10 Best Garden Sprayer Reviews 2019 | Ideal for Applying Solutions to Protect Your Plants & Boost Garden Growth

Homeowners with small gardens or commercial gardeners use garden or pump sprays to get rid of pests as well as to apply fertilizers to their gardens and other landscaped areas. The flexibility and easy-to-use design of a garden sprayer make it the ideal tool for maintaining your garden. A garden sprayer is a tank, connected to a hose, with a nozzle attached to the end of the hose. The tank usually has a liquid-based substance that dispenses through the hose and nozzle. One of the most common uses of a garden sprayer is to administer fertilizer over plants to help them grow. We've compiled the best garden sprayers for your specific need in this guide, to help you with your selection process.

Top 3 Garden Sprayers

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5

  • It comes with 4 nozzles 
  • It holds up to 4 gallons of liquid 
  • It has a filtration basket to keep debris out

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5

  • It is from a trusted and reliable brand 
  • It has a lock-in option for less strain and continuous spraying 
  • The bottle is translucent

Editor's Rating: 4.3/5

  • It does not leak 
  • Excellent pressure relief valve to prevent accidental chemical spray 
  • It weighs only 2.52 pounds, very lightweight

What to Look for In A Garden Sprayer

There are several things to consider before buying a garden sprayer (or a weed sprayer, a lawn sprayer, a tank sprayer, or whichever name you know it by). It might not seem necessary, but the market is flooded with a variety of traditional garden sprayers and new electric garden sprayers.

You can also have more than one garden sprayer at hand: one for getting rid of weeds (herbicide sprayer), and unwanted pests and one for growing your plants. This is to avoid cross-contamination.

For frequent gardeners, you can check out our best weed killer for lawn reviews, best insecticides for home and garden and best herbicide, for all your gardening needs.

Design: The overall design of the garden sprayer is an essential consideration.

There are different garden sprayers with unique designs; trigger sprayers, hose-end garden sprayers, and backpack sprayers. There are also manual, or battery powered (electric) sprayers. Whichever model you pick, the design must be sturdy enough for a day's work.

Capacity: The capacity of garden sprayers ranges from 1 inch to 5 inches.  The size of your lawn or yard will determine the capacity of garden sprayer you'll need. If you own a small yard or a small garden, then a handheld sprayer will suffice. However, if you have a lot of space to cover, then you might have to get a backpack model to get the work done without interruption.

If you work on your yard a couple of times a week, you'll need a wheeled model for less strain and less refilling. These models also come with varying sizes, and you'll have to choose the right size for your need.

Weight: A backpack or garden spray with rollers can be more effective in covering a broader landscape. Liquid tends to be substantial, and you'll need a few gallons of garden spray to cover a large yard or landscape. The tank needs to be able to hold an adequate amount of herbicide or pesticide, and fertilizer, without being too heavy to move around your property.

Filter and maintenance: The garden sprayer you buy needs to have a filter, to prevent dirt from infiltrating and getting stuck in the nozzle or wand. The spray should also be easy to disassemble for thorough cleaning. The ability to clean your sprayer is a big bonus, mainly because of the unpredictable nature of pesticides and herbicides.

Adjustability: An adjustable nozzle makes spraying easier, it'll allow you to spray underneath leaves and in hard-to-reach places without getting on your knees.

Brand and reputation: The manufacturer of the garden sprayer can provide you with the features of the sprayer. Most brands are known for their quality products than others. Essentially, a brand that has the right balance of quality and affordability is what you want.

Types of Garden Sprayer 

Garden sprayers have four types of dispersion—hose-end, compression, trigger and trombone as well as two different types of power supply—gas and electric and manual and they can be transported in three ways—handheld, backpack or wheeled.

Types of dispersion

Hose-end sprayers: This type of sprayer has a device attached to the tip of a garden hose, a tank for the liquid and a sprayer head and a nozzle to disperse the liquid on your flowers.

Compression sprayers: Also known as pump sprayers, tank sprayers or pressure sprayers, they are the most commonly used sprayers. It has three main parts: a tank, a pump, and a nozzle/wand.

Trigger sprayers: This is a simple plastic squeeze-pump handle mounted on a plastic bottle. This type is typically used as a mister, and it is ideal for people with a small garden

Trombone or slide type sprayers: These have the farthest reach, but you'll need to pump continually because the stream is not constant.

Types of power

Gas or Battery Powered: Sprays powered by either gas or battery are more useful for getting through extensive gardens and usually come with a wide variety of accessories such as longer hoses, booms, different types of nozzles, and spray bars. These typically have larger tanks than the manual models and more expensive.

Manual Sprayers: This is also known as compression sprayers; they feature a pump that is manually operated to build pressure in the tank. They are less expensive than the gas and electric models and lighter.

Types of transportation

Handheld: If you're on a budget, this type of sprayer is ideal for you because they cost less and are easy to move around without assistance

Backpack: People with more extensive lawns or yards will appreciate this model more than the handheld, due to its large capacity. It is also ideal for people with hills and slopes

Wheeled: Larger lawn owners can use this type if you have no hills or slopes. They are suitable for prolonged use without refilling for an extended period.

Product Reviews

Editor's Rating:


The Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer is the first backpack garden sprayer in this guide. If you have a large yard or garden with hills and slopes, this backpack style sprayer is the most ideal for you. 

The Field King features an internal No Leak Pump design, which means it protects your back from chemical-spill. The power of this sprayer is impressive with up to 150PSI with its internal piston pump. This means you'll be covering more flowers and plants with one spray and if you own a big lawn, you're in luck.

The 21-inch poly wand/nozzle is durable with quality Viton seals for any surface. However, most users complained about the handle, while it is still useful, the handle stays horizontal which makes it difficult for storage. However, this is just a minor storage inconvenience.

The tank holds 4-gallons of liquid and has a good filter, to prevent dirt from getting in with an excellent lockable shut off with brass components. The large opening also allows you to fill the container quickly and makes cleaning easy. The tank has good pressure and makes pumping comfortable.

We love the 4-nozzle system of this model: an adjustable brass nozzle, 2 flat fans nozzle, and one foaming nozzle, and it also accepts TeeJet nozzles. You can store the wand by attaching it to the top of the canister, which is perfect for saving space.  

Things We Liked

It comes with 4 nozzles

It holds up to 4 gallons of liquid

It has a filtration basket to keep debris out

You can spray up to 20 feet into the air

Things We Didn't Like

At lower water pressure you won’t get the whole length

Editor's Rating:


The TABOR TOOLS N-80 is your go-to if you're working with mild fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. It can handle up to 2 gallons of liquid and is suitable for spraying water up to 131°F and for all your solvent-free mild pest control chemicals with pH ranging from 5-8. Keep this sprayer away from caustic and acidic solutions such as vinegar. 

We love the 50" length of the reinforced hose that gets between plants and shrubs. It also has an adjustable nozzle as well as a 16.5-inch wand, which is long enough for any of your gardening needs.

The bottle is translucent—which we love—for gauging when the liquid is almost finished so you can refill on time. A translucent bottle is also easier to clean as you'll be able to see through for any dirt.

The N-80 has a comfortable grip handle that features a shut-off valve, so your hands can rest while keeping a constant flow. The funnel top will make it hard to clean but allows for a no-spill filling.

It also features secured seals and o-rings and a spray filter that prevents debris from infiltrating the bottle, which prevents clogging. For the price tag, this model does an average job of getting the work done as effectively as possible. Most users complained of the tight nozzle and hard to adjust spray, and the wand might be too short for taller people.

Things We Liked

It is from a trusted and reliable brand

It has a lock-in option for less strain and continuous spraying

The bottle is translucent

This sprayer is very lightweight

Things We Didn't Like

It only works with mild chemicals

Editor's Rating:


If there's a sprayer that has a neat and sleek design, the Smith Performance Sprayers R200 2-Gallon Compression Sprayer is definitely it. This 2-gallon sprayer/ compression sprayer has a Viton seal for zero spill and complete shut-off. 

The lock-on feature on the R200 reduces hand fatigue, so you can just lock the nozzle and have a continuous spray. It also has a nickel- plated brass poppet for strength and precision, and an easy-to-clean, in-line filtration system.

The poly lining in the 21-inch stainless steel wand has maximum chemical resistance. This sprayer is durable, built with professional gardeners in mind, and chemical-resistant, to withstand the harshest work conditions.

The R200 has a pressure release valve which prevents compression as well as avoiding chemicals from spilling from the tank onto your skin before opening.

You get multiple nozzles with this sprayer: a high foaming nozzle for visibly covered areas, a wide flat fan nozzle (red, 0.25 GPM, angled at 70 Degree), narrow flat fan nozzle (yellow, 0.15 GPM, angled at 30 Degree), and an adjustable brass nozzle (enables stream to cone patterns). Also accepts Tee Jet nozzles.

The tear-drop shape creates a lower center of gravity to keep the base stable and less likely to tip; it also has in-built protective nozzle storage. You'll even get a nylon shoulder strap, just in case you'd like to carry it on your shoulders.

Things We Liked

It does not leak

Excellent pressure relief valve to prevent accidental chemical spray

It weighs only 2.52 pounds, very lightweight

The body of the tank is translucent

Things We Didn't Like

The volume markings on the side can be confusing to read

Editor's Rating:


This is the first and only wheeled sprayer as well as the only sprayer that's powered by 12-volt batteries that run for 2 whole hours. If you're willing to splurge and shake up your wallet, you can get the Master Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer.

The Master has maneuverable 12 in wheels for heavy-duty use. It has a huge 9-gallon tank that is chemical resistant. The handles are adjustable for compact storage.

This sprayer weighs a hefty 38.4 pounds, but you won't feel the weight because of its grip and wheels. It also has a 1 GPM pump with Viton seals. 

Things We Liked

It has a 9-gallon tank

It has a 2-hour run time

It has good customer support

It is excellent for covering more yards and lawns

Things We Didn't Like

The volume markings on the side can be confusing to read

Editor's Rating:


Like most backpack sprayers, the Field King Max 190348 has a 4-gallon tank with an internal no pump design for safer use, and you won't have to bother about chemicals dripping down your back. 

The 190348 has a 21-inch stainless steel wand that is durable with the highest quality Viton seals for chemical resistance. The internal pump does the work of a piston or diaphragm backpack sprayer but also keeps your back dry. It has a high pressure that reaches 150 PSI to spray hard-to-reach areas up to 30 ft.

The built-in agitator has internal paddles, activated by pump action, keeps them mixed and ready to spray. Can handle liquids, powders, and water-soluble solutions.

The 190348 has a Large tank opening with filtration basket keeps large debris out of the tank while filling with a threaded bolt to attach the handle with no vibrations, which is great ergonomics for your hands and back.

The harness is a breathable, full coverage, padded ballistic nylon harness with adjustable chest clip and lumbar support. This is to keep the sprayer in place at a consistent level with limited movement. The foldable pump handle makes it easier to store. Also, we love that the handle can be reversed for left-or right-handed use.

Things We Liked

Large filtration basket that keeps debris out

Internal No Leak Pump design

4 nozzles included: brass adjustable, 2 flat fans, and foaming nozzle. Also accepts TeeJet nozzles

The harness straps are broad and nicely padded

Things We Didn't Like

The wideness of the harness is also its flaw, making it uncomfortable

Editor's Rating:


Chapin sure knows how to make quality backpack sprayers. The Chapin International 61500 weighs 10. 6 pounds and can hold up to 4 gallons of liquid. It has a 4-inch-wide mouth for easy and convenient filling and washing.

The translucent tank allows you to keep watch for refilling and also makes it easier to wash and clean the inside appropriately. It works well with fertilizers, weed killer and pesticides.

It has a 2-stage filtration system: one filter at the top and on the filter at the shut-off. The translucent tank helps you keep track of the fluid levels, letting you know when to refill. Chapin offers quality technical support for all products. The wand is 20 inches long, and the hose is 48 inches in length with a pressure of 15-60 PSI.

It has unique features such as shut-off with padded cushion grip, built-in filter, Viton Seals, wand clip-on pump handle, and inner pump cylinder. If you're looking for light duty sprayer, you can choose our top choice or the second. This sprayer is really heavy for prolonged use.

Things We Liked

Excellent customer service

Effortless pumping for less stress

Adjustable cone and fan nozzle

Holds up to 4 gallons of fluid

Things We Didn't Like

This sprayer is heavy for most people

Editor's Rating:


If you're on a budget, the Roundup 190473 Multi-Purpose Sprayer is the right choice for you. For people with smaller yards and gardens, this light-duty sprayer is moderate for all your gardening needs. It can also be used for cleaning decks and sidings.

The 190473 is an all-in-one multi-nozzle sprayer. Unlike our other models that need to be continuously changed, the nozzle on this sprayer can be twisted merely and clicked for different applications.

It also has three settings: a fan spray for covering large areas, a stream spray for spot treating weeds and getting into cracks where bugs hide and a cone spray for watering and fertilizing plants.

This sprayer only weighs 2.31 pounds, absolutely lightweight even when it's filled. When it's time to refill, the pressure release cap safely releases the pressure down and away from you before opening the tank to prevent accidental chemical spray.

It has a sturdy steel plunger rod, and pumps super-fast. However, this sprayer only holds 1 gallon of liquid, which means you can only use it for small yards.

Things We Liked

Easy switch from stream to cone

It is affordable

All-in-one multi-nozzle feature

Three custom settings

Things We Didn't Like

Most users complained that the nozzle drips

Editor's Rating:


The Chapin International 20000 Garden Sprayer takes the lead spot as one of the most affordable sprayers for your garden and lawn use. It is a 1-gallon sprayer. The Chapin lightweight, weighing only 1.3 pounds and can handle 1 gallon of liquid, so you won't have strain while working in the garden. 

The Chapin has a unique SureSpray AntiClog Filter in the tank that prevents clogging, giving you a steady spray. The ergonomic pump handle on this sprayer makes pumping and transporting easier for more extended use. It features a rust-free polyethylene tank that is translucent, allowing you to check the amount of liquid left for a refill.

The pressure is consistent and swift for a weed killer sprayer and fertilizing your plants. The spray strength is rapid and perfect. The spray pattern can be adjusted from fan to stream depending on what you're working with.

The 20000 has a 12-inch extension wand, which can reach between plants and shrubs. The 3-inch tank mouth might make it challenging to wash inside, but it can still get a considerable amount of cleaning. The pump works very well and only requires 15-18 strokes to get fully pressurized.

The Chapin has a 28-inch reinforced hose, an adjustable nozzle for tricky areas and a comfortable spray handle. The replacement parts of the Chapin are quite affordable and available online.

Things We Liked

It is affordable

Translucent tank to track liquid

In tank filter to prevent dirt

Adjustable nozzle

Things We Didn't Like

The hose, handle, and wand are all made entirely of plastic

Editor's Rating:


The Roundup 190260 Lawn and Garden Sprayer has a 1, 2 and 3-gallon sprayer options that you can choose from at an affordable price. You can assemble this sprayer in one step, simply fill, pressurize and spray. Suitable for all your garden needs, controlling insects and weeds or to clean decks and slides.

Pressure release cap is safe and easy to remove; it sends vapor and liquid down and away before you open the top. This prevents accidental chemical sprays in your face or on any part of your skin.

This sprayer includes 3 nozzles of varying lengths for all your spraying needs: one poly adjustable solid stream to fine mist nozzle, one high volume flat fan and one low volume flat fan. Which makes this pick our best value for money, because you won't have to buy any additional parts.

The pump requires fewer strokes, which saves you time and energy. The sprayer has a durable, aluminum wand with comfort grip shut-off featuring a comfort grip and lock for continuous spraying. This sprayer weighs only 3.85 pounds, which is quite lightweight, causing you less strain.

Things We Liked

The trigger on this model is highly effective

It is easy to clean

The sprayer is easy to assemble

It comes with 3 nozzles

Things We Didn't Like

It does not have a filter

Editor's Rating:


The Chapin 61900 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer is another Chapin product but entirely different. This sprayer holds 4-gallons of pesticide or fertilizer, giving you more time with your garden or lawn. 

The straps of this sprayer are adjustable and give you great ergonomic support for your shoulders, chest and lumbar with adjustable straps. 61900 uses a piston pump, which uses a hydraulic pump to power heavy-duty sprayers.

The 61900 has a 3-stage filtration system to prevent clogging, and debris from penetrating herbicides or fertilizers. It has a 4-inch mouth opening which makes it easy to fill and clean out for storage.

We love the internal 4-position spray valve that provides excellent pressure control from 15 psi to 60 psi, which is good enough for getting into steep terrain. The pump handle allows you to spray without any interruption. The wand is made of stainless steel, and it has an adjustable brass cone nozzle, plastic adjustable cone nozzle, and a plastic fixed fan tip nozzle.

The 61900 has a standard pump handle, shut off with a gauge and a chrome plated steel wand and straps with more padding. However, the 11.5 pounds weight of this sprayer might be too heavy for most people, but for a 4-gallon backpack, it is expected.

Most users complained of the manual not being easy to follow. However, Chapin has excellent customer service at your disposal, so don't fret over the manual.  

Things We Liked

Does not hurt your back, shoulders or neck

Holds up to 4-gallons of liquid

The tank is translucent

It has a 3-stage filtration system

Things We Didn't Like

Most users complained of the pump leaking down their back