How Gardening Can Get You Physically and Mentally Fit

Will you believe me that gardening could be the best exercise for you?

Gardening is always enjoyable to anybody who wants to get involved in it. There is no need to spend hours on the exercise bike at the gym or the comfort of your home.

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Your healthy activity will be carried out successfully by gardening, which is encircled by natural and fresh air.

Your exercise tools can be equipment such as mowers, hoes, rakes, spade, pliers and knapsacks.

With gardening work, you will live free from increased blood pressures, stress, high cholesterol and lots of body defects as you will be active all day long. So how is that sounds for you?

Significance of Gardening Work

Gardening is a one form of activity for the pursuit of healthy living.

This is a one way of burning more calories using the shortest time available. Not only does it aids in burning calories, but also, after the process you will successfully complete more projects such as preparing your flower garden, planting some vegetables and so much more.

Gardening will help you reduce

  • blood pressure,
  • cholesterol levels,
  • diabetes risks,
  • stress and
  • depression or bone defects when it is conducted on a regular basis.

Gardening exercises supply blood to different parts of your body including your arms, legs, stomach, chest, neck, and waist.

No matter if you are digging, planting or watering your crops, you will benefit from the exercise.

Mowing, pruning, weeding or having a walk in your garden will increase your metabolism and make your body fit.

You will also exercise your brain by working out a solution to any problem in your garden, planning or obtaining information from farm materials

Gardening for Physical Fitness

Gardening does play a role in our weight loss program.

It is enjoyable and simplest exercise as there is no routine or diet program to follow strictly.

Here, you participate in your hobby or what you enjoy doing most.

If practiced on a daily basis, you can lose more weight within a very short period of time without thinking that body is shedding the fats.

Many gardening activities burn more calories, and by doing this, you will successfully burn off extra fats, making weight loss easier for you.

One of the best ways to burn unwanted fats is by using a push mower to mow the lawn instead of riding. This will help you burn more than 300. Other small garden works such as trimming and pruning will burn up to 200 calories.

Land mowing

As a General rule, it is important to know that metabolism varies in all people;

Therefore, not to rely much on this to help with weight loss. Moreover, overdoing it has negative results.

Considering your body fitness and costs of gardening tools is crucial. Ensure you rest for some time.

Never lift heavy tools on your back or bending for a long time to stop neck and back injuries. You may also not be getting the support you need so make sure you are sleeping on a solid foundation such as a mattress from Casper.

Reduce your gardening activities by dividing your tasks into short times intervals to prevent overworking and enable you to exercise regularly.

Only 10 minutes of gardening activities every day can help you realize more health benefits.

For example, instead of weeding the whole garden once a week, do it for only 15 minutes. Have a break and get involved in another task like trimming the flowers or cleaning gardening tools for another 15 minutes.

Gardening for Mental Fitness

Apart from physical health, gardening has more benefits on mental fitness as well.

Planning on what to do in your garden makes you think imaginatively and leaves you with a sense of confidence by accomplishing your tasks.

Gardening can improve your perception or how you view things after every experience your gain during the gardening process.

It can also stimulate forgotten events as much of events and activities are always available. Such stimulating senses will help in relieving and reducing stress concerning many issues in daily life, thus preventing you from the effects of other external destruction.


Gardening is and will be the best activities especially when it comes to exercises for health benefits.Garden harvest 2016

It can be practiced and enjoyed by everybody whether young or old in the family.

This will also benefit your health as you plant your own food crops for your family.

Also, you can’t compare its original, fresh, tasty food products from your garden with other sources.

So after realizing the great benefits of gardening;

Plan to grow something in your garden for your health benefits Today.

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