10 Must Have Patio Furniture and Accessories

The patio is a patch of area adjoining the house. It is typically an outdoor area which can be used for several purposes including dining and recreation. They are mostly paved with stone or concrete.

Every home needs accessories to make it look beautiful not just inside the house but outside as well. When it comes to backyards a home needs the best accessories to make use of the space in the best way.

Let us see how you can use patio accessories in your backyard and why you must have one for decor purposes.

1. Ceiling Fan

a ceiling fan against white ceilingNow you might be using the patio at any time of the day, depending on the circumstances and your mood of course. If it so happens to be somehow warm or very hot when you are on your patio, it might put a damper on you having a good time on your patio.

Why use it?

It is highly recommended that you get a ceiling fan or a number of ceiling fans for your patio, depending on its size. This way you can avoid the disturbing heat and stay cool, and still enjoy the experience of the patio, even if it is very sunny or hot then.

These patio ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes for your convenience. There are so many options to choose from that you will find yourself being spoilt for choice. There are fans with varying sizes of the wings, and there are fans with a varying number of wings on them.

Shape and size

Patio fans are generally smaller in size than a typical fan, as the requirement of air flow is lesser than that in a room. There are also fans along with a light dangling from it so that you can easily use the fan as well as the light simultaneously at night without any problem of having to stay in the dark with no light.

Tip: These fans are thus a must-have in a patio so that you ultimately have the feeling of comfort even when it is a pretty hot or a sunny day.

2. Patio Chairs

You want to spend some quality time in your patio and experience the pleasure that comes from it. But then you do not have any place to sit on your patio. This might possibly put a damper on most people’s moods right then and there. Hence the best alternative is to put up a few lawn chairs on the patio. This way you can sit wherever you want and wherever you want by placing the lawn chairs at the desired place, and you can peacefully enjoy your patio.

Variety of Chairs

patio chairs by poolThere are a whole lot of different lawn chairs available for you to buy. These patio chairs come in varying sizes, and varying colors, and can be made of different materials. Some are flexible and can be inclined in different positions.

Some are rigid and stay the same as when manufactured. It is just the choice of you, the buyer, to determine and decide what is best and what you want for your patio. 

Why try patio chairs?

Patio chairs come in very useful when you need to sit or take a rest in the comfortable aura of the patio. They also are useful when you are entertaining guests and need some place for everyone to sit and have a good time.

Either way, patio chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture for your patio which will go a long way in enhancing the experience on the patio.

Tip: You could also place separate furniture to complement these chairs, like a small table or anything else so that the place aesthetically looks even better.

3. Hummingbird Feeder

If you have a patio, there is no other way to better beautify the place than by attracting hummingbirds. These are small birds which fly really fast and make a lot of chirping noises. If you manage to attract a bunch of them to your patio, they will definitely liven up the atmosphere with the constant chirping and their very presence. This is the reason why many people include hummingbird feeders in their patio or garden if they have any.

Innovation in Design

hummingbirds and hummingbird feederHummingbird feeders these days come in many innovative designs and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The basic feeders are the bowl type and the inverted bottle type. Most people choose the bowl type of feeder as it is easy to replace and clean it every day, and is also easy for the birds to perch on.

Preparation and Maintenance 

You can even prepare a homemade feeder for the birds. It is preferable to keep it red or put something red on it. This is just because hummingbirds have been noticed to be attracted more to red color. The feed can also be easily made at home by using a certain proportion of water and sugar.

This is because all hummingbirds need is lots of sugar to supplement their high energy demands. This way, with the best hummingbird feeder and the right feed, you can attract a whole bunch of hummingbirds right into your patio.

Tip: This will definitely liven up the atmosphere and give you immense pleasure in watching the hummingbirds go.

4. Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are huge in trend nowadays. Mainly people think that rug only protects the floor from dust and foreign particles. But if some good and stylish rugs are used, they will change the look of your boring patio.

Material for varied weather conditions

outdoor rug on patioOne reason why you should consider buying them is that these rugs are specially made of thick and durable material so that your patio floor stays protected. The rugs are made of special material which could stand in all weather conditions. The outdoor rugs are also super helpful because if you have kids or a pet at home. There is a chance that your house gets dirty from inside more than often.

Why not inside rugs?

The inside rugs are quite expensive, they become worn out and lose shine after some time. Investing in an outdoor rug would be a good option as they are bigger in size compared to traditional mats and it will keep the mud and dirt out of your house.

Seasons and outdoor rug designs

The outdoor rugs are really amazing because of various reasons. First of all,they can be both cheap and expensive, depending on the rug. So you can choose an outdoor rug from a myriad of options depending upon your budget.

Secondly, they are durable and enhance the longevity of your patio flooring. There are some really good and stylish designs available in the market. Some patterns you can choose include monochromes, polka dots and many other choices.

Outdoor rugs go with your furniture any other patio accessories. So you do not have to worry about it looking odd.

Tip: You can put the rug below the furniture set on your patio or in front of the fire place. This will create a perfect setting for evenings.

5. Fire Pit

On cold winter evenings, how lovely it would do a campfire outside. Or if not that, you can just sit around with your friends and do some chit-chat to make the evening special. This is the purpose of a fire pit. It creates a cozy space outside for you to enjoy the most. However, only the idea of buying a fire pit is not enough.

fire pit by riverMany other things need to be taken into consideration before buying one. It is important to know how much space you have and accordingly buy a fire pit.

Is it a necessity?

Having a top quality fire pit is a necessity because it makes a nice gathering station for all your guests or even your family members. Sitting around a fire pit under the sky lit by stars make some perfect moments. It is a separate space excluding the living room and the dining area of your home.

You can choose from different kinds of fire pit depending upon your choice and conditions- Gas based fire pit or wood-burning fire pit.

What does a fire pit do?

A fire pit on your patio creates a sitting space so you have to make sure that it easily amalgamates with other specifications of the house. The fire-water will balance the natural elements and the contrast will look beautiful. One more thing to take care of is the sitting space around a fire pit.

How to make it look good?

It is recommended to design your fire pit space with potted plants to enhance its beauty. Also, a small water fountain placed nearby will complement its look.

Tip: The material for the seats should complement the fire pit and the flooring material of the patio so that everything blends easily with each other.

6. String Lights

Decoration in your yard is empty without proper lighting. If you use big lights it will emit too much light and minimize the beautification of your decorations. Strings lights are what should be used instead as the lights come in all shapes and designs.

They look subtly beautiful on your patio. You can hang these lights on the tree or simply put them on the pillars or walls.

decorative string lightsWhy buy string lights?

There are tons of reasons why you should consider buying them. They have the potential to change the boring look of your patio space into a stunning beauty. It is the best way to change the dull space into a lively space.

It will take your space to a whole new level and you can use this space for outside dinner plans as well.

Tip: How amazing would it be to eat your sumptuous dinner outside, enjoying the nature and fresh air? Soothing string lights improve the atmosphere and calm down the anxiety levels.

Moving to innovation end

String lights are a perfect choice and should not even think twice before investing in them. There are seriously multiple things which go with string lights and will help out enhance the beauty of your yard. You just have to come up with innovative ideas. You can choose for one kind of string light or go for combinations.


If you have a giant umbrella in your yard, you can put these string lights inside it for a classic look. Candle lanterns and string lights also make a perfect pair and illuminate your patio in an exquisite way. There are a million more ideas. You just have to ramp up your brain.

7. Gazebo

gazebo in backyardGazebo a pavilion structure is a great addition to your backyard that will give you a special place to be in your backyard. A gazebo is a great object that can be placed in your backyard and has multiple uses. Installing a gazebo is a good idea as it adds that extra space in the backyard that you can use. Be it big or small a gazebo is a great addition to furniture on your patio.

Why consider Gazebo?

If you are thinking why to consider installing a gazebo then you have lots of reasons to do so. You must consider installing a gazebo because it creates a great space for seating in the backyard.

In addition to this, you can sit back and relax in your gazebo and will provide you place with shade yet lots of light. In addition to this when you host social gatherings you get the perfect place to host an intimate party.

Designs and elegance

It is an awesome structure to your patio because it will add a beautiful touch to your home and is also functional. With an elegant design, a gazebo in your patio will look elegant with a beautiful design. It will also act as a place on the patio where you can relax among nature and have a quiet time.

Some accessories that will complement the gazebo is a small table and chairs through which you can enjoy meals out on the patio.

Tip: Deck up your gazebo with string lights and give it a subtle look to enjoy and have a nice night out on the patio.

8. Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella comes in handy for various reasons and people with a large free space in your backyard must consider putting up a patio umbrella. A patio umbrella gives you a shaded spot in your backyard.

If you own a swimming pool it can be very refreshing to add a patio umbrella as it provides you with shade from the sun. It’s huge and colorful look gives your place a different look and adds to the beauty of your place.

patio umbrella on deckLooks and colors

They look awesome on your patio because you can set up a tiny spot next to the swimming pool or your garden that has shade. Patio umbrella also fits as the best patio accessory with its looks and uses. Your patio will look that much more beautiful with a colorful umbrella.

It also makes the patio an ideal spot for romantic evenings and candlelight dinner with your special someone. By putting up a patio umbrella you are filling up the empty space on the patio. It makes the patio look and be more interesting if you put up a patio umbrella and accessorize it.

How to accessorize it?

You can accessorize it by putting a lawn chair to have a relaxing time. You can also set up a table and chair for two people. Adding lights near the patio umbrella is also a good idea as you can light up only that area of the house to have some alone time. Unbelievably you can also put up a fan on the ceiling of the patio umbrella.

Tip: Sometimes shade is just not enough and you want some breeze you can always add a fan to your umbrella.

9. Outdoor LED Floodlight

Illuminate the dull spaces outside your home with outdoor LED flood lights and you will have a whole new look to your home. You must consider buying one because it can make a dull place look brighter and give a different look to it. It can also highlight the best parts of your home whether it is a lawn or some trees.

Putting it with different LED screen will give your house a different color look every time you turn it on.

a building's flood lightWhy try it?

It must be considered for your patio as it can brighten up the place and give it lighter when it’s dark. You can also make the patio your hangout place by adding some light to your patio. When you have a gazebo or a patio umbrella it needs to be illuminated so that you can use those places at night. For this, you can add floodlights that will make these patio accessories useable.

Floodlights are a MUST

Floodlights is a must for the patio so that you can look where you are walking when it’s dark. If your patio has a pond nearby choose to install floodlights and it will reflect on the water giving it a beautiful and mesmerizing look.

Outdoor LED Flood Lights complement other patio accessories as well. You can add floodlights behind your patio umbrella and give it different colors by place different LED screens. You can also put it in the corners of your gazebo and light it up in the night.

Tip: By installing a floodlight you will not only brighten up the place in your patio you can also do it around your home.

10. Best Bug Zapper

Bugs and insects can always spoil your time outside the home and you get an aversion to sitting outside this is the first and foremost reason why you must consider putting a bug zapper. With a bug zapper, you will be free from the bugs and insects disturbing you.

A bug zapper also acts as a light in the dark areas of your house. It kills all your home hugs in an instant without you having to do the work. The biggest reason of all for having a bug zapper is that they prevent the insects from entering your home.

How do you zap insects?

purple light bug zapperIf you install a bug zapper on your patio you will be able to kill all flying insects that are trying to enter your home. It also allows you to sit on the patio at night without having to worry about insects coming near you.

It also acts as the light around your patio and you can sit on the patio without additional lights. With a bug zapper on your patio, you can have a relaxing time under the patio umbrella without having to kill insects yourself.

The decor idea

Along with the bug zapper, you can put a lawn chair nearby to give you a seating place on the patio. You can bring light to your gazebo by a bug zapper instead of a regular light so that you have more than one use of the bug zapper.

Tip: With any type of patio accessory, you can install a bug zapper nearby to give you a great time on the patio.     


These patio furnishings are sure to make your patio look better and also give you a comfortable experience. Adding a patio umbrella or two, and including some colorful cushions in the patio can also make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

With these patio accessories, you are sure to have the best looking patio. Design your backyard with things and set it up in the best way possible.