Easiest Culinary Herbs to Grow

Herbs have been used a lot for cooking, medicinal purposes and cosmetic purposes for thousands of years. Today, herbs are being rediscovered as people nowadays seek for a more natural and healthier lifestyle. Herbs also links us to our past when the progress was slower than today. Things were simpler back then and almost everyone has their own backyard herb garden.

Here is a list of the easiest herbs to grow on your own according to experts and some seasoned gardeners:


Basil herb.

Basil is a staple in Italian cooking. The more you pick the leaves, the more it will grow better.



Dried oregano leaves hold their flavor very well and excess oregano can also be mashed into butter. Pick flowers to add to soups, baked potatoes and roasted vegetables.


chopped chive over white background

You can use Chives for almost every savory dishes which you can add at the end of cooking as they tend to get bitter. Also you can freeze some excess chives for future uses.



Every part of the cilantro plant is edible. The leaves, seeds and roots can be used for cooking even the flowers.

Growing your own Herbs can be beneficial in a lot of ways. Some herbs are not only can be used for cooking, some herbs are also can be used for medicinal purposes and even for your cosmetic needs.