house and immediately changing the mood.

Why do we need them?

String Lights come handy when making a fire pit as it can create the illusion of a fire thus causing no pollution at all.

String lights are best used as decor to beautify an area. They are great to light up your plants or bushes and to light up your full backyard. They come of use in home décor as you can represent what your life says about you.

How they’ll help our backyard/garden

LED string lights are eco-friendly and energy efficientThe main function of LED string lights is to add beauty to one’s backyard. It is in the most basic sense lights to decorate your surroundings and backyard.

String lights are mostly dim by nature so they cannot be used for intensive purposes and are lit up only during special occasions.  They provide minimal light to the area, but they are great for setting an atmosphere and serving as decor.

Take some time to add some lights and give your backyard that extra something every garden needs to stand out in the neighborhood!