ShadaeWho Am I

Hello, I’m Shadae Zacker, owner of Garden Aware, inspired to impart my garden-based education and experience. I am 27 years old, residing in Georgia. I am married to my lovely Charlie with 3 year old twins, Sherry and Shaun. I’m a qualified elementary school teacher but currently a full time stay at home mom to Sherry and Shaun.

Why Garden Aware

I’ve always been gardening lover; and Charles and I have grown our very own small garden in our backyard. We love gardening so much that the yard work has become a part of our everyday chores. Charles and I share ideas and talk about gardening so often in our free time.

While at home, doing some work in our newly developed garden bring enjoyment to us. I even often find myself laying on the grass under a large shade tree next to our barn wood bench dozing off. We’ve planted an abundance of beautiful pots full of flowers. The assortment of colors all around our yard is heavenly.

How It All Started

How we started with gardening as a hobby and how it turned out to be a lifestyle for us has a story behind it.

My husband and I have always been interested in gardening, so with me being home full-time, decided it was perfect for us to start growing our very own food in our garden.

We now grow our own asparagus, beans, beet, broccoli, eggplants, garlic, cabbage, carrots, kale, corn, leeks, lettuces and many other vegetables as well as many fruits such as berries and a few citrus as well as apple trees.

Growing our food has helped us with controlling our finances and expenditures but more importantly, has also made our home heavenly by making our lives greener, fresher and livelier.

Mission and Vision

I have launched this personal site to provide inspiring and aspiring ideas about gardening and keeping your home yards updated. As gardening has become more of a passion for Charles and I, we intend to teach people utilitarian tips about gardening and pass on the magic.

Our site is meant to be a source of education and information for beginners and advanced gardeners, providing them with top-quality gardening information.

Garden Aware’s mission is to be the best online resource for gardening enthusiasts. We have a broad range of expertise, which helps us make sure our blogs are a source of guidance for all types of gardeners, from novices to experts

My next level is to take our garden into a small commercial center that can interact with our own community and generate a substantial revenue for us.