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Graco 390 PC Electric Airless Paint Sprayer Review - GardenAware.com

Graco 390 PC Electric Airless Paint Sprayer Review

If you are a commercial painter who is often in need of easy and fast renovating tool, then, you should have the Graco 390 among your special tool kit.  Finding the perfect tools is so difficult these days, but Graco has ensured that it caters to your needs. We wanted to share our findings about this product, so we decided to write a review on it. This review will highlight everything you need to know about the product and will equip you will the knowledge to decide if it’s suitable for you. It is specially-made for those who work on different types of paints, and work on a certain time limit for huge projects.

Big areas that need to be worked on should have something that reaches out to other parts of the work are without a fuss. Unlike other paint sprayers with limited lengths of hoses, you can be guaranteed of a job well done and finish just in time for your deadline.

The Graco 390 Airless Paint Sprayer is a powerhouse built for professional home renovators. It is lightweight and handy for those who work in huge areas.  It is equipped with an endurance pump that comes with longer-lasting V-Max packings, Chromex rod, and a sturdy stainless steel cylinder

The 390 is available in Hi-boy or Stand style model and operates at 120 volts. Using a maximum operating pressure of 3300 Psi, it is perfect for residential projects. It utilizes ProConnect, which enables fast and convenient pump replacement system.

Other specifications:

  • Uses ¼” x 50-ft BlueMax II Airless Hose (expandable up to 300ft)
  • Dimensions: 16” x 14” x 18.5 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • 5/8 HP
  • Flow Rate 0.47 Gpm
  • Amps AC 15.0
  • Includes: FTx Gun and RAC X 515 Switch Tip and Guard

This paint sprayer can work on a huge range of coatings which include enamels, oil-based or latex paints, lacquers, and stains. Users love to use this equipment as it takes them only several minutes to get things done using less effort and no wasted time whatsoever. This makes up for the best paint sprayer accolade it has garnered from consumers who claim to have gotten the best value their money could buy.

Special features in details

  • ProConnect™: Replacement can be done in a minute’s time which can be very convenient when it comes to replacements. You don’t have to wait more time when replacing your pump unlike with other tools of the same kind. This model makes available the Endurance™ Now program.
  • Endurance™ Pump: This pump comes as the most reliable sold today which can last twice longer than other leading brands. It is easy to clean as well due to its QuikAccess™ intake valve.
  • Advantage Drive™: This equipment’s strengthened steel gears allows for a quieter performance. It features high-ratio reduction enables slow pump strokes.
  • Easy Out™ Pump Filter: The pump filter design assists in eliminating spills and filters are set in place to prevent them from collapsing in the process of painting surfaces. The large 7.8 sq inch filtering area lessens tip clogs and the flow-through design only allows a few gallons during the cleaning process.
  • Variable Pressure Adjustment: It allows repeat settings while spraying from light-to-heavier surfaces.
  • Swivel Inlet Suction Hose: It reaches paint easily from buckets and draws out 1-gal and 5-gal paint containers using its long suction tube.
  • Chromed Steel Frame: The frame is constructed with a secure 4-leg design with a cord wrap that ensures stable operation.

Final Thoughts

We’ve stated where you can use this airless paint sprayer and the different components that it’s made up of, as well as how those components benefit you. Our review has also included not only the sprayer’s uses but also its specifications. Seeing the product in a picture is one thing, but having the dimensions so you can get a feel for it is a whole different ball game.

We’d love to hear your experience with this sprayer. Let us know if it’s worked for you or if you have any questions or concerns.