Here are the Best Tips to Create Fall Planters for Thanksgiving

If you’d like to have beautiful planters outside your house for Thanksgiving, you have two options. One is to buy them from a garden center in the fall, the other is to grow them yourself.

primroses in planters

Primroses Planter

Planting your own planter will give you a chance to exercise your design skills, and make something you really love, rather than just having to buy a prefabricated planter from a garden center.

The first step in creating a planter is to find a suitable container.
You can buy a container, or you can find something around the house that will work.

Plants in Flowerpots

Plants in Flowerpots

Since you are planning a Thanksgiving planter, you might consider something that looks rustic and reminds you of fall, such as a wooden box. If you choose a wooden container, you might consider placing a plastic container inside so the wood keeps for multiple seasons.

Rosemary, lavender and other herbs in the pot

Rosemary, lavender and other herbs in the pot

To ensure your planter drains properly, drill holes in the bottom if drainage holes aren’t already present. Cover the bottom of the container with coarse rocks or gravel, then fill it with good quality potting soil.

When you choose the plants for your planter, consider how large each plant is going to grow. Also consider which direction your planter will be mostly viewed from.

Some will be seen from all sides, some will be only be viewed from one side, and this will impact how you arrange your plants.

If you are creating a planter that needs to be attractive from all sides, plant your tallest plants in the middle and the shorter plants around the edges.

For one sided planters, place tall plants at the back.

Don’t be afraid to offset your design. The best designs are usually not completely symmetrical. Often an odd number of blooms or plants creates the best design.

Consider one focal plant, surrounded by multiplies of three, or five, or seven other plants.

Great options for fall planters include kale, Chrysanthemum (more commonly known as ‘Fall Mums’), small sunflowers, and Sedum. The plants you choose will depend on the size of pot.

Don’t pick a plant that will grow significantly taller than your pot because it will look unnatural, and could be top heavy.

It is easier to design a nice planter with established plants than to work from seed. Take time to experiment with the placement of the plants, remembering that they are going to grow bigger than they are when you plant them.

When you finish planting, step back and take a good look at your planter.

If you find it doesn’t look right to you, don’t be afraid to carefully take the plants back out and rearrange them.

If the planter looks overcrowded, take a few plants out as you rearrange.

If the planter looks empty, you may need to add some kind of small filler plant, to take up the extra space.

Source: by Elisa Self via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Source: by Elisa Self via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

To create the most pleasing display possible, vary the colors, textures, and shapes in the planter. Depending on the plants you chose, it might be attractive to let some drape over the sides of the planter. You may also want to add some accessories like small signs or ornaments.

Nature Flowers

Nature Flowers

When you are satisfied with your planter, water it well, then sit back and enjoy!

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