6 Best Outdoor Storage Sheds Reviews | Wood, Plastic and Resin Units

The best outdoor storage sheds don’t just make a convenient solution to protect and store all your garden and yard tools and supplies – they make a lovely addition to your property and can even be a focal point depending on the design you choose.

Top 3 Outdoor Storage Sheds


  • An affordable outdoor storage shed with easy assembly
  • Plenty of room inside with easy access using glidetop slide lid
  • UV and water protection


  • Superb built quality
  • Unique, practical and pretty pocket doors
  • Provides plenty of storage space


  • Metal reinforced shingle style roof panels
  • Reinforced floor for tractor support
  • Lockable metal handles for security

In any case, homeowners will certainly free up a lot of space in the garage or even find a spot to store all the things in the home which are not used that often but are still needed in the home.

What to look for when buying the best outdoor storage shed for your needs

Before you decide to buy a garden or yard shed, you should think about where you want it to be so that all the supplies and tools are conveniently at hand. Based on the space you allocate, you can choose the appropriate size of the shed. In addition, you should consider the following factors.

The siding materials for outdoor sheds

Obviously, you want the stuff in the shed protected from the elements. How about the shed itself?

Natural wood has always been the traditional material of choice for homeowners. However, not all wood is the same as regards protecting and waterproofing your tools, power tools, garden accessories and supplies. Bear in mind that natural wood sheds cost way more than other options.

Certain types of wood like cedar have natural resins which the wood less prone to rotting when exposed to rain, snow, and humidity. This is why cedar is one of the most popular siding options for outdoor storage sheds.

Even cedar as a siding needs a little maintenance. We recommend coating cedar with a UV-inhibiting preservative every year or once in two years. This will protect it from ultraviolet solar radiation.

outdoor storage can be made of steel, wood or plywood

In addition, you should apply a clear stain in order to preserve cedar’s natural beauty. If there are no budget constraints, a wooden shed will complement your garden beautifully.

The next most popular choice is UV resistant resin/vinyl. While it lacks the appeal of natural wood, it provides ultimate protection from the elements. After all, you didn't but the best electric chainsaw to let it rust outside. The design can compensate for the appeal although the choice is yours, of course.

The little maintenance required is cleaning the resin siding regularly to wash away any mold.

Pre-fabricated particle boards and plywood which consist of compacted wood products come pressed and glued together. Although they are more affordable and come in various colors and designs, they are not the best choice for regions with a lot of rain. If the water gets into the material, it will swell and get deformed.

Steel storage units should be avoided because they are prone to rust. If you like metal construction, rust-free aluminum is your best option. Again, it lacks the visual appeal for most people. However, it can be a good combo with water-proof vinyl and polyester for bike and tools sheds which are super quick and easy to set up.

If you consider the price versus quality of materials, storage sheds sided with cedar and vinyl cost a couple of hundred dollars more but they do offer so much more than that in terms of their durability and visual appeal.

Make your outdoor shed blend in

You want to go for the shed which will match your house and look nice in your garden or yard. This is achieved by the materials used and the overall shed design.

What else can you do apart from protecting your cordless pole saw or other garden tools? Well, you can decorate the shed walls with hanging potted plants. You can mount outside shelves with plants as well. You can also make a beautiful surrounding to your shed by arranging colorful flower beds. In addition, you can set up trellises up against the shed walls and grow vine plants to give the shed organic and natural look.

garden storage shed can come very handy

The shed is a utility construction but it can also be an amazing centrepiece in your garden. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t put a little effort into making your storage shed pleasant to look at as well as a convenient storage space.

Whether formal, rustic or modern, the shed style should match your house as closely as possible. Look for the matching design features such as windows, arches, and roofs which will complement your house and add more appeal and value to your property.

Best outdoor storage sheds for convenient storage and added beauty to your property


Suncast BMS4900D Glidetop Slide Lid Shed is heavy duty sand and chocolate shed with glidetop slide design. It is ideal for storing garden tools, mowers, bicycles, patio furniture, and yard supplies. When assembled, this shed from Suncast measures 4' 9.5" W x 6' 7.75" D x 4' 10" H.

To start with, this is a sturdy, roomy, easy to set up, and long-lasting outdoor storage unit. The sliding lid allows for walk-in access while the reinforced flooring adds excellent support for mini tractors and other heavy duty garden machinery.

With some add-on shelf brackets and a few stand-alone shelves, you will manage to store away a ton of stuff. The best part is that the roof is sliding back so that you can easily access all the tools, machines and supplies inside the shed. 

The 3 door design provides easy lockup and the shed itself is made from long lasting, easy to maintain, double-wall resin.

Easy bolt secure assembly that requires minimal tools. Foundation is required but not included so you’ll need to hire a carpenter or a builder to do it or you can do it yourself if you have the skills needed.

This shed has multi-wall panels which are engineered for strength and stability. When the work or fun is done, you can store the tools, accessories, and furniture away knowing that the all-weather construction will ensure water resistance as well as UV protection.

The shed is so cute that you’ll like it in plain view of your family, friends, and neighbors. Your garden will look neat as you will be able to organize the essential daily gardening tools and store away the items you use less frequently at the back of the shed.

Things We Liked

An affordable outdoor storage shed with easy assembly

Plenty of room inside with easy access using glidetop slide lid

UV and water protection

Cool looks will make the shed blend in nicely in your yard

Next to no maintenance required

Things We Didn't Like

Door hinges are not too resistant to freezing winter weather


Best Barns Cambridge 10' X 12' Wood Shed Kit is crafted using pre-cut lumber for the walls and trusses. Trim is pre-cut and ready to attach and the unique pocket door feature sets this shed into a class of its own. It may not be for everyone’s budget but it’s certainly going to make you a proud owner.

The Cambridge from Best Barns comes covered by manufacturer’s materials replacement guarantee. This means that Best Barns will replace any material in your kit if it arrives less than perfect.

It includes framing and trim-nails, powder coated black door hardware and fully illustrated manual for setting up the shed.

The detailed manual includes step by step instructions. Each step is explained with clear instructions and detailed line art. It has obviously been made with the novice builder in mind. You can, however, hire a professional to do the job while you make a long list of yard and garden machines, tools and supplies to store away in this gorgeous shed.

The siding is made from wood strands, pressed into a resin saturated substrate. This option is superior to plywood and features a cedar texture embossed into the substrate. It’s worth mentioning that it’s free from knot holes and patches. 

The materials are primed and ready for painting in the color of your choice (Latex acrylic paint is recommended). As the wood is treated with Composibor (from U.S. Borax) prevents fungal decay as well as insect damage.

The sliding pocket doors are made from solid pine tongue-and-groove barn siding. Arched opening adds great visual appeal to the doors which hide from sight when fully opened. When you close them, they're weather-tight and will prevent rain and snow from getting in.

This is the most beautiful shed in our lineup. The highest quality does come with a higher price tag. If you can afford it, by all means, get it: it won't just be a storage unit but a captivating garden focal point as well.

Things We Liked

Superb built quality

Unique, practical and pretty pocket doors

Provides plenty of storage space

Exterior grade pre-primed paneling

The sturdy-built truss system is designed for a 40-pound snow load and 90 MPH wind load

Things We Didn't Like

The shingles, windows and the floor is not included


Suncast BMS7400 Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage Shed is constructed of durable double-wall resin with wood grain texture. This outdoor storage shed from Suncast is highly practical and looks really good in every garden or yard. It's well designed and easy to assemble.

For a mid-range, sturdy and reliable storage shed, Suncast BMS7400 will not disappoint. With a few cool extras, it’s built with sturdy, double-wall resin. This means it will not rust or rot.

The metal-reinforced roof and a durable floor will keep your tools, bikes, and supplies safe from the elements. The hardware is good quality and the double doors give a wide entrance. You can also use just one door for quick entry.

As for the external dimensions, this shed is 7' 4.5" W x 3' 11.75" D x 8' 6.5" H. Its internal dimensions are 6' 8.5" W x 3' 6.75" D x 8' 4" H with the door opening of 5' W x 6' 4" H.

What this means folks is plenty of storage space! In addition, the extra shelving and hook and basket accessories are available for purchase separately for this particular shed from Suncast.

If you’re planning on installing the shed yourself, we recommend that you set up the center back on first and then the sides. These slide in first and then the opposite corner snaps in. The window has a center screw so you should line up the window correctly and then tighten the center screw first. That way, the window will stay in place for you to get the other 10 screws in.

Once again, a solid, nice looking and spacious outdoor storage shed for the price. A very good option overall!

Things We Liked

Metal reinforced shingle style roof panels

Reinforced floor for tractor support

Lockable metal handles for security

Robust double doors have metal hinges

Decorative windows on the door and functional vent

Things We Didn't Like

It can get too hot inside in sunny and hot areas (Consider painting the roof white)


The YardStash III: Outdoor Storage Unit features the space-saving design, integrated floor, and full zip door.

The 15-minute set-up makes the YardStash III an affordable alternative to sheds, bike covers, flimsy storage tents and plastic storage boxes.

This outdoor unit will allow you to conveniently store, organize and protect your bikes, tools, and supplies while reclaiming your yard, garage, deck and other outdoor living spaces at the same time.

This affordable outdoor storage solution is built from tough, heavy duty, weatherproof and UV protected materials. The YardStash III will provide high-quality space saving (74 wide x 30 deep x 65 inches high) outdoor storage as well as the needed organization and protection for your bicycles, gardening equipment, yard and garden supplies, and other outdoor equipment

What you get is a heavy-duty UV protected polyester, industrial grade vinyl tarpaulin roof, strong top and bottom zippers, and sealed seams. In addition, the reinforced integrated floor, thick interior weatherproof coating, and a patented design to shrug off the elements will indeed keep your stuff well-protected.

The industrial-grade vinyl tarpaulin roof will provide long-lasting durability and protection while the heavy-duty, storm flapped, rubber tabbed zippers allow for easy access and durability.

The full-zip top and the bottom door will provide complete protection and the back Velcro flap opening will secure your bikes and power tools and other equipment to a fence or a post.

YardStash III set-up or take down takes less than 15 minutes and the purchase includes a free carrying bag for portability and storage. At the current price, this unit is a no-brainer.

Things We Liked

Heavy-duty UV protected polyester

Industrial grade vinyl tarpaulin roof

Strong top and bottom zippers

Two interior hooks to hang and store tools and gear

Things We Didn't Like

Needs to be anchored to get rectangular shape


Rubbermaid Plastic Small Outdoor Storage Shed comes with a smart design which will help you store all of your outdoor supplies safely, conveniently and out of the way. 

You will finally have your power tools, garden supplies and accessories well-organized without taking up too much garden or yard space.

This outdoor storage shed is fully customizable with shelves, racking and pegboards so that you can keep all your gear neatly organized and easy-to-find.

The durably constructed shed with impact-resistant flooring keeps everything inside protected from the elements. What's more, you can now keep your belongings secure by attaching a lock to the exterior hasp. The shelves and locks, however, are sold separately.

As for the storage convenience, the 72” of vertical storage space allows you to keep your longest gardening equipment tucked away along with other yard and gardening supplies.

Since this shed is weather-resistant, it will protect all your stored items from moisture, rain and the sun. It is made of weather-resistant plastic so it won’t rot or rust. Occasional cleaning is all the maintenance required.

Things We Liked

Perfect height for long-handled tools

Durable double wall construction for extra protection and strength

Leak-resistant, dent-resistant, weather-resistant

Heavy duty, impact resistant floor included

Things We Didn't Like

The shelves, racking, and locks are not included in the purchase


Suncast BMS6310D Outdoor Storage Shed is another solid, convenient and spacious shed from Suncast, the absolute market leader in resin outdoor storage units.

The model is ideal for keeping all the large equipment you normally use while the optional accessory kits will increase the storage space and offer easy access to smaller items. This walk-in Shed has reinforced gable-style roofs, are built for durability, designed to protect your stuff from weather and look good doing it.

As for the assembly process, the corners, back, and sides will assemble very quickly and snap into place on the floor satisfyingly with the help of a rubber mallet.

The roof "headers" (the triangles on the front and back which hold the roof up) also go on without difficulty. However, it gets quite confusing from there so we need to take away a few points in our rating.

On the whole, this shed is a solid option. It’s constructed of durable double-wall resin with wood grain texture. It comes with metal reinforced shingle style roof panels.

In addition, it has padlock ready handles, reinforced floor for heavier items and transom windows as well as functional vents.

The foundation is required because the construction of foundation will add to stability and protection of the stored items. You will, however, need to build the foundation yourself or hire a professional.

Things We Liked

Constructed of durable double-wall resin with wood grain texture

Metal reinforced shingle style roof panels

Reinforced floor for heavier items

Padlock ready handles

Things We Didn't Like

Not the easiest assembly