3 Best Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews 2018

Just like all cutting tools, an electric chainsaw needs to be sharpened after usage in order to keep it functioning efficiently and safely. The best electric chainsaw sharpener is a MUST have tool for sharpening your chainsaw. Get one and forget about the costs of taking the chainsaw to a professional to get it sharpened.

Top 3 Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners


1. Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener


  • Does an excellent job of sharpening chains for homeowners
  • Very convenient and a real time and money saver
  • Solid quality construction and long lasting tool


  • Sturdy build and excellent performance
  • Sharpens 1/4", 3/8" low profile, 0.325", full profile 3/8", and .404" pitch chain
  • Includes a dressing Brick, a quick check grinding template, and three grinding wheels


  • This sharpener is built solid and sturdy
  • One of the safest to operate because of the stability
  • Does a great job of delivering a very sharp chain

All of you who use a chainsaw frequently probably know that the sharpness of your cutting chain makes a huge difference to the speed and effectiveness of this super handy power tool.

In addition, a well-sharpened chain reduces the chances of injuring yourself because the chain is less likely to stick or get caught up in the wood, which would cause jerky behavior and increase the risk of kickback. For safety reasons, you must avoid cutting with a dull chain at all times. 

Why do I need the best electric chainsaw sharpener?

Operating the best electric chainsaw or the best gas powered pole saw with a dull chain is a safety risk as it increases the chances of the chain binding on the log. The chain can also break and hurt you at the same time. This is a particular issue if you're a professional, and need a top performing, professional chainsaw.

In addition, there is more stress on the engine, bar, sprocket and more strain on the operator. A top-quality chainsaw sharpener is a great investment and will save you time and money. What's more, a well-sharpened chainsaw will make it safer for you to operate it and do the job quickly.

How do I know when it’s time to sharpen the chain?

While a sharp chain makes large wood chips, a dull chain creates hot dust. If you notice that your chainsaw is spewing sawdust and that you need to apply extra force to push down the saw in order to cut, then it’s time to sharpen the chain.

It’s far better to do regular maintenance including sharpening then wait till you need to sharpen the chain in the middle of a job.

Once again, if you see hot dust coming from your chainsaw instead of larger wood chips, you’ve waited too long and you need to sharpen the chain immediately.

What’s the advantage of an electric sharpener over a manual method?

Although you can sharpen your chain either manually or with a powered system, we recommend using a reliable and efficient electric sharpener as it makes the sharpening a quicker task and easier as well.

The best electric chainsaw sharpeners come in a variety of devices. There are 12V portable systems that run off your vehicle, battery-powered sharpeners or ones that plug into a wall.

The powered sharpeners can be very simple handheld tools with a cylindrical sharpening stone but there are also more elaborate bench-mounted models.

As with all jobs, there are people who love to do things manually while others prefer an automated way to do things. I fit in the latter category and like to save time while getting good results and I don’t mind paying a little more to achieve them.

In addition, using a chainsaw sharpener is very easy and everyone can do it by themselves rather than paying for the help of a professional.

How to sharpen a chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener

Step 1: Check the specifications of the saw blade

You must be familiar with the proper and accurate specification of the saw blade before trying to sharpen the blade of an electric chainsaw. The specification is provided on the box in which the blade came or in the user manual which came with the blade.

Step 2: How to position the sharpener

The chainsaw sharpener needs to be placed on a firm, rigid ground so that it cannot move while operating. It must be kept in a place where the saw blade can be easily installed on it.

Step 3: Installing the sharpening stone

Having checked the blade specs, you need to install the sharpening stone of proper width so that it can fit in the gap between the teeth. The most common width of the sharpening stone is 3/16 inch. Sharpening stones of various widths are available in the market, so buy one according to your needs.

Step 4: The swivel angle

Place the chainsaw blade in the holder of the chainsaw sharpener and adjust the swivel angle. The most common swivel angles are 0 degrees to 60 degrees.

Step 5: the blade tooth angle

Again, check the blade specs for the blade tooth angle. In the electric chainsaw sharpener, this angle can be adjusted by loosening the knob in the blade holder. This knob can be moved in either direction and the angle can be set accordingly.

Step 6: Adjusting the sharpening depth

The depth stop must be adjusted properly so that the grinder of the chainsaw sharpener does not cut very deep between the teeth. If this depth is not properly adjusted then the grinder will cut the metal between the teeth and as a result, you will damage the saw.

Step 7: Starting sharpening your chain

You should lower the grinder wheel slowly on the first tooth. When the grinder touches the blade, a few sparks will come out. After keeping the grinder wheel in contact with the tooth for the time needed for sharpening, remove it. You will notice that the inner surface of the tooth now has a shiny metallic appearance. In time you will get a better feeling how sharp your blade is.

Step 8: Moving on

Slowly sharpen each tooth on one side of the blade. After completing one set of teeth, you need to adjust the grinder angle once again. If initially, it was 20 degrees on the positive side, now you have to change it to negative 20 degrees. Having done that, follow the same procedure for the next set of teeth.

Top 3 best electric chainsaw sharpeners reviewed


Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener is our top pick for your budget-friendly solid performing electric chainsaw sharpener. It’s a well-functional sharpener that won’t let you down in your occasional sharpening tasks.

It allows you to easily change the angle to suit your chain with a knob. You will, however, have to feed your chain manually through this sharpener, but for those who aren’t frequently sharpening their saws on a daily basis this is probably the best chainsaw sharpener for the money.

This is a no-frills electric sharpener designed for the professionals as well as homeowners. As is the case with any power corded electric tool, you will be limited in terms of where you can use it since you will always need a power outlet.

Once you get a hang of how to properly use this sharpener, you will be able to easily and quickly sharpen even your best professional chainsaw and go on with sawing.

Although it certainly can be used as a portable professional sharpener, it mostly meets the needs of home users who demand the sharpest tools at low cost and with no hassle of hiring a professional to sharpen them.

For home or shop use this bench-mounted device will not take up a significant amount of space and will do a god job. You will also save a significant amount of time compared to sharpening your chain tooth by tooth using a manual file.

The efficiency and savings of both time and money result in a better operating saw and therefore in a much safer saw to use as well. This sharpener is not particularly difficult to use but it could do with better instructions and diagrams.

It is great for a homeowner who only needs to occasionally slice branches or chop some firewood. It’ll also be a bit slower in sharpening than the others, but that’s mostly fine if you only have to treat a chain a few times a year.

To sum up, if you are looking for an affordable entry level chainsaw sharpener, the Buffalo Tools ECSS is a tool you should consider. It’s affordable, does a great job, and will save you money in the long run.

Things We Liked

Does an excellent job of sharpening chains for homeowners

Very convenient and a real time and money saver

Solid quality construction and long lasting tool

It mounts up on the bench very easily and it’s very stable

High quality product at a good price for years of service

Things We Didn't Like

Better instructions would be an improvement


Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain Grinder is a durable machine built with the quality and features needed for frequent and demanding chain sharpening. It comes with 1/8in., 3/16in. and 1/4in. grinding wheels for sharpening chain pitches up to 0.404in. It also includes a built-in light, a wheel-dressing brick and a template for pitch, depth-gauge setting and wheel contour.

It features a 3,400 RPM, 3/8 HP direct drive motor which provides enough power for daily heavy-duty sharpening. It comes with a durable and long-lasting cast aluminum chassis and a variable motor grind angle to enable multiple adjustments.

Safety shield with integrated light is a useful feature and so is the one-way motor rotation option for greater operator safety. The large motor fan and durable T-shaped cooling fins are built in for excellent temperature regulation.

The easy-to-use controls are there to make precise adjustments while the securely held chain parts will certainly reduce the risk of operator injury.

As for the main features, the self-centering vise provides equal grind angles without adjustment, clamping to all chain sizes from 1/4in. to 0.404in. pitch.

The motor head on this sharpener can be raised to create more space for grinding depth gauges and to extend the grinding wheel life. In addition, the large indexing chain stop provides a larger surface area, accommodating large chain types

The grinder is equipped with the safety devices such as the shield guards which protect the operator from parts of the grinding wheel that may come away during the sharpening process.

These guards must always be fitted in place when the machine is in use. Also, always make sure that the guards are fitted properly. There is also the safety switch with a release coil. In the case of a sudden power failure, the switch trips automatically and disconnects the machine from the mains.

The machine will not start even if the power supply is suddenly restored and you will need to restart the grinder by turning the on-off switch to the on position, which is a great safety feature.

There is also the lock pin which is used to block the arm in the completely raised position. When the pin is loosened, the arm is blocked. This condition is required when adjusting the sharpening angles and when replacing and dressing the grinding wheel.

We recommend that you clean the chain before sharpening it. In addition, to avoid overloading the motor excessively and to avoid damaging the chain cutters, you should grind minimum quantities of material and avoid stopping along the same cutter as this could burn the cutting edge.

If you look after Oregon 520-120 well, it will do a great job for a good many years!

Things We Liked

Sturdy build and excellent performance

Sharpens 1/4", 3/8" low profile, 0.325", full profile 3/8", and .404" pitch chain

Includes a dressing Brick, a quick check grinding template, and three grinding wheels

Quite a few safety features

Top plate and down angle settings

Self-centering chain vise and customizable vise handle positioning

Things We Didn't Like

Quality comes at a price


Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder offers convenience and can save you time and money in sharpening fees and the trips to and from the professional sharpening shops.

Once you’ve got it mounted and ready, you’re well on your way to being able to sharpen your chains with a welcomed amount of ease. It’s near professional quality and if your chainsaw sees heavy use you’ll find it saves you a lot of money when it comes to paying the shop.

The ability to mount it on a wall is also a great feature if you mostly use this sharpener around the house since you’ll be able to save your valuable counter space from being taken up. The mounted sharpeners are also ideal for those of you who work in a shop. Wall mounting is also a nice feature if you’re limited on bench space in your workshop. Oregon 410-120 will help to feed the chain through it although you’ll need to manually place each tooth on the chain within its grinding area.

As for the use and performance, this electric chainsaw sharpener is easy to use and comes with a number of presets and templates to maximize the convenience and minimize the chances of errors. T

It will definitely last quite a bit longer than some of the cheaper models, making it ideal for those who have chainsaws that see a lot of use. It will need proper maintenance if you want it to work well and last you for a long time.

This sharpener comes equipped with a dressing brick as well as with a quick check grinding template. The package also includes three grinding wheels for use with a variety of chain sizes and models.

Oregon 410-120 is compatible for sharpening one quarter inch, three eights inch, low profile .325 inch, and .404 inch pitch chains. It operates with 120 Volts AC power with 60 hz; 1.2 am and 140 watts.

It is rated at a max speed of 3,500 RPM and features a one way motor operation for additional safety. It does a great job of sharpening a variety of different chain saw chains. It’s easy to mount and easy to use. You really can’t go wrong with this unit.

Things We Liked

Sturdy build and excellent performance

One of the safest to operate because of the stability

Does a great job of delivering a very sharp chain

Adjustable to work on nearly every type and size of chain

Perfect for occasional tasks

Things We Didn't Like

You need to get used to the operating handle