Best water hose reviews 2018: For drinking, your garden, and your plants!

As you may know, not all hoses are created equal. The best water hose will not leak, kink or crack: it will meet your watering needs for a great many seasons and won't be a hassle to use.

Come to think of it, most quality hoses are affordable and some are so cheap. This is where most folks do it wrong: for a few bucks difference they go for a cheap, low-quality hose thinking, “Hey, it’s just a hose…” Well, that is most certainly not the case.

What to look for in the best hose for your buck


  • Expands quickly its full length of 50 feet  
  • Double layer latex inner tube  
  • Solid copper 3/4” fittings


  • Lead-free, BPA free and Phthalate free
  • 5/8" ID for high flow 
  • 20% thicker than standard garden hoses


  • Expands to its full length of 50 feet
  • Retracts easily with no tangles or kinks
  • Light-weight and easy to use


  • Light-weight and easy to use
  • Solid abrasion-resistant hose
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • All rubber construction for hot water use
  • The rigid sleeve prevents kinking at the faucet
  • Leak-proof and crush resistant couplings

First off, consider your watering tasks. Be it gardening, washing your car or keeping the lawn fresh and green, you need to go over the length, materials, and hose parts in terms of quality as well as quantity.

The tasks at hand will also determine whether you need a regular rubber hose or an expendable one. Also, get familiar with the NSF standards as regards the content of lead in the hose material if you want your hose to be safe for delivering drinking water to you, your kids and pets.

Types of hoses

Based on your needs, you can go for solid, nonretractable hoses or expandable hoses.

Solid hoses are usually made of rubber or hybrid polymer materials. Avoid cheap plastic hoses as they won't last long and easily break, kink and leak.

Although vinyl hoses are the least expensive and most lightweight, they are also the least sturdy. They also degrade fast if exposed to harsh weather or if you leave them in the strong sun for too long.

Rubber hoses are by far the strongest and most durable. They are a little more expensive and are usually slightly heavier to be hauled around the garden. A huge advantage of rubber hoses is that they can carry hot water. They’re also less likely to kink and are heavy duty in terms of use.

The hybrid rubber/vinyl water hoses have mixed properties of the two materials.

There are also reinforced hoses with a mesh lining between layers of vinyl and/or rubber. The reinforcement makes them more resistant to kinking or splitting. These can take higher water pressure levels depending on the materials the layers are made from.

Expandable water hoses can expand to about 3 times the size when pressurized. When you turn off the water, expandable hoses retract quickly to their original length.

Because of this, they are a lot easier to store away when you’re not using them. Expandable hoses have many advantages over solid ones. They are self-draining, non-kinking, non-tangling and they don’t twist up as much as regular hoses.

Expandable water hoses are made of two layers. The inside layer, which is the inner tube, carries the water. This layer is usually made from quality latex. The outer layer is made of flexible and resistant nylon fabric with the aim to protect the inner tube.

Due to the materials used, expandable hoses are not suitable for carrying drinking water.

Which hose do you need for drinking water?

Unlike rubber and vinyl, polyurethane hoses do not leach chemicals into the water they are carrying. This is why polyurethane hoses are safe for carrying drinking water and have the label or notice on the hose packaging which states this. These hoses are made with FDA-approved inner cores that don’t leach harmful chemicals and are non-toxic.

How long hose do I need?

In order to determine the needed length of the hose you want to buy, you should measure the farthest distance from your water faucet and purchase a hose that is a little longer than that but not longer by much: the longer the hose the more money you will need to spend, not to mention the fact that long hoses are more difficult to handle and also require more storage space.

In addition, longer hoses need more water pressure which means more water spent and higher bills. In general, unless you intend just to wash your deck or patio, in which case you’ll do fine with a 25-foot hose, you’ll probably be fine with a 50-foot hose, which is the average length.

How does the hose diameter affect the water flow?

Although there are hoses with the inner diameter of ¾ a ½ of an inch, the most common diameter is 5/8-inch which provides a good ratio of water flow and pressure. Not too heavy to work with, 5/8-inch hoses are most frequently used and widely available when it comes to solid hoses.

The above doesn't apply to best soaker hoses which have a different construction and are used to improve garden watering efficiency.

Which hose material should I go for?

A vinyl hose is the least expensive and most lightweight but also the least sturdy. It’s prone to kinking and can degrade quickly if exposed to harsh weather or left in the sun.

Rubber hoses are the strongest and most long-lasting. They are more expensive and can be heavy to haul around the garden. On the plus side, rubber hoses can carry hot water. They’re less likely to kink and they enable heavy duty use.

Composite rubber/vinyl garden hoses have mixed properties of the two materials.

Reinforced hoses (usually reinforced with a mesh lining between layers of vinyl and/or rubber) are more resistant to kinking and splitting. They can take higher water pressure levels. It’s not the number of layers that matters but the material those layers are made from.

Polyurethane hoses, unlike rubber and vinyl, do not leach chemicals into the water. That’s way polyurethane hoses are safe for carrying drinking water. Look for the “drinking water safe” label or notice on the hose packaging. These hoses are made with FDA-approved non-toxic inner cores that don’t leach harmful chemicals. As stated by the FDA, “hoses conveying water shall be constructed and repaired with approved materials according to law.”

Other hose parts - Couplings, Washers, and Collars

First, the most single handed useful accessory (not really a hose part), is a hose reel cart. They allow you to transport your hose and keep it organized in a nice line very easily. Hose reel carts aren't necessary for shorter hoses, but if you have a longer one that is 50 feet or more and a large garden, then consider the top hose reel carts here.
When it comes to couplings, cast brass ones are the best. They are the most durable and leak-free. As for the washers, look for solid quality ones as cheap, thin plastic washers will break down quite quickly. If needed, you should replace them with high-quality rubber washers.

The purpose of the collars is to reduce kinking or splitting near the spigot. If they do a poor job, replace them as well.

Some hoses we reviewed come with cool extras such as a nozzle with adjustable spraying patterns. All the models are solid quality but need proper storage, draining when not in use and should not be left in the sun in order to increase their lifespan.

Let’s check out the best models to date!

Best water hoses in 2018 thoroughly reviewed

Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose starts from 17 feet and expands to 50 feet without much effort at the average pressure. Made from a sturdy, double layer latex inner tube, this will stretch as far as you need it to water all the plants in your garden.

At just 3.72 pounds, the Hospaip garden hose is easy to carry. Once you have finished using the hose, it will also easily retract for convenient storage in your shed, garage or RV. You can also use the included hanger or in the included storage sack.

Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose comes with a spray nozzle that offers 8 separate watering patterns; including jet, soaker, angle, mist, center full, flat, shower and cone. This is one of the most versatile nozzles out there which complements one of the best non-kinking hoses from Hospaip.

Each spray-pattern is chosen by turning the spray nozzle, while the hand-trigger enables the perfectly controlled watering. For a continuous watering, there’s a lock that saves the effort of holding on to the spray-trigger for easy garden-wide watering.

The solid copper 3/4” fittings are paired with high-quality steel assembly clamps which help to ensure that you don’t lose water pressure from leakage at the faucet. The connectors are designed to be fully compatible with any standard US garden faucet.

Hospaip really had the longevity in mind when they designed this hose, making all of the connectors fully replaceable. In the unlikely event that the copper fittings fail, you won’t need to buy a new hose – you can just get new fittings.

As with all of the expandable hoses, this hose will rarely if ever kink. Tangling with such a thick pipe is next to impossible. As long as you drain and store your hose away properly, it will last for many seasons on end.

This hose from Hospaip is quality, versatile and comes with a solid nozzle and three rubber washers that will help provide the perfect seal between the hose connector and the faucet. The overall quality makes this a real winner when it comes to the best water hoses in our reviews.

Things We Liked

Expands quickly its full length of 50 feet

Double layer latex inner tube

Extra-flexible 3750D polyester fabric cover

Solid copper 3/4” fittings

8 pattern hose nozzle included

On/off the water valve

Replaceable fittings

Things We Didn't Like

The nozzle tends to leak occasionally

Camco 50ft Premium Drinking Water Hose is lead-free, which makes it suitable for carrying drinking water. It’s also BPA free, phthalate-free and UV stabilized for longer life.

This is the biggest advantage of Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose over regular garden hoses which contain lead in the PVC they are made. This is probably the best value for money drinking water hose for your garden, weekend outings, and your RV because Camco Premium is compliant with all federal and state laws regulating lead content in drinking water safety.

As for the hose properties, it features anti-kink design, machined fittings and strain-relief ends for added durability. It is about 20 % thicker than standard drinking water hoses.

It's a bit stiffer than a regular garden hose but most homeowners, gardeners, and RV owners would rather have a hose that's drinking water safe than the lighter, a little more elastic hoses which are NOT lead-free.

The working pressure rating is 50psi and Camco recommends that you use a pressure regulator if your water pressure is over 50psi. The burst strength rating is 300psi. As for the happy campers, this hose can handle any PSIG from any campground well, which is a super convenient feature.

Another great property of this hose is that it comes with washers so expect no leaks on this hose. All you need to do is make sure that the included washers are properly set in place inside each end of the hose.

This hose is extremely high quality and should form a tight and leak-proof seal if installed properly. In addition, double check that the threads are in sync.

The hose is 20% thicker than standard drinking water hoses so it’s more resistant to leaks and punctures. This durable hose is reinforced for maximum kink resistance. It does kink a little, but it’s easy to straighten out. Its internal diameter is 5/8 inch for high flow.

The ends are fitted with high-quality nickel-plated brass machined fittings for maximum corrosion resistance, with strain-relief for added durability. The ends are conveniently compatible with standard garden hose connections.

Overall, Camco’s Premium Drinking Water Hose is extra tough and great for gardening, watering livestock and pets, camping, RVing and washing your cars. The hose is also CSA low lead content certified to NSF/ANSI 372 for your peace of mind. It’s safe to say that this is probably the best lead-free water hose on the market.

Things We Liked

Made with NSF Certified materials to make drinking water safe

Lead-free, BPA free and Phthalate free

5/8" ID for high flow

20% thicker than standard garden hoses

Heavy-duty nickel-plated brass machined fittings

Reinforced for maximum kink resistance

Things We Didn't Like

A little difficult to roll up and store away

GrowGreen ALL NEW 2018 Garden Hose 50 Feet {IMPROVED} starts out 17 feet and expands to 50 Feet as you turn on the water faucet and pressurize the hose. Once you turn the water off, this hose will quickly return to its original length.

The main improvement over the previous model is the fact that you get metal couplings instead of plastic. In addition, this water hose from GrowGreen is designed not to tangle, twist, or kink. It’s flexible and easy to handle and takes up very little storage space.

One of the best expandable garden hoses, GrowGreen comes with a free spray nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns. The patterns include Flat, Cone, Soaker, Full, Angle, Shower, Mist, and Center. It will meet most of your needs and has a solid quality rust-free shutoff valve included. The hose connectors are all brass with great corrosion resistance and durability

GrowGreen ALL NEW 2018 Garden Hose is made of durable, pressure-resistant latex material and will handle average water pressure in the range of 43.5-87PSI very well. It won’t leak, burst or break under pressure. 

We recommend this water hose to homeowners and gardeners who are looking for the strongest expandable garden hose that does not weigh a lot and is easy to use and handle. When you’re done using it, it retracts to the original length easily without kinking or twisting.

This hose is very lightweight, and the spray nozzle works great for the most part. You will have no problem hooking it up and it does the job at an affordable price while leaving a very small footprint in your shed or garage when you’re not using it. A solid choice for most users!

Things We Liked

Expands to its full length of 50 feet

Retracts easily with no tangles or kinks 

Light-weight and easy to use ​​​​​

Sturdy brass fittings for durability

Free nozzle with 8 spraying options

12-month manufacturer’s warranty

Things We Didn't Like

Some patterns on the nozzle could be improved

Flexzilla Garden Hose is another hose suitable for drinking water and made of premium Hybrid Polymer. It comes in 5/8" x 50' dimension but there are also 3, 5, 10, 25, 75 and 100-foot long Flexzillas.

Flexzilla hose features zero memory. It stays where you drop it and you should be able to coil it easily. It guarantees maximum flexibility and minimum kinking when full of water. Even when it’s drained, it features no tangling, kinking or twisting properties while being super-sturdy, durable and light-weight.

Its working pressure is 150 PSI and it should operate with great reliability between -40° to 150° F. It does remain flexible down to sub freezing temperatures and it’s far more resistant than traditional rubber or plastic water hoses.

It is highly abrasion-resistant and its bright green color makes it easy to spot in your garden or yard. Naturally, after a long time and if you constantly drag it over sharp and rough surfaces, the color will eventually fade.

Kink resistant rib inner core design is confirmed effective. The fittings, both male and female, are anodized aircraft aluminum. I wish the fittings were brass rather than aluminum as it is pretty soft and can dent easily when you use a wrench to tighten everything. Our advice is to go easy on the fittings.

Bear in mind that if you leave brass nozzles attached to aluminum fittings, galvanic corrosion will occur between these dissimilar metals. However, the logic behind using aluminum is justified: this is a super-light-weight hose for anyone to handle.  

Another slight con to bear in mind is that the occasional nozzle leaking is possible to due to the fact that there aren’t any washers installed. We suggest that you add a washer to make sure you indeed have a leak-free hose.

Flexzilla Garden Hose is one of the hoses convenient for most purposes, from light gardening and yard chores to camping trips and handling drinking water. At the end of the season or while you’re getting ready to start or finish a camping trip, you can easily drain the hose as it is really light.

This hose from Flexzilla is strong and yet quite flexible and it doesn't tangle easily if there is pressure in it. It comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. For homeowners and gardeners who are looking for the best lightweight water hose, this is probably the best product on the market.

Things We Liked

Coils easily, rarely tangles or kinks

Suitable for drinking water

Light-weight and easy to use

Extreme all-weather flexibility

Solid abrasion-resistant hose

Comes with a lifetime warranty

Things We Didn't Like

Some patterns on the nozzle could be improved

Apex 8695-50, Commercial All Rubber Water Hose is the hose we chose for our lineup because it’s all rubber and can handle hot water, which other hoses cannot do.

It’s the perfect choice for handling hot water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot water runs through the hose well without deforming it.

You can use it to drain your hot water tank for the cleaning or deliver water to outdoor fountains in below freezing temperatures as this hose from Apex it works equally well in all extreme conditions. You can also leave it in the sun without issues although we always recommend proper storage for more longevity.

At 50 feet, this hose is long enough to meet most needs. It has well built sturdy brass fittings which will last for many seasons. It also features a rigid sleeve which prevents kinking at the faucet.

The all-rubber construction makes Apex All Rubber Hot Water Hose excellent choice for all environments that require hot water for thorough cleaning of driveways, car washing areas, greenhouses and even farms.

Any rubber hose might kink but this one is flexible enough to clear a potential blockage when straightened. The hose is of convenient length so it’s easy to handle, unkink, coil back and store away.  And once you have finished using the hose, it only takes a few twirls to coil it back up.

During the off-season, your water hose should be stored indoors to extend its life. In order store, it away properly, just disconnect water hose from the spigot, and drain all the water. Coiling the hose and storing it indoors does not require much time or effort but it will significantly prolong the life of this great hose from Apex.

This hose is not lead-free, though, so it’s not suitable for delivering drinking water but for hot water and rough duties, this hose is the best option. Heavy connectors with a tight fit and no leaks add the great value of Apex All Rubber Hot Water Hose and make it a great quality hose for the money.

Things We Liked

All rubber construction for hot water use

The rigid sleeve prevents kinking at the faucet

Leak-proof and crush resistant couplings

Reinforced construction for durability

Easy to handle, unkink, coil back and store away

Things We Didn't Like

Get some rubber washers for a better seal

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