5 Best Lawn Fertilizer Reviews | Essential Nutrients for Fertilizing New Grass

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your property’s landscaping can easily up the curb appeal and overall value of your home. Some experts even say that they can steadily increase in value over time, unlike your home’s interior design. So if you’re wondering whether you should look for the best lawn fertilizer, the answer would be a resounding ‘yes’.

Top 3 Lawn Fertilizers


  • Organic and can do more than just make your lawn grass greener
  • Ideal for all kinds of grass 
  • Milorganite reviews are largely positive


  • Good fertilizer for all grass types
  • Can protect your lawn from the heat and drought
  • Safe for kids and pets


  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for pets and kids
  • Easy to apply

As not all lawn fertilizers guarantee the best results, we’ve made this guide to help you turn your landscaping lush and green. Check it out below.

Buying Guide: What is the Best Lawn Fertilizer?

Landscaping may seem like a daunting task for those who have never done any kind of gardening before but it’s really not the case. It’s just like any other home maintenance task that you should learn to do if you want to maintain or boost the value of your property.

In fact, creating a green lawn might even be one of the easiest ways to beautify the landscape of your home. If you’re not ready to invest in professional landscaping or you don’t have that much space for one, making your lawn greener would be an excellent alternative.

A beautifully manicured lawn can say a lot about your home. It’s definitely an indicator of the homeowner’s socio-economic character as it can dictate the sellability of your property. If you’re planning to sell, a beautiful lawn won’t push buyers away as it doesn’t seem like an overly complicated thing to maintain.

It can also signal that your home is well-cared for. As maintaining a lawn isn’t necessarily fuss-free, it can translate that you’re taking the time to care for your property well. It can also tell people that you’re a good neighbor.

A manicured lawn is also a good thing for the homeowners to have. They smell nice when freshly cut. They can encourage you to spend more time outside since they feel nice under your bare feet. A patch of green can also be very relaxing, making your home a haven.

The best grass fertilizer can help you achieve all of these benefits. If you’re wondering what does fertilizer do for grass, the answers are pretty straightforward. With their help, you can provide the ideal conditions for your greenery to grow nicely. They might also be able to simplify your lawn care efforts as they can keep weeds and diseases away.

However, as mentioned above, not all fertilizers are made equally. Some are really better than others so you might want to learn about the best fertilizer for grass.

Knowing what your lawn needs will help you achieve the best results.

If you’re bent on getting the best results for your home’s landscaping, you can’t just pick up the first bag of lawn fertilizers that you’ll find in the big box or garden store. Those items may be able to help you out but the results are not guaranteed.

Without knowing what exactly your yard needs and what the contents of the lawn fertilizer, you might not be able to make the most out of your lawn care measures. This makes it imperative that you learn the basic concepts involved in the process of fertilizing lawn grass before you even start looking at the products available.

What are these basic concepts? Here are a few of the most important tidbits of information that you need to know about:

1. Grass fertilizers are formulated differently on purpose.

As you would most likely know, soil conditions are not the same all over the world or even just all over the US. This is why fertilizers have special formulas so they can adequately boost certain elements and help crops to grow.

Lawn fertilizers come with three main ingredients: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. The grass on your lawn will need the right amounts of them in order to grow healthily and beautifully. And as they come in different dosage combinations, you really can’t just grab the first fertilizer bag that you come across with.

To help you ensure that you’ll find the best yard fertilizer for your lawn, experts recommend doing a soil test to determine which ingredient your lawn needs the most. The process is quite simple and can give you accurate results if you got a reliable soil test kit to help you out. With the results you got, you can then choose the combination that suits the needs of your yard.

With some research, you’ll also find tips that high nitrogen lawn fertilizers are great options because you’ll need less product to meet your lawn’s needs. They’re also the best new grass fertilizer as nitrogen fosters grass growth. While these points are true, you still have to be very careful not to overdose your yard with nitrogen. This can result in overgrowth which can then be a problem.

2. Different seasons tend to require different fertilizers.

Spring and fall are considered as the best seasons to apply fertilizers. During the spring months, the soil is in need of nutrients to help bring your grass to life. The best lawn fertilizers for spring are high in nitrogen, so make sure to look for such.

These don’t mean that you can’t apply fertilizer on other months, however. You can also apply fertilizers during the fall and winter seasons. In fact, it might even be necessary for some areas so you can provide nitrogen to your grass.

The best winter lawn fertilizer is high in potassium, so keep this detail in mind during your search. The best fall fertilizer for lawn is the same as the ones for winter. They’re different from spring/summer fertilizers but experts say that there shouldn’t be any problem in using them during the warmer months.

3. Slow-release lawn fertilizers can be more convenient options.

Aside from the amount of nitrogen found in a lawn fertilizer product, you should also pay attention to the kind of nitrogen that it contains. You can choose from fast and slow release options but you should also take the following into consideration:

Your budget, as fast release options are usually more affordable.

Your desired response rate, as fast-release options can make your lawn greener faster.

The side effects of the fertilizer, as fast-release options can burn the grass.

The season of application, as slow-release options might not work on cold soil.

4. Organic vs non-organic fertilizers.

You can also opt for the best organic lawn fertilizer if you want to ensure the safety of your kids and pets. This is purely a matter of preference, however, so make sure to do a good amount of research when choosing between organic and chemical fertilizers. There are lots of reliable organic lawn fertilizer reviews that can teach you a thing or two about these products, so take time to check them out.

Aside from the best lawn fertilizers, you might also benefit from getting additional items to help you achieve a lush and beautiful lawn. For starters, you should certainly read the best lawn sprinkler reviews for perfect grass to help you choose a good and efficient sprinkler for your yard. The best fertilizer lawn spreaders can also come in handy if you want to simplify the chore involved in the application of fertilizers.

Product Reviews:

Now that you have an idea what kind of fertilizer for grass your lawn needs, the next thing that can help you choose the right product for your needs is a roundup of the best lawn fertilizer reviews. By getting to know the actual products that are known to do a good job in beautifying yards, you’ll have a better chance at finding the right match for your home.

Check out the following lawn fertilizer reviews and you might be able to save yourself from looking far and wide to find the best lawn fertilizer on sale for your lawn:


What better product to start this list than the Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer, 36-Pound - (4 Bags)? Being in the industry since 1926, it’s one of the oldest branded fertilizers in the market. This is a solid indicator that it works wonders, so it can definitely be the best overall fertilizer out there.

Made with heat-dried microbes recovered from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, the Milorganite is an organic lawn fertilizer. It offers a solid alternative to using DIY fertilizer if you’re bent on opting for an eco-friendly option. It’s a human, pet, and wildlife-friendly option, so you don’t have to worry about harming other living creatures with its use.

An interesting tidbit that Milorganite fertilizer reviews say about this product is that it can also repel critters from your lawn. They say that its scent effectively drives away deer, rabbits, and other wild animals that can munch on your grass. So if such creatures often hurt the perfect look of your lawn, this product might also be able to help you.

This product can also be used as a new lawn fertilizer but some say that it doesn’t have enough NPK for the job. It contains a formula of 6-4-0 and promises not to leach in the water supply, so it can be a good option for areas in drought. As it’s also a slow-release fertilizer, it can also be a low-maintenance pick.

Things We Liked

Organic and can do more than just make your lawn grass greener

Ideal for all kinds of grass

Milorganite reviews are largely positive

Safe for humans, wildlife, and pets

Things We Didn't Like

Quite pricey


The Scotts Southern Turf Builder Lawn Food Florida Fertilizer, 10M is another solid contender for being the best fertilizer for green grass. Its friendly price tag, combined with its good performance, really makes it a great choice. If you’re on a budget, you should certainly check this one out.

Made specifically with the conditions in Florida in mind, this product promises to help protect your lawn from the high temperatures and withstand drought. It can also help strengthen your lawn and make it resistant to wear and tear so you get to enjoy a beautiful outdoor area despite the heat.

While this is not an organic option, it’s still formulated to be safe for other living creatures nearby. In fact, it doesn’t require a down time after its application. It’s also suitable for all types of grass, so it can definitely be a solid choice for many.

With a 32-0-10 formula, its high nitrogen content can meet the needs of many lawns. However, it might not be suitable for use outside Florida, so if you live elsewhere, you might want to look for other options.

Things We Liked

Good fertilizer for all grass types

Can protect your lawn from the heat and drought

Safe for kids and pets

High nitrogen content

Things We Didn't Like

Not recommended for use outside Florida


For those who prefer liquid fertilizers, the Simple Lawn Solutions Intense Green Grass Enhancing Booster- Natural Spray Concentrated Liquid Fertilizer Micronutrient is an option worth checking out. This is a highly concentrated product that will let you cover up to 32,000 sq ft of greenery, so it can certainly be a practical pick for some. 

This liquid green grass fertilizer has a lot of benefits to offer. It can guarantee faster absorption and a more uniform application. They can also blend in with all the other products you use to protect your lawn without a hitch.

All of these prove true for this Simple Lawn product. A lot of folks even use it for spot treatment as it’s easier to handle and apply. While the setup can be a bit tricky, everything gets easier once you got that covered. You also have options in choosing which tools to use in dispensing the product, making it a lot more agreeable to work with.

Made in the USA, this product contains 12% Nitrogen, 6% Iron, and 2% Manganese. These make it suitable for various areas but it’s not necessarily meant for all grass types.

Things We Liked

Made in the USA

Safe for pets and kids

Easy to apply

Effective formula

Things We Didn't Like

Not recommended to be stored


Those who prefer the most basic options should also consider using the Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer on their lawns. This product is basically just the organic compound carbamide (CO(NH2)2) and offers a high amount of nitrogen to make your lawn look lusher and better-groomed.

Because urea is only mostly made of nitrogen, its formula translates to 46-0-0 NPK. This allows it to offer a high amount of nitrogen which will suit the needs of many homeowners. However, as it doesn’t contain any phosphorus or potassium, you might need to address that if you need such components for your lawn.

The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t contain anything unnecessary for your lawn. So if you’re adamant in not getting anything that can harm your property and its occupants, this product can do the trick.

If you opt to use this product you can also perfectly customize the condition your lawn needs. Sometimes it can be quite challenging to find the exact formula that will suit the requirements of your grassy lawn. By using separate sources for your the nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium supply of your lawn, you can definitely use the exact amount necessary to cultivate the greenest turf.

A lot of folks also consider this item to be the best fertilizer for new grass. However, due to its high nitrogen content, you have to be careful in its application. Doing so will help prevent overgrowth.

Things We Liked

Fast-release fertilizer

Can be used with other crops, too

A little goes a long way

Things We Didn't Like

Be careful not to apply too much as it can burn the grass


Don’t let the GS Plant Foods Organic Hydrolyzed Liquid Fish Fertilizer’s name confuse you. This is also a popular lawn grass fertilizer despite its moniker. In fact, if you have fruit trees and other edible plants that sits near or around your grassy lawn, this can be a good choice for you.

If the name doesn’t spell it out for you, the first thing that you should know about this product is that it’s made from fresh, sustainably-sourced fish. This makes this liquid fertilizer an organic option for those who only want to use the absolute best and safest products for their lawn and garden.

While it’s only rated to have an N-P-K formula of 2-3-1, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good fertilizer. Studies have shown that their results are comparable to 10-10-10 lawn fertilizers. Unlike other products, the oils incorporated with this product also prevents the nitrogen from leaching off, ensuring that your grass and plants will get the nutrients contained in the fertilizer.

You can also use this fertilizer for new grass and other plants. A lot of people even prefer using this for their gardens with fruits and vegetables because of its safe ingredients.

Things We Liked

Made of pure fish

Easy to use

Can be used on various plants, especially edible ones

Things We Didn't Like

A bit pricier

A few more tips on fertilizing lawn in this short video: