5 Tools for Cutting Ceramic Tile

When it comes to tiles it is really hard to find the right tools for cutting a ceramic tile that can cut it into different smooth sizes. Getting the right one is as hard as finding an affordable one. But with the right information on the best tile cutter reviews that is, in terms of specifications and advantages, you can easily know which tool is ideal for your work.

In case you are out of your depth in terms of finding the best tool for cutting ceramic tiles then you can start with some of the listed below. It does not matter if you want to cut or nip tiles for the floor or wall, these ceramic cutting tools will do the job for you hassle free from straight cuts to curves, corners, edges and creating holes on the tiles.

For an Affordable Limited Tile Cutting Tool

If you want to cut a few tiles without spending a lot of money on manpower and specialized cutting tools then you are in the right place. The cut ends will be hidden under the baseboard.

Solution: Snap Tile Cutter

using a snap tile cutterWhy: This Tile cutter cuts like glass due to its tungsten-carbide scoring wheels. You just put the tile in place and zip the wheel across the surface and press the high leverage bicycle grip for an easier and precise cut.It has chrome-plated rugged steel rails and linear ball bearing slides which often limit the flawless of the cut lines. But you can always cover the rugged edges with something like a baseboard for a smooth cut line.Moreover, it has a wide aluminum alloy base with heavy duty rubber pads for steadiness.

For A High-Quantity and High-Quality Straight Tile Cut

You want to: Cut lots of perfectly straight and even tiles for a whole room or house without too much of a hassle. Then it is high time you invest wisely on the right tile cutter

Solution: Table-top Wet Tile Cutter

Table-top Wet Tile CutterWhy: This wet tile saw cutter has a carbon blade that cuts right through the tile. You just have to have a continuous stream of water hitting the work material. It has a stainless steel top that can support tiles of up to 12 by 12 inches.The blade cooling water is meant to keep the blade cool while minimizing debris and dust from the surrounding.It also has an adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for accurate straight and miter cuts.Besides, it can take care of a number of manual tile-cutting tools but it won’t do everything.

For Cutting an Existing Tile in Place

You want to: Cut out an entire installed tile or just a portion of it from the floor or wall. Look no further than this tile cutting tool.Solution: Manual Wet Tile Saw, regular circular saw with tile blade or oscillating multi-toolWhy: Instead of hammering a tile off the wall or floor, you can invest in this manual wet tile saw. It works just like an ordinary circular saw with the exception of the continuous spray of water that is fed through a tube.Besides, it does not affect other surrounding tiles in place.Although any dry saw can do the job the only problem is that tile cutting is often dusty and dangerous. So to minimize the debris and flying shards of sharp tiles always use a wet tile saw.

For Cutting Curves and Corners

You want to: Nip off small portions of an individual tile easily without any problems with this affordable nipper.Solution: Tile NipperWhy: It is one of the most affordable and easy to use tile nipper. It makes irregular cuts on all types of tiles or stones. And has twice the power of other conventional tile nippers in the market.It has TPR ergonomic comfort grips that make it easy to handle especially if you have loads of tiles to nip.It has two hardened dull carbide blades on its jaw end for systematic nibbling of the tile edges for different curve formations.

For Holes in the Center of the Tile or Cuts on Edges

straight cut on a tile pieceYou want to: Nip the edge of a tile or create a hole in its center Solution: RotozipWhy: It is the ideal tile cutter for creating holes in the middle of a tile for circular pipe holes and rectangular outlets.It has a rotating drill bit covered in diamond bits that move faster and cuts through the ceramic tiles evenly. It can also nip tiles but not in a straight line.Besides, it has 6 bits for ceramic tiles and can be of use in both remodeling and non-remodeling tasks.It also has an integrated dust port that helps in clearing away debris.ConclusionSo, make use of this information and buy the appropriate cutting tool for ceramic tiles. It does not matter if you want to cut tiles for your floor space or wall. Some are ideally great for both works. You can also shape, replace or remove as well as nib and curve them accordingly using some of the listed ceramic tile cutters.Always look out for its durability as well as functionality when it boils down to pricing. And purchase what will work no matter the price tag.