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6 Best T5 grow lights Reviews 2018 | Indoor Growing Lighting and Fixtures- GardenAware.com

6 Best T5 Grow Lights Reviews 2018 | Lighting and Fixtures for Indoor Growing

The best T5 grow lights are an efficient solution to increase the amount of light your indoor seedlings, herbs, and greens need to grow better and faster.

These grow lights are optimized for your plants which don’t get enough sun. The best T5 grow lights will dramatically speed up your indoor gardening process so you should consider getting them and your plants will thrive right before your eyes.

Top 3 T5 Grow Lights


  • Includes 4 6400K T5 Tubes
  • Up to 20,000 Lumens
  • Powder coated, steel housing


  • Includes 4 6500K T5 efficient bulbs
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Aluminum mirror reflector for no energy losses


  • 20000 Lumen light output
  • Professional grow lighting system
  • 95% Reflectivity German hammer-tone reflector

What to look for when choosing the best T5 grow lights

Before buying new T5 grow lights, you should measure your growing area to determine the largest lighting system that you can fit. In some cases, you may need to buy multiple units and place them side by side to get maximum coverage. If one single unit won't give you the coverage you need based on your grow room's design, you’ll need multiple units.

In general, you should get t5 light fixtures that match the exact dimensions of your grow room. For instance, if you have a 2x8' grow room, you should consider getting two 2x4' fixtures.

The size

The T5 bulbs all come with a standardized 5/8" diameter. However, the size of the fixtures they come in varies, which makes T5 grow lights extremely flexible when it comes to setting up the right size of the light source. There are various combinations of sizes and the number of bulbs so the only mistake you need to avoid is buying too small size fixture.

The thing is, even if you get a tad too large size fixture for your needs, you can always turn off some of the light bulbs. If it turns out that you need more light than you thought and you have bought a small size fixture, you cannot add more lights. You will again need to buy a bigger fixture.

The Best T5 Grow Lights Fixtures Reflector Style

Apart from fixtures sizing differences, there are two main styles of T5 grow lights: one with the lights encased in a rectangular reflector, and one with a gull-wing reflector. You should buy encased reflector style if you want to place the lights closer to your plants for the best light coverage. However, if you need to place your lights higher, you should consider buying the gull-wing style. It will allow you to redirect light which is "spilling" out of the sides of your grow room.

The Bulb Temperature

The majority of T5 light fixtures come with 6500K bulbs because most growers use these lighting systems for seedlings, micro-greens, and plants that they harvest in their vegetative state. However, if you grow plants that flower and fruit in a T5 system, you should go for 3000K bulbs.

Another great feature is that T5 grow lights run extremely cool. This means you will be able to put T5 lights close to your plants without burning the leaves and increase the amount of light they're able to take in as a result. Hotter lighting systems, like HPS or MH, need to be placed at least a foot away from your plants, while you can position T5 fluorescent grow lights just 2-6" away.

The lifespan of the bulbs

Most T5 lights on the market are rated at over 20,000 hours, which is really impressive. In addition, T5 bulbs also degrade minimally over that lifespan often losing only 5% efficiency over 20,000 hours compared to other types of bulbs which lose over 40% of their efficiency on average in the same period.

Adjustment features

The most useful extra feature for further customization of your T5 grow lights system is the ability to control the light bulbs individually. This can be achieved either by on/off switches or dimmers for bulb lights within one fixture.

Best T5 grow lights reviewed


Agrobrite FLT44 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System​​​​ is Hydrofarm’s newest T5 system delivers performance, flexibility, and high lumen output in any growing environment. These lights allow you to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet your indoor garden’s design.

They combine premium grade aluminum with energy-efficient/high-output T5 tubes and put out twice the light energy of regular fluorescent systems.

Agrobrite T5 replacement tubes provide full daylight 6400K spectrum. They are rated for 20,000 hours of life and are compatible with all Hydrofarm T5 fixtures. These grow lights are available in a volume of 20-packs.

You can install Agrobrite T5 fixture three ways—vertical, horizontal, or overhead—so you get the maximum lumens reaching your plants at all times.

With maximized coverage due to steel housing and rated at 8000 lumens, Agrobrite T5 Fluorescent grow lights system is one of the best of its kind. Its light is powerful and can be made even more efficient by combining it with other setups to increase coverage. Hydrofarm’s Agrobrite T5 Fixture is ETL listed and comes with a 5-year warranty. It comes with everything you need, all packaged securely in a sturdy cardboard box with lots of layers and inserts to protect the lights.

Things We Liked

Includes 4 6400K T5 Tubes

Up to 20,000 Lumens

Powder coated, steel housing

High-performance aluminum for better light distribution

Hangs 3 ways—overhead, vertical or horizontal

Daisy chainable— you can run up to 3 fixtures from a single outlet

Things We Didn't Like

Bulbs may overheat due to higher power


VIVOSUN 2ft 4-Lamp T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture is the perfect option if you’re looking for grow lights with more surface area for you seedling table. If you have previously used T8 fixtures and the cool white light, you’ll notice that VIVOSUN 2ft 4-Lamp T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture works great for the benefit of your plants. 

These T5's are more efficient and can produce more light than the T8's and significantly more light than the older T12's. The popular and widely used as grow lights, this model holds 4 High Output T5 grow lamps. There are two switches which allow you to shut half off the lights off if you want a lower intensity light. This is a great feature especially when seedlings are just emerging and they don't need high-intensity light for a few days. It also saves you from constantly raising and lowering the fixture.

There are vents along the sides of the fixture and a mirror reflector around each bulb so no energy is lost or wasted. On the top side of the fixture, there are two hanging wire mounts. You can keep them hanging at a fixed height or hook them up to a pair of ratcheting pulleys so that you can raise and lower them with little effort.

The VIVOSUN T5 Grow Light Fixture comes double boxed and the T5 bulbs come in a very well padded cylinder. It only takes a few minutes to install the bulbs and get the fixture mounted. At a distance of about 13", the measured average of 355 micromoles per second of light remains constant in all areas under the fixture, which is not always the case with LED fixtures. After leaving the fixture on for about 4-5 hours, there is very little heat from the fixture and virtually none from the 6500K bulbs. Overall, a great choice!

Things We Liked

Includes 4 6500K T5 efficient bulbs

Excellent ventilation

Aluminum mirror reflector for no energy losses

Durable powder coated housing

Daisy chain outlet and 8ft power cord

Durable steel housing

Things We Didn't Like

More durable bulbs would be an improvement


T5 Grow Light (4ft 4lamps) DL844s from DuroLux is a mid-range model as regards the price and offers a great value for money when we consider its outstanding performance.

The very affordable price partly results from the less expensive but very sturdy, durable and yet light material used for the fixture – aluminum. The DuroLux DL844s doesn’t come with the usual steel housing like other T5 grow lights.

The full aluminum body makes this model not only lighter but also cooler partly thanks to aluminum and partly because of the open design. When it comes to performance, this T5 grow light features the impressive 20,000 lumens bright light which will definitely speed up your plants’ vegetation.

With great brightness comes a little higher power consumption. To be more precise, we’re talking about 230 watts of electricity, which is not really that much more compared to other grow lights which aren’t as bright.

What's more, The DuroLux DL844s also has a daisy chain feature which enables you to connect multiple fixtures together to create a bigger setup. There are also bulbs with the color temperature of 6,500 Kelvins, which is ideal for vegetating plants.

The hammer-tone reflectors add to the reflectivity of the fixture, and the special type of lamp holder comes in handy to prevent any chance of fire in the bulbs. In addition, the two switches on the fixture allow for step dimming - one for inner two bulbs, the other for the outer two.

This super bright, good quality grow light from DuroLux is 47.5 inches in length, 12.5 inches in width and 4 inches in height. It weighs only 12 pounds which is about one third lighter than most fixtures of this size.

Things We Liked

20000 Lumen light output

Professional grow lighting system

95% Reflectivity German hammer-tone reflector

30% more light output vs comparable systems

Includes 4 6500K 4ft lamps, hanging hooks and chains and a 15' power cord 

Rated for operation in wet and damp environments

Things We Didn't Like

Longer-lasting bulbs would be an improvement


Jump Start 4' T5 Grow Light System comes pre-assembled with everything you need to help your new plants grow. They are great for seed starts, cuttings, herbs or containers and can be used all year long. This system can be used with legs for a standalone system or mounted overhead with built-in hangers. Cuttings prefer light that is not too strong. Hot, direct sunlight is not recommended and this is why the full-spectrum fluorescents are excellent for cuttings because they provide quality light. 

You should keep the tubes about 2"- 4" away from the plant tops. Using high-intensity lighting is okay for starting seedlings or cuttings as long as the lights are kept a couple of feet away.

If you are attempting to start new plants from cuttings, give them 16-18 hours of light a day using the Jump Start 4' T5 Grow Light System. When seedlings or cuttings are moved to their next lighted environment, be sure not to sunburn them. Instead, you should gradually increase exposure over a few days.

This set includes 4 full-spectrum 6400k T5 lamps and four lightweight reflectors as well as, two docks, four legs (18" each), three link cords and 6' power cord with inline ON/OFF switch.

 You can raise and lower your Jump Start 4' T5 Grow Light System by using the pull cords. Gently pull cord toward the side to unlock the cords. When you raise or lower the fixture to the desired height, simply pull the cords to the other side to lock them into position. Overall, this is a super easy and convenient T5 grow lights system at an affordable price.

Things We Liked

Ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants

Internal reflective finish directs more light to plants

Enables faster growth with 15-20% more lumens

Simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment

CE Certified and compatible with Hydrofarm's FLT, FLV, and FLP tubes

Things We Didn't Like

Chains and an S-hook would be a better adjustment option than cords and clamps


The iPower 54W 4 Feet T5 Grow Light System is another affordable light system for starting seeds, propagating cuttings and growing indoor flowers, herbs, and houseplants.It features a high output T5 full daylight spectrum bulb for faster growth with 15-20% more lumens.

The cool design lets you position the light closer for better growth while the internal reflective finish directs more much-needed light to plants. In addition, the simple toggle clamp makes it really easy to adjust the lamp height.

This T5 grow light has two legs with footings about 18" long, and a crossbar from which the light fixture hangs by a pair of adjustable ropes. The light is easy to adjust up and down as your seedlings grow.The assembly is easy as well. A bolt in each footing is the only tool work you'll need to do. The legs pop into the crossbar, the light fixture is clipped on, and you can start speeding up the growth of your plants.

The best part about the iPower 54W 4 Feet T5 Grow Light System is that it doesn't produce too much heat, which is good for plants that may burn easily. And the watt to lumens ratio is relatively low, so for the amount of electricity it costs, this fixture and bulb system produces a lot more light.

Things We Liked

Solid quality UL/CSA-listed fluorescent fixture

T5 high output full daylight spectrum bulb

Super-reflective internal finish

6400 K/ 54-watt energy efficient T5 bulb

6-feet grounded cord with On/Off switch

Things We Didn't Like

One light may not be enough for some projects


Hydro Crunch 4 ft. 4-Bulb 216-Watt T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture helps with the propagation of your seedlings effectively and conveniently.

The T5 grow light is mounted on a steel white powder coated light stand. 5,000 total lumens in the blue spectrum is perfect for propagating seedlings, clones or keeping herbs and plants healthy year round.

At 5,000 lumens and 54-Watt, the High Output T-5 boasts itself as the strongest fluorescent lighting around safely mounted on a sturdy system for starting seeds, propagating cuttings and growing indoor flowers and houseplants.

The Feather-Touch height-adjustment mechanism raises or lowers fixture easily and the whole frame is made of metal and is very sturdy. It measures about 50 x 34 x 19 inches (LxHxW).

For the price, this is a premium-quality fluorescent fixture with a wide reflector and the T5 bulb which provides maximum coverage. This is another reliable T5 high output grow light fixture with 6400K 54-watt energy efficient T5 bulb.

Things We Liked

High quality, long, grounded cord

The wiring is tight and solid quality

All ballast wiring is tin coated copper

The bulb sockets are good quality and securely mount

The nice polished aluminum reflector does the job

Things We Didn't Like

Less than stellar quality of protective packaging

T5 grow lights are perfect if you want to grow fruits or vegetables indoors. Read our guide to how to grow arugula as an example of benefits of growing vegetables indoors with the help of artificial grow lights.