5 Powerful Gardening Tools That Make Gardening Easier

If you are reading this, I bet you have poured a lot of care and effort for your beloved garden. A great garden requires extensive techniques, which could only come with practice and lots of online research.

Besides that, you also must familiarize yourself with various garden tools to take care of your garden. There is a vast selection of gardening tools that could be very confused for any beginner.

I’ve simplified the list down to 5 must-have tools for your gardening job:

Best Gardening Tools

1. Easybloom Plant Sensor

Well, your garden could be a mysterious place. You cannot spend all your time in the backyard anyway. In this case, just let something else does it for you.

The Easybloom Sensor is a small, handy device to be placed in the soil to gather essential data, regarding the moisture, the soil, and sunlight level. After that, you could log into their web interface to visualize all the collected data, and get a laser-targeted recommendation on which plants to get and how you could improve the garden overall.

A pretty cool stuff you should definitely have, especially if you are new to gardening.

Easybloom Plant Sensor Review

2. Sharp Pruner

A good pair of sharp pruner will help you a lot in garden care. It is used to trim, shape plants and cut down small branches. Make sure you choose the pruner with a sturdy and comfortable hold to reduce fatigue while pruning.

A few good brands that you should consider is Felco, Fiskars, and Coronas. If you are in doubt, opt for the Felco brand; you could hardly go wrong with it.

Also, take note for some special pruner for left-handed people (if you are one).

Felco Tools

3. Shovel

Shovel Tools

A shovel is an essential gardening tool. As you will be using it a lot, opt for a good model despite a bit higher price point: an ergonomic shovel to be specific. It is even more important if you are suffered from arthritis.

A well-received shovel is the Radius brand with many models, and a Radius Garden 208 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Floral Shovel seems to be the best bet.

The handle is comfortable to grip and lightweight, whereas its blade is very sharp.

Choose the shovel for your need wisely, as it could become your best friend for everything garden-related.

4. Weed Eater

Jacob hiding from the weed eater

Source: Amber Strocel via Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Weed Eater (or String Trimmer) is a bit pricey, but they are an excellent addition to your garden activity. For your garden job, there will be hard to reach places that require an extensive range of the string trimmer.

It really depends on your need when choosing a weed eater. Weight is a major factor, as you don’t want to drag yourself around the garden.

Power is also necessary for the trimmer to actually do the job. A good balance is needed between this 2 factor for a powerful, decent trimmer that is easy to carry around.

5. Wheelbarrow

Wheel barrow at work

The wheelbarrow will assist you in moving parts around your garden, from soils to plants, stones, and compost. You really don’t want to waste so much sweat hand-carry everything in the garden.

One thing to look for at a great wheelbarrow is the amount it can transport to fit your need.

Make sure when it sits down, it will be upright so your stuff won’t get spill over. Moreover, check if the handle is comfortable to hold, and the tire is sturdy to withstand the rugged terrain of your garden.

Still, if your garden need requires heavy transport, opt for the wheelbarrow with 2 wheels to help lighten your load.


The above 5 tools are what I think is the best Garden tools you should have. Store it where you could easily reach them, and learn how to use them effectively to assist your garden activity. Research garden forums for the tool usage tips and tricks, or learn from your neighbor peers for some little-known garden tip.

Make full use of the tools and build a beautiful garden to showcase your guest.

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