9 Best Professional Chainsaw Reviews 2019 | Commercial Grade Must Haves

We all know that a chainsaw is the best tool for cutting down trees. However, with so many makes and models of chainsaws available today, it can be sometimes it is difficult to decide which one is better than the rest so we've summarized the best professional chainsaws here. If you're just looking for options for your backyard or amateur purposes, we recommend looking at the our article about the best electric chainsaws since these professional ones may be overkill and you'll spend more money than you'll need.

This is always the case because manufacturers often advertise their product of high performance and better quality, so it is recommended to do some research first on that particular chainsaw model before spending your money. Now if you are shopping for a chainsaw, here are some things you need to consider when you buy.

3 Top-rated Professional Chainsaws


  • 55.5cc, 3.5 hp X-TORQ professional engine
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system
  •  LOWVIB System reduces vibrations 


  • Easy-starting powerful engine 
  • Heavy-duty air filter system 
  • Heated handle for cold weather conditions


  • 32.2cc, 1.6 hp commercial grade engine
  • Excellent cutting performance and reliability
  • Features PureFire low emission 2-stroke engine technology

How to Choose A Chainsaw

If you're going to drop several hundred bucks you want to make sure you know how to choose the right one for you. Here, we'll over things to consider such as:

  • Comfort & Fit
  • Size
  • Safety
  • Maintenance

Comfort and Fit

Since there are many different chainsaws available, it is advised to try it out first. As long as you comfortable and can handle the power, then that might just be the right chainsaw you need. Another important consideration when choosing a professional saw is the power-to-weight ratio. A high power-to-weight ratio is beneficial regardless of whether it is for professional or consumer use, buying too little saw for the job is usually the common mistake.

Chainsaw Sizing - Bar Length

The most popular size of saw has an engine of about 50 cubic centimeters (cc) which is ideal for cutting firewood. These models feature cutting bars of 16 to 20 inches. The Longer cutting bars allow a saw to handle thicker pieces of wood. Professional-size saws, suitable for frequent, heavy use, such as thinning stands of trees, have engines ranging from about 65 to 110cc. 

If you want an effective option for logging, then you'll want large bar lengths to really cut through thick pieces of wood. 

Look for Safety Features

When it comes to handling chainsaws, safety must always be your top priority. Choose a chainsaw that has a chain brake. This feature stops the movement of the sharp chain. The brake activates automatically on many models when the tip of the bar is pinched by wood or strikes an object. Another safety feature is a chain catch if the chain breaks or jumps off the bar, the chain catch wads up the chain and slows the chain’s rotation. Now that you have an idea on what to look for in a professional chainsaw, here the best ones you can get today. 


A chainsaw is a serious piece of machinery that you'll want to keep in prime condition to increase it's life and efficiency. One of the most important aspects to think about is how hard is it to break apart, clean, and assemble back together.

Vegetation and wood will be going everywhere around the saw so it's important to clean it regularly. This step is even MORE important with gas powered saws where gas will be adding to the imperfections of your chainsaw.

Professional Chainsaw Reviews


The Husquarna 455 with a 20-inch blade will do a great job cutting big trees: it starts easily, and provides ample power while not consuming too much gas or oil. It's build to last a great many seasons with a little maintenance.

Both the 55.5 cc, 3.5 HP engine and the starter have been designed so that this saw starts quickly and with minimal effort.

It also features a centrifugal air cleaning system which removes all larger dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter. As a result, you won't have to clean the air filter that often. In addition, this air cleaning system does improve engine life.

The proven X-Torq engine also reduces the exhaust emission levels which makes this model not just a powerful professional tool but also an environmentally-friendly option.

What's more, the LOWVIB system has been designed to reduce vibration levels. This guarantees much less fatigue while sawing. Another effortless and hassle-free addition is the tool-free chain tensioning and assembling system. It's super quick and easy!

Husquarna 455 will not leak oil unless you store it leaving dust between the blade and the body. If you do so, the oil will siphon through the dust and drips out. This is why we recommend cleaning it after each use. If you disassemble the blade and blow out the saw after use, you won't have any issues.

Overall, this is a great saw for cutting down big trees, firewood or lumber to make fences or for any other professional or homeowners' purposes. The quality does come with a tad extra weight of 12.8 pounds so after the hard work is done, we suggest setting Husquarna 455 aside and moving on with a lighter model for smaller branches and easy to cut thinner limbs. 

Things We Liked

X-Torq Powerful Engine

Centrifugal Air Cleaning System

LowVib system to reduce vibrations

Easy and Quick to Start

Things We Didn't Like

No major cons yet


Makita EA7901PRZ1 79 cc Chain Saw is one of the most powerful professional models for the money. This 5.7 HP chainsaw has a high power to weight ratio and delivers an engine speed of 12,800 RPM. How does it start? Super easy and hassle-free thanks to a well-engineered and made automatic half-throttle lock and fully electronic ignition!

Another feature we really appreciate is the advanced vibration dampening system. It ensures reduced vibration even when you're sawing at high speeds. In addition, this professional chainsaw is built with magnesium housing for extra durability while weighing 18.7 pounds with the chain and guide bar.

For the more extreme conditions, the Makita EA7901PRZ1 comes with a heated handle and a slide-out baffle which can be configured for efficient cold weather operation. Additional features designed and engineered for professional users include an easy-to-clean chain compartment for efficient clearing of dust and chips, even when rip cutting. 

What's more, this model's advanced vibration dampening system makes the EA7901PRZ1 ideal for professional forestry work such as tree felling & stripping but also for all the land, yard, and garden chores. Well worth the price and durable, reliable and hi-quality saw from Makita! It's backed with a 1-year guarantee and comes with a universal wrench a carburetor screwdriver, and a Torx wrench.

Things We Liked

Two-point durable inertia/mechanical chain brake

Decompression valve for easy start

High power-to-weight ratio

Advanced vibration dampening system

Things We Didn't Like

A little heavy


This Hitachi CS33EB/16 16-inch Rear-Handle Chain Saw features a 32cc commercial-grade engine, an inertia-activated chain brake; an easy-to-access chain tensioner, and a 16-inch Oregon bar and chain set.

The saw’s lightweight body and anti-vibration system work to make operation easy.

Its 16-inch Oregon bar and chain set are designed to provide effective cutting performance while reducing kickback for safe operation and controlled cuts. For added safety, there is also an inertia-activated chain brake stops chain rotation immediately whenever you engage it.

Things We Liked

Easy-to-access chain tensioner

Inertia-activated chain brake

Lightweight body and anti-vibration system

Reduced kickback for safe operation

Things We Didn't Like

QC needs improvements


The Black & Decker LCS1240 Lithium Ion Chainsaw offers the convenience of cordless maneuverability with the needed power and performance for cutting through dry wood and live logs.

This 40V MAX has a 12-inch bar and chain which includes tool-free chain tensioning and provide serious cutting power and fast, efficient cuts.

There is no need for manual oiling with this chainsaw as it eliminates priming and constantly keeps the bar and chain lubricated. It also has a window for easy visibility to gauge the oil level so you never need to guess.

Things We Liked

Environmentally friendly battery operated chainsaw

Full wrap around handle for cutting in different orientations

Automatic oiling system

12" premium bar and chain

Things We Didn't Like

Thick trees go hard on the battery


The 45cc BLUE MAX 2-in-1 combination chainsaw features 14 and #34; and 20 and #34; bar and chain, like having two chainsaws in one. A single cylinder, 2 stroke engine that runs at 2800 RPM with no load. It features a low range kick-back chain brake for additional safety. Blue Max also makes sure the chainsaw lasts a lifetime so it has designed an automatic bar chain oil feed system to keep the chain consistently lubricated and it is center balanced with anti-vibration handle for maximum control and minimum fatigue. This combination chainsaw includes a Quick Start (CDI) ignition system and has an easy access chain pro tensioner for fast adjustments.

Things We Liked

Quick start (cdi) ignition system

Low range kick-back brake

Anti vibe handle

Automatic oiler

Things We Didn't Like

Better quality starter cord would be appreciated


The 3.2 HP Husqvarna 450 is ideal for landowners and others who cut less regularly. This chainsaw is well-suited for medium-duty jobs, such as pruning and domestic cutting. The engine features Husqvarna’s special X-Torq technology, which reduces emission levels by up to 60 percent. It has a lightweight frame that minimizes strain on your body, even after extended use. Husqvarna’s LowVib anti-vibration dampeners effectively absorb vibration, sparing your arms and hands from added fatigue and allowing you to work longer and more comfortably. Other features include an inertia activated chain brake that helps reduce the likelihood of injury due to kickback.

Things We Liked

X-Torq engine increases fuel efficiency

LowVib vibration dampening

Centrifugal air cleaning system

Inertia activated chain brake

Things We Didn't Like

Some will find start a little tricky


This cordless GreenWorks DigiPro G-MAX 16-inch gives you the gas comparable alternative chainsaw solution you have been looking for. The innovative brushless motor technology provides up to 80 percent longer life and up to 30 percent more torque, it also creates less noise and lower vibration for user comfort.

It also features a heavy-duty 16-inch Oregon bar and chain, .0375 chain pitch, safety chain brake, metal bucking spikes and an automatic oiler, you will find the torque and durability of this chainsaw to meet your expectations.

Things We Liked

Brushless motor provides your tool with longer run-time

Chain brake, hand guard and quick release trigger for more user safety

70% less vibration than gas powered chainsaws

Convenient automatic oiler

Things We Didn't Like

You'll be able to use only Greenworks batteries


The WORX WG304.1 18-inch Chainsaw is a robust and lightweight power tool that comes with added power and increased bar length.

It is perfect for quick, easy jobs around your yard or farm, such as cutting firewood, clearing brush, trimming trees, and more.

In addition, it never produces harmful emissions and has minimal operating costs when compared to gas-powered chain saws. 

This chainsaw is equipped with a built-in chain brake for safety. Specially engineered to protect you in the case of a kickback, the safety brake that stops the chain in seconds when improper contact is made.

Things We Liked

Robust and lightweight power tool

Built-in chain brake for safety

Patented auto-tension chain system

Comes fully assembled right out of the box

Things We Didn't Like

Auto tension feature needs improvement


The Remington RM5118R Rodeo features a powerful 51cc 2-cycle gas engine and 18-inch bar and chain to take on a variety of tree limbs and cutting tasks.

It comes equipped with anti-vibration handles to make your work more comfortable. Its rugged pro-grade crankcase and sprocket help this chainsaw cut through nature’s toughest tasks.

The QuickStart technology makes pull starting the engine easier, and the anti-vibration handle makes this powerful machine more comfortable to use. Other features include a durable die-cast chassis and pro-grade crankcase and sprocket.

Things We Liked

QuickStart technology making pull starts easier

Durable die-cast chassis and pro-grade crankcase and sprocket

Low kickback bar and chain for added safety

Front and back anti-vibration handles

Things We Didn't Like

Not the best for harder wood types

What Chainsaw Do Professional Loggers Use?

Professional loggers have different needs from amateurs or DIY enthusiasts - after all, they're cutting dozens of trees every day. They need a reliable saw like Husqvarna 455, 20 in. 55.5cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw which they can be using for hours at a time, every day.

As a result, professional recommended chainsaws need to have a great balance, like Makita EA7901PRZ1 EA7901PRZ2 79 cc Chain Saw, increased power, extra safety features, durability, and comfort.

With an increased bar length to boot, these chainsaws will quickly be able to cut through large pieces of wood with ease. Our recommended choice is our #1 rated chainsaw here as it has all the features a pro logger needs!