5 Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews | Efficient Hassle-Free Watering

Getting the best expandable garden hose is a must if you want to make watering your flower beds, garden or lawn a lot more convenient, quicker and hassle-free. The main benefit is that they expand to about 3 times the size when pressurized and, once you turn off the water, they retract super-quick.

Pick the Best Expandable Garden Hose


  • From 17’ to full length of 50ft in seconds
  • It retracts equally quickly for convenient handling and storage
  • Quality brass fittings with a sturdy On/Off valve


  • Tangle and kink free expandable design
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Heavy-duty brass fittings for longevity


  • Expands to its full length of 50ft and retracts to 17ft in seconds with water shut
  • This hose coils easily with no tangles or kinks
  • The nozzle with 8 spraying patterns a great bonus

Another advantage is that they are much easier to store away when not in use. They leave a much smaller footprint in your garden shed or garage. Due to their numerous advantages, they might completely replace standard hoses for home, garden, and even commercial use.

Features to Look for in the Best Expandable Garden Hose 

Expandable hoses have many advantages over conventional ones: they are self-draining, non-kinking, non-tangling, and they don’t twist up easily as regular hoses do.

Finding the best expandable garden hose for your needs involves understanding the differences between the different models available.

check out the best expandable water hoses

Although the majority of expandable hoses look pretty similar, there are features, properties and pros and cons which distinguish exceptionally good products, to mediocre to downright money-down-the drain hoses.

What comes into play when selecting the expandable garden hose which is the right for you as well as a good value for money is durability, length, weight and, brand name reputation. All good hoses should be durable, long-lasting and easy to handle and store away.

How Are Expandable Garden Hoses Built?

To start with, they are made of two layers. The inside layer (the inner tube) which the water flows through is typically made from quality latex. The quality of latex means more durable and less puncture-prone hose.

The outer layer is flexible and resistant nylon fabric which protects the inner tube. If the standards of materials and the design of the expandable garden hose for your needs are met, your hose will never kink, twist or tangle up, it will easily self-drain and contracts back to the original length.

The Length And Weight

By very construction and the materials used, expandable hoses are about 5 times lighter in weight than traditional hoses. As for length, they expand to 3 times their length before water pressure is applied.

What good will these properties bring to you? Obviously, the expandable garden hose is lighter and easier to handle and drag around your garden, lawn or front yard. Length-wise, the best expandable garden hose will take up less space in the yard or when stored away.

The Hose Materials

As we said, the inner tube should be of premium-quality latex to provide durability and flexibility. Their inner diameter is narrower than traditional hoses, which means more power and better coverage of the areas you are watering, cleaning or rinsing

Therefore, make sure that the hose has the inner tube made of latex and not TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). TPU expandable hoses usually have a shorter lifespan than the expandable garden hose made of latex.

The exterior fabric quality should also be considered as the exterior layer provides protection from wear and tear. For example, a nylon which is 600D*600D or 400D*400D is going to be stronger and last longer.

The Hose Fittings

The best fittings in terms of material used are definitely brass fittings. They will add to the reliability and longevity of the hose and also prevent leaks.

If the hose is connected internally using a brass fitting with a metal clip or interlocking mechanism, you will have tight connections with no leaks.

The coupling is the spot where a hose and the fitting come together. This is where there is the highest amount of stress so since brass doesn’t corrode, fittings like these will stay true to shape for a long time.

A Few More Tips

water hose can be more useful if it's expandable

You will do yourself no favor if you simply go looking for the cheapest expandable hose. They will often be made of sub-par materials and last shorter.

Don’t break the bank and automatically go for the most expensive expandable garden hose, unless you are certain that it will outlast other hoses by as much as it is more expensive.

Look after your hose by avoiding rough or sharp surfaces to prevent tears and punctures.

Do not leave it in direct sunlight for long periods, nor expose the hose to extreme cold. They are not as durable and weather-resistant as your regular best water hose.

Let the hose stretch properly before the first use by turning the faucet off but keeping the hose outlet shut. Once the hose fully extends, let the water out and let the hose retract. You can repeat this a few times and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t leave the faucet on when you’re not using the hose and make sure the hose is completely drained before storing it away.

A word of warning: don’t drink water from expandable hoses as they are not meant for that.

To wrap up, choose the model based on the quality of materials and the length you need, look after your expandable garden hose and, you will have a reliable, long-lasting and convenient hose for years on end.

6 Best Expandable Garden Hose  Reviews


Lifecolor 50' Expandable Garden Hose starts out at 17 feet in length but quickly expands three times in length to impressive 50 feet. All you need to do is attach the hose and turn the water on and you will get a quality garden hose ready for use.

It can handle the water pressure of 3-12 Bars with no more leaks, no coiling, no tears or cracks. The exact length of the hose will vary:  with the pressure close to higher optimal limit the hose will fully expand.

When you turn the water faucet off, the hose will shrink back to its original size. This garden hose is flexible, lightweight, and easy for you to handle and carry around. It's also very convenient to store away.

The latex core and rugged brass fittings will ensure longevity. It features a dual 100% natural latex core, durable latex core and high strength polyester tough outer woven layer.

Lifecolor 50' Expandable Garden Hose comes with a bright yellow nozzle which fits all standard hoses. The multifunctional nozzle has 9 watering patterns, including Mist, Center, Full, Flat, Cone, Jet, Soaker, Angle, and Shower.

If you need extra length to cover larger areas without the hassle of connecting several hoses, Lifecolor Expandable Garden Hose comes in 100’ version as well. They both come with a solid 3/4 inch brass connector, a rubber washer, double rubber tubing, and a sturdy On/Off valve.

It’s made of lightweight but durable ABS plastic material and it can be used to water all your plants and your lawn, but also to wash your car, the windows, and even to give your pet a nice wash.

Things We Liked

From 17’ to full length of 50ft in seconds

It retracts equally quickly for convenient handling and storage

Quality brass fittings with a sturdy On/Off valve

The bright-yellow nozzle with 8 patterns is easy to see in the grass

Quality materials for great performance and longevity

Ultra-flexible 3750D polyester fabric cover

Things We Didn't Like

At lower water pressure you won’t get the whole length


GreenTEC USA Expandable Garden Hose is a versatile and convenient watering solution when it comes to looking after your garden plants or your lawn. Advertised as kink and tangle-free expandable hose, it certainly lives up to the expectations.

The included spray nozzle features nine spray patterns so you can choose the best pattern for spraying plants, watering your lawn, cleaning your driveway or giving your kids a cold shower and listen to them laugh happily on hot summer days.

This 100 ft expandable hose kit comes with a hose which expands from 33' to 100', a convenient storage bag and 9-pattern sprayer for easy storage and little footprint in your garage or shed.

The hose has a cutoff switch at the end so you can remove the nozzle without having to turn off the water supply. However, to preserve the elasticity of the hose it’s recommended to drain it after each use so that it can shrink back to its original length.

The compact but expandable design is great for prolonging the life of the hose. You can easily store it inside in the warm environment when it’s cold outside, not in the shade when it’s scorching outside.

The brass fittings allow for a better seal while also providing protection from corrosion. Since the exterior layer is made of polyester, it does feel cold and wet while using the hose but, you won’t find any leaks, as long as you’re not dragging it over rough terrain.

Things We Liked

Tangle and kink free expandable design

Compact, lightweight, and portable

Heavy-duty brass fittings for longevity

Triple-layer latex interior core for durability

Brass connector with valve on/off switch for convenience

9-pattern sprayer nozzle a great extra

Comes with a convenient storage bag – another bonus

Things We Didn't Like

If your nozzle starts leaking over time, use a thicker washer


ALL NEW 2017 Expandable Garden Hose​​​​ is the new and improved model which won’t tangle, twist, or kink. It’s really flexible and easy to use and it won't take up too much storage space in your garage or garden shed.

This quality expandable garden hose starts out 17ft and expands to its full length of 50ft when you turn on the water faucet. Once you shut the water off, the hose returns in seconds to the 17ft starting length

ALL NEW 2017 Expandable Garden Hose is made of durable, pressure-resistant latex material, which makes it safe for use at average water pressure. It doesn’t leak and it won’t burst or break. When you finish using it, the hose coils easily and without kinking.

This hose comes with a super quality spray nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns. Now, this is a cool extra! The nozzle patterns include Flat, Cone, Soaker, Full, Angle, Shower, Mist, and Center. 

The hose itself is light-weight, and the nozzle works well. You will have no problem hooking the hose up. Once you turn on the water faucet, the hose expands easily and doesn't get tangled. 

All the connectors are brass, and they are corrosion-resistant so this hose will serve you well for a long time. It also features a rust-free Shutoff Valve. In addition, the hose comes with a 12 Month Warranty for Manufacturing Defects.

We recommend this product to all of you who are looking for the best expandable garden hose that is also light-weight and easy to handle. It will meet all your watering needs and comes at an affordable price.

Things We Liked

Expands to its full length of 50ft and retracts to 17ft in seconds with water shut

This hose coils easily with no tangles or kinks

The nozzle with 8 spraying patterns a great bonus

Sturdy brass fittings for longevity and tight connection

Things We Didn't Like

Mixed feelings about the hose being prone to leaks


Amzdeal Expandable Garden Hose is another product which comes with an extra: a 7-pattern spray nozzle. Depending on your watering task, you can choose between Flat, Cone, Full, Mist, Jet, Shower and Center, which makes this hose multifunctional and versatile.

This flexible garden hose expands from 16 feet up to 50 feet right after you turn on the water. Once you’re done, the hose will quickly shrink back to its original size, which makes it convenient for easy storage.

By rotating the water regulation knob, you can adjust the flow rate and water pressure for each spray mode, which is a handy feature to fully customize the hose operation. All you need to do is rotate the knob and you can change the spray from a high-powered jet for high distance watering or car cleaning, to a gentle shower for the more sensitive plants or to wash your dog.

As regards the overall quality, both the hose and nozzle are from the highest-quality ABS and Latex, so Amzdeal Expandable Garden Hose is really sturdy and you can expect it to be durable and long-lasting.

When you turn off the water is, the hose automatically shrinks and becomes super light so that you can easily take it to your storage area. It’s certainly a great choice for all accounts and even the price is right, so this hose is a no-brainer and we highly recommend it as a starter expandable hose.

Things We Liked

High-quality ABS and Latex makes it durable

The versatile spray nozzle is a cool extra

Flow control knob for your convenience

Kink-free and lightweight

Shrinks quickly to a portable size once the water is off

Things We Didn't Like

Not the most tear-resistant hose


Buyplus Expandable Garden Water Hose features the improved inner hose made of Bungee Jumping layer Latex to prevent hose bursting. The latest Polyester Fabric for extra outer protection of the inner hose guarantees more durability.

This lightweight garden hose is flexible and easy to handle: it won’t kink, twist or tangle. It can withstand both high and low temperature but you should still not keep it outside in extreme weather conditions.

Buyplus Expandable Garden Water Hose expand up to 3 times of its original length to 25 feet and if you need a longer hose, 50 feet model is also available.

It comes with brass fittings (with shut off valve) which have excellent corrosion resistance properties. Another extra is a free spray nozzle which provides a choice of 8 spray patterns to meet all your needs.

Once you’re done the watering and want to put the hose away, simply you turn the water off and spray the rest of the water out. The hose will quickly shrink back up, which makes it super-easy to gather it up, drop it into a container and store it away. No more reeling hosepipes back trying to get it right on the reel.

The quality of this hose is solid and, for this price, you can’t really go wrong if you want to upgrade from your old, bulky rubber or plastic hose.

Things We Liked

Comes with the improved inner hose made of Bungee Jumping Latex

Quality brass connectors won’t corrode

Comes with a free nozzle with 8 patterns and a storage bag

Kink-free and lightweight with latest Polyester Fabric for outer protection

Quickly retracts to a portable size for convenient storage

Things We Didn't Like

Not the best nozzle, but hey, it’s free.

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