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Top 20 Best Gardening Blogs to Follow in 2018 - GardenAware.com

Top 20 Best Gardening Blogs to Follow in 2018

Gardening is a source of inner peace and joy to countless people all across the globe. It has a magical effect on everyone that nothing else does. It’s an act of love, nurturing, and giving. We have seasoned gardeners who really know their stuff and many who are just starting out or are somewhere in between. Significantly, the best way to learn is from following the ones who have extensive knowledge and experience.

The following is a compilation of the top 20 best gardening blogs you must follow this year.  

Update – we’ve updated the list to include 2018s best gardening blogs to follow!

Best Gardening Blogs 2018

1. Mr. Brown Thumb

I know you’ll be impressed with his knowledge and over 10 years experience in gardening. He is the original Urban Blogging Male for gardening. The blog covers almost any type of house plant or garden plant you can imagine. He teaches garden subjects and has been featured in numerous publications including the Red Eye Chicago, Chicago Tribune, and Cafe magazine. He has written articles for Tree Hugger, Mother Nature Network, and Chicagoland Gardening Magazine. You’re sure to find some handy tips and secrets by following him.

Source: www.mrbrownthumb.com


2. Seasonal Wisdom

You’ll find books and articles on gardening along with food and folklore. It was created by Teresa O’Connor, a writer, speaker, consultant, and author on gardening. She made the list because of her extensive knowledge and expertise. She is extremely passionate about plants and their use in foods. The blog is a comprehensive study of sustainable gardening. The information is simple to follow and designed to be of lasting practical value to home gardeners and large-scale gardening operators.

Source: www.seasonalwisdom.com


3. Life on the Balcony

Life on the Balcony is about Fern Richardson, a law degree holder, whose award-winning blog is known for complete and comprehensive container gardening tips, secrets, and tricks. Her blog not only tells you how to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables but also provides great recipes that you probably have never seen before.

Source: lifeonthebalcony.com



4. A Way to Garden

A Way to Garden’s creator, Margaret Roach named this blog for a book she wrote early on in her gardening career. The Garden Writers Association of America name ‘A Way to Garden’ the best book of 1998. She has 25 years of garden writing experience. This blog is a real gem in covering how to do gardening for common plants and exotics. The directions are specific and easy to follow.

Source: awaytogarden.com


5. Loyal Gardener

Loyal Gardener has a wealth of information on gardening. You can find information about how to grow various fruit and vegetables, garden maintenance and also an extensive section dedicated to product reviews for gardening tools. This really is a must-read gardening blog for all gardening enthusiasts.

Source: www.loyalgardener.com


6. Beyond the Wild Garden

The man who runs the Beyond the Wild Garden blog is David Corscadden. He is a horticulture graduate of UCD. This blog is over 4 years old and has won 2 blog awards. You get a great deal of information and a lot of ideas, especially if you are a plant person who enjoys decorating with plants. Plants and horticulture are his true passion and he shares these all right there on the blog.

Source: beyondthewildgarden.wordpress.com


7. Green Roofs Sky Gardens Blog

The Green Roofs blog is an Internet news media organization. Its goal is to inform, inspire, and promote ‘earth friendly’ technologies of organic green roof architecture via the interchanging of ideas, news, travel, projects, government updates, organizational updates, and research. The blog covers how-tos, suppliers, and practical information for individuals and professionals. This is the place to get the latest information about roof top gardening.

Source: www.greenroofs.com


8. Green Talk

Green Talk concentrates on sustainable gardening and eco-friendly ways to grow almost anything. The blog also covers organic gardening, recycling, and all things green. The blog is run by a self-proclaimed obsessive organic gardener and sustainability consultant. If green and organic is your gardening style, this is the place for ideas and tips.

Source: www.green-talk.com


9. Big Blog of Gardening

If gardening tips and interesting facts you’ve never heard of sounds exciting then this blog is for you. Todd Heft is a self-trained (with the help from his mother and grandmother) gardening author and blogger. The Big Blog of Gardening approaches gardening from a practical aspect – how to grow any vegetable, fruit, or herb. The blog also includes advice about food preparation, garden landscaping, and trees. You will find product and book reviews, organic lawn care, information on the environment, food, trees, and much more.

Source: www.bigblogofgardening.com


10. Get Busy Gardening

This blog is all about DIY beginner gardeners who are on a budget. It features categories like pests, growing food, planning, plants, maintenance, tools, DIY tips, and lots of articles loaded with how-to information. Amy Andrychowicz developed Get Busy Gardening from her small plot garden in Minneapolis. The site is designed to take some of the intimidation and frustration out of gardening for those who are just starting gardens. The site offers step by step instructions in all aspects of gardening and specifics about individual plants and vegetables that are useful for the experienced gardener as well as the novice.

Source: getbusygardening.com


11. Fresh Organic Gardening

This blog features an online community full of organic gardeners called the Organic Garden Club. They share tips and get advice about growing organic gardens. Posts from experts and beginners help you get started with organic gardening and improve your knowledge and skills. They feature a ‘Grow Guide’ and like to keep it simple. Club members get access to FREE eBooks and their monthly competitions where they give away soil amendments, garden tools, and more.

Source: freshorganicgardening.com


12. Artistic Garden

If you want your garden or flower spot to be an eye-catching wonder, then, this will be the blog for you. It is about DIY Craft projects and unique garden art ideas. It is the brain-child of Claudia Brownlie, who has written a great ‘How-to Manual’ that can be downloaded in PDF format. She combines her knowledge in decoration, landscaping, and gardening in the Artistic Garden. The blog shows you how to create lovely spaces in and around your growing things and is very easy to understand. Her newsletter delivers tips, tricks, and special announcements directly to the inbox of subscribers.

Source: www.artistic-garden.com


13. Garden Patch

For those who yearn for how-to tips and tricks for growing specific herbs, vegetables, fruits, and other garden goodies, this is the place for you. From the basic to the complex, you can find it all right here. Garden Patch is a premiere how to grow anything blog. It has specific instructions about growing vegetables, herbs, fruit, and lawns. The contributions come from all over US, which includes technique variations. If you want instructions for growing anything, this is the place.

Source: www.gardeningpatch.com


14. Black Thumb Gardener

The Black Thumb Gardener’s name is Greg. He tells you straight up that gardening does not come naturally to him, but with persistence and hard work, he has learned a lot and shares it with his readers. He approaches gardening from a learning perspective that covers do it yourself gardening, organic gardening, and cooking what you grow. This is a great site to share for beginners and people who really know gardening.

Source: blackthumgardener.com

screen-1115. A Woman of The Soil

Elaine is a Woman of the Soil and tailors her blog to all things associated with growing plants that are essential to Italian cooking. She is very passionate about art and culture. She is highly knowledgeable about gardening, especially vegetable gardening. She will show you how to do it in pots or in the soil. The site has excellent tutorials that make growing plants for Italian cooking easy and productive. You can learn a lot on this site as she takes you through some of her best achievements.

Source: awomanofthesoil.blogspot.it


16. Sweet Domesticity

Maria is a garden nerd from a long line of farm women in Minnesota and North Dakota. The blog is a testament of the combined gardening knowledge and wisdom of the women gardeners Maria knows. Her blog is about raised bed gardens where she shares her passions and successes with tips and insights. The photos are great and the “how to” is easy to follow.

Source: sweetdomesticity.com


17. Emma the Gardener

Emma Cooper is very versatile as a person – photographer, podcaster, blogger, writer, and an excellent gardener. She writes about sustainable living, gardening, useful and edible plants, the environment, food, and more. Her blog is a true step by step instruction manual for gardening and landscaping. The blog includes photos of the steps you need to grow plants and make your plot ready for gardening. The information is very transferable to the U. S. and includes a list of gardening resources. This blog is loaded with nuggets of knowledge to enhance the skills of any gardening enthusiast.

Source: emmacooper.org


18. The Impatient Gardener

The Impatient Gardener is the blog for people who do not have a world of time to spend on their garden. Erin, a master gardener, developed the blog with a “fast is best” philosophy. She tells you how to get your gardening work done in less time and still have great results.  It contains a lot about gardening, some tidbits on DIY, and a handful of real life situations, making this blog really interesting and fun.

Source: www.theimpatientgardener.com


19. Garden Rant

Garden Rant is a combination of input from various opinionated gardeners from different states. It was started in 2006 and quickly grew a huge community of followers. There are lots of garden writers and landscape and nursery business professionals who give their input and insights on this blog. Also includes the science behind what you need to do to be a successful gardener as well as instructions.

Source: gardenrant.com


20. Ecosystem Gardening

Carole Sevilla Brown is the Ecosystem Gardener. She speaks at conferences and workshops. She is the author of Ecosystem Gardening as well as the managing editor for Beautiful Wildlife Garden and Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens. She is a conservation biologist with more than 20 years’ experience as a consultant for designing, installing, and then maintaining wildlife gardens.

Source: www.ecosystemgardening.com



Gardening is not a spectator sport. It requires active involvement, physically. It is an activity, a hobby or a career in the horticulture and green industry where you need to get involved all throughout the process. And so, you need to improve your gardening skills and knowledge by following the latest top garden bloggers. You just have to follow the websites that work best for your style of gardening. If you truly love gardening, then you love talking about it. Also, following the blogs is one way to make sure gardening continues to thrive into the young people.