How to Make a Magical Fairy Garden: A Complete Guide

Who would ever thought that someone can actually think of creating a miniature garden becoming a worldwide trend later on? This is one hard evidence that we can’t really underestimate the magical effect of gardens and gardening to humans. The satisfaction that it gives is holistic and the creativity that it offers is limitless.

The making of miniature garden or popularly called fairy garden started way back 1893. It all began with the production of bonsai trees, which was enhanced by adding mini accessories — making it look like a fairy’s haven. Of course, it is logical for the people to relate miniature figures to fairies and other mythical creatures, thinking that they are these minute invisible creations on earth.

The basic idea of fairy gardening is gardening in miniature, creating the appearance that tiny fairy creatures have taken up residence in your garden.

How to Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy garden set at the bottom of a tree.

Landscape Preparation

1) Find a shallow container, possibly with 2 to 4 inches depth and 12 to 20 inches wide. It is the average size for making an apt miniature landscape, but the size is up to your imagination.

2) Choose a porous container with proper drainage hole. Know that when you choose a shallow container with full proportion, water can easily evaporate. Moreover, this kind of container helps the plants obtain more oxygen towards their roots, leading to healthy root growth without the risk of rotting.

Note: In case of a much deeper container, you can add more drainage holes. If you are not able to secure a container with drainage hole, you can place a thin level of horticulture charcoal at the bottom of the container and then, top it with potting soil with the mixture of calcined clay. As there is a risk of dying out of the plants fast due to the larger surface of the container, you can aid the plants with additional moisture. It is done by using moist and long fiber sphagnum moss that helps to mulch the top layer of the soil.

If you want to center your fairy garden around a centerpiece post for which you need to dig into the soil, use the best post hole diggers.

Calcined Kaolin is an anhydrous aluminium silicate produced by heating ultrafine natural kaolin to high temperatures in a kiln. The calcination process increases whiteness and hardness, improves electrical properties, and alters the size and shape of the kaolin particles.

Fairy Garden Kits

If you think that preparing the landscape is a bit tedious, you can move on to fairy garden kits. For many garden lovers, fairy garden kits are the easiest way to start their first garden.

Generally the kits include the container for planting, soil, birdbath, a lid that can be converted as a saucer, wheelbarrow, arbor with bench, tiny pebbles to make the paths and many more. A fairy kit should have all the items required to create the beautiful dwelling for the fairies and plants together.

To add more fun and attraction to your fairy garden, you can also decorate it with fairy garden furniture. There are varieties of miniature furniture available such as arbors, tables and chairs, swings, trellis, umbrellas, benches and others. You can also try furniture sets like children playing on a slide and mama fairy pushing her baby in the swing which will undoubtedly beautify your garden more.

The Best Fairy Garden Designs

With unique and creative ideas for your garden of fairies, you can make it one of its kind. The garden typically consists of possibly one or two fairy houses and different types of miniature plants either planted in:





Ponds, Rivers, and Other Accessories

But when you want to add something special to your fairy garden décor, you have the option to incorporate items like ponds, rivers, and other accessories. There are various manufacturers who produce a broad range of miniature items, which will be helpful to accessorize your little garden. You can also find countryside walk or beachcombing items.


But then again, if you don’t want to take the burden and only want everything ready near your hand, you can go with the fairy garden kits. Nowadays, they are available in a different lifestyle package such as beach life kits, wildlife kits, happy life kits, home life kits and so on. These kits are helpful enough for the theme based decoration for your fairy garden. While decorating your miniature fairy garden, you should keep in mind that the more items you add and unique ideas, the more it becomes challenging for you.

Plan your fairy garden in such as way that you will be able to keep the amazing details in scale. Usually, these gardens are designed for viewing from all sides or from single side. Therefore, you need to place the taller and lower plants properly.

The best idea for the fairy garden is the designer miniature landscape that has the large open surface in order to accommodate many plants and fairy garden furniture and other items. Before placing the items of the fairy garden kits, you need to think of their ideal location.

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The Fairy Garden Supplies You Need

In order to decorate your fairy garden, you should have the idea about its different supplies.


Garden of fairy plants.

There is a wide range of miniature plants and objects that are well-suited for your fairy garden’s miniature landscape such as the following:

  • Low growing sedums
  • Muehlenbeckia (wire vine)
  • Little leaved ivies
  • Columnea (goldfish plant)
  • Fittonia (mosaic plant)
  • Ficus pumila (creeping fig)
  • Peperomia, Selaginella (club moss)
  • Jewel orchids which are grown for the foliage instead of the flowers

You can consider the tiny succulents while choosing the miniature garden plants for your landscape. A good combination of miniature plants include:

  • Viola
  • Plumed asparagus
  • Grasslike Armeria
  • Tiny ajuga and
  • Ivy

Always remember to water the plants with a sparkling can gently.


The main function of a miniature garden container is to hold the soil and drain excess water. In order to choose the best fairy garden containers, look for a large open surface area so you can accommodate several features for the garden.

You can try the following containers:

  • Ceramic pots
  • Terra cotta pots
  • Hyper-tufa troughs
  • Hooden boxes
  • Wicker baskets with a liner and many more


The little miniatures of the fairy garden furniture are patterned in such as way to look and give the feel like the furniture in your patio. In order to delight your child or grandchildren or any of your loved ones or accent your own garden of the fairy land, you can choose fairy furniture from natural looking finishes in colors red, bronze, white, gray and green.


The fairy garden statues are the ultimate item that will definitely increase the uniqueness of your garden. Even many people including kids believe that having a fairy garden statue around does not only add physical enchantment but also attract the fairies and other mythical creatures.

Actually the legends of fairy are associated with the charming beauty and mystifying fascination, which you can incorporate in your garden with the statues. There are different types of beautiful and attractive statues available, which are both beautiful and charming.

Fairy garden statues


The fairy garden miniatures are the appropriate things to complement the beauty of your fairy garden. There is a wide range of attractive and adorable miniature accessories you can find in the market including:

  • Birdbaths
  • Gazebos
  • Gates,
  • Bridges
  • Mini gardening tools
  • Fences
  • Planter and many more

You can also add miniatures such as beautiful country cottage together with your garden flowers and greenery. These miniatures have the mesmerizing beauty to create some nostalgic effects to your garden no matter whether you are building your garden for the first time or adding miniatures to redecorate.

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