5 Best Hose Reels 2018

So, you’ve finished watering your lawn, or watering your garden plants, or washing your car but although you’re happy with the job well done you feel that the worst part is yet to come: there’s still the matter of the tangled, wet, and probably dirty hose to deal with. What’s essential for the ultimate hassle-free hose experience is a quality hose reel!

Because of a really wide selection of the hose reels out there, we’ve come up with a selection of 5 hose reels which will be an extremely useful addition for every home and garden.

ModelEditor RatingPrice 
1. Louisville Ladder, 6-Feet
2. Liberty Garden Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel
3. RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel
4. Liberty Garden Multi-Purpose Wall and Floor Mount Garden Hose Reel
5. Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart

We’ll also share enough information and tips so that you can make an informed decision before buying the best hose reel for your needs.

Best Hose Reel Buying Guide

Hose reels are either wall-mounted or freestanding tools which are used to keep your hose neatly coiled up. They make handling the hose a clean and hassle-free chore.

What you do is simply connect your garden hose at the base end and whenever you need it, you just uncoil it from the reel, do all the watering chores and then wind the hose up using a crank or button, depending on the model you chose.

Your watering jobs can be made much more enjoyable if you eliminate wrestling with your hose and picking it up and trying to tidy a dirty hose with your bare hands. In addition, a hose reel will keep the hose safely reeled in so you don't accidentally run over it with your lawn tractor.

Overall, it can be really annoying to waste time dealing with the hose while you could be devoting more time to other gardening jobs. This is why a reliable hose reel will be a great solution for more efficient and hassle-free watering chores.

How big hose reel do you need?

All you need to do is measure the hose and choose the type of reel which can neatly store and reliably handle the measured length.

You need to make sure that you do not end up getting a hose reel that is smaller than your hose length. You don’t want to force the hose into an already-stuffed hose reel, so although it goes without saying, choose the hose reel which is big enough, or even slightly bigger so that it can comfortably fit your existing garden hose.​

Different types of hose reels

You’ll be delighted to hear about numerous different styles and shapes of hose reels. This means that all of you will find the right model for your needs and preferences.

Here are some of the types available.

Hideaway hose reels

This type is perfect if you want your hose to be hidden when you’re not using it. These reels can be freestanding or wall mounted and you can find a color and design that nicely blends in wherever you plan to keep the reel. Some models even have a detachable crank so you can attach it to wind in the hose and then detach it and hide away until the next use

Standalone hose reel

For those of you who don’t like the idea of attaching anything to the exterior walls of your home, this is a perfect choice. Again, there are plenty of models to choose from. You can find these types of reels in many different styles. Some of them have a retractable system which is extremely helpful when handling the hose.

Cart hose reels

These come with 2 or 4 wheels to make moving the hose to various locations a breeze. They are super handy to have if there are multiple outdoor faucets in your garden. You just move the cart reel to the faucet, attach a hose and water the area. Once you’re done, all you need to do is reel in the hose, detach it from the faucet and move on to the next spot. Another advantage of cart hose reels is that you can conveniently store them in your garage or shed by simply wheeling the cart there.

Decorative Reels

These can be freestanding or wall-mounted, depending on your preferences. They mostly have a manual crank which you use to wind the hose back onto the reel. There are various designs to give your garden that special touch you’ve been looking for. Now you can match your patio fence, or decorative rails or any other exterior details of your home. These tend to be more for looks rather than functionality so they might not be really robust so they may be a good choice for lightweight hoses.

Spring-Loaded Reels

These reels are retractable and come in various colors, designs, and materials. This type uses a spring-loaded retraction system which allows for quick hose rewinding. In some cases, you can tune or repair the retraction system yourself. These might come at a slightly higher price but a lot of gardeners and home users prefer the auto-retraction feature over a manual crank system.

Materials used for of hose reels

Hose reels are usually made of metal, non-rust cast aluminum, wood, or hard plastic. They often feature brass and aluminum plumbing fixtures and water-tight quality mounting hardware.

Leakage prevention tips

Leaks sometimes occur when the connections between your hoses and the connectors are not tight enough or not connected properly. Make sure to double check the following features on each of the connections:

  1. Tighten all connections – Since Connections might loosen up over time, it’s good practice to tighten all the connections from time to time.​
  2. Check the O-Rings – They serve to prevent leaks at all connections by providing a tight, waterproof fit. O-rings can dry out and crack over time and this causes leaks. O-rings are cheap and easy to replace. They can also be found easily in most hardware stores. If you’re not u can take the damaged o-ring with you and compare them.​
  3. Cross-threading misalignment – Occasionally, the threads on the hose do not align properly with the in-tube or out-tube. Be careful with that first twist because if you get them screwed together improperly, leaks will occur. To fix this, all you need to do is unscrew the hose and screw it back together making sure that the threads are lined up properly.​

The 5 connections you need to check regularly:

  1.  The spigot to the leader hoseThe leader hose to the in-hose
  2. The leader hose to the in-hose
  3. The in-tube to the out-tube
  4. The out-tube to the garden hose
  5. The garden hose to the nozzle

Storage tips at the end of the season

One of the most important maintenance practices is getting your hose reel and the hose itself ready for proper storage is to check that the hose is drained completely and the hose reel alike. This will ensure the durability of your real and hose for the years to come.

If you leave water inside the reel hose and it freezes, it can cause irreparable damage. This is why you need to drain the hose and the hose reel until ALL water is out. Then, let all the parts and the hose reel to sit in the sun and dry.

The storage space needs to be somewhere where the temperature will remain above freezing point throughout the winter.

Finally, let’s move on to our top pics and you can choose the hose reel which fits your needs, your budget and matches your desired style and design preferences.

Pros, Cons, And Reviews Of Best Hose Reel

Editor Rating:


Louisville Ladder, 6-Feet

Eley / Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel is a great option as regards flexibility of using your existing hose. It can either hold up to 150 feet of 5/8-inch hose or 100 feet of ¾-inch hose. This flexibility allows for different garden hose width and length. The reel itself (without the mounting bracket) is 16" in diameter and 11" wide.

It comes with wall-mounting parts so you can easily put it wherever you want it. It also features a six-foot-long inlet hose and crush-proof brass fittings to lock into place for more durability.

As for the construction and the design, this reel is made of attractive bronze-colored die-cast aluminum. It is an ideal solution for all of you who are looking for a way to keep the watering gear organized around your garden, yard, or a farm.

Rapid Reel can be easily mounted parallel or perpendicular to the wall. It can also be set up for either left or right-hand operation. In a nutshell, it will meet most people’s needs as regards functionality as well as design.

Although this unit is primarily designed as a wall-mounted unit, it can be set up in the perpendicular configuration and be bolted to either a floor, as well. The wall plate of the reel would mount on either a horizontal or vertical surface with equal stability. This reel is bound to last for a very long time.

It’s robust, heavy and really well-made. Another useful feature is the cam brake. It helps avoid the reel free-spinning when you pull the hose out. Because the motion is so effortless, without a brake to slow it down you could pull the entire hose out. So, you turn the brake off to reel the hose in and it goes smoothly and conveniently.

The installation is easy as the kit includes all the necessary screws for mounting into studs as well as a set of masonry anchors. The whole assembly takes about 15 minutes.

Overall, Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel is a piece of reliable, sturdy and quality equipment needed for watering purposes. It’s a wise investment which will return good service over a great many years.

Things We Liked

  • Sturdy built and solid materials used
  • The hose unwinds easily form the reel
  • Re-winding the hose is smooth and quick
  • Highly functional and reliable garden addition
  • Top quality hose reel with great design for the price

Things We Didn't Like

  • A hose guide would be a great feature



Editor Rating:


Liberty Garden Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel features a heavy gauge cast aluminum construction with a durable powder coated finish for years of use. It holds a lot of hose and reels it up easily and effortlessly.

This wall mount hose reel will wind and store your garden hose conveniently, quickly and once the hose has been wound in, the reel will add style to your garden. The sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame has lovely spiraled flourishes which will add to the visual appeal.

The fittings are brass and the reel can take a 125-foot 5/8" hose. The top conveniently acts as a storage tray for smaller watering accessories. The mounting hardware, however, is not included. Here’s how to reverse the crank handle if needed.

This Liberty Garden reel does come fully assembled and all you need to do is attach the handle, mount the reel on your wall and see for yourself how well this reel works and how good it looks on your wall.

The reel is made of non-rust, cast aluminum and features brass and aluminum plumbing fixtures with a durable powder coat finish that is weather resistant. This means that you’ll get a convenient and reliable stylish helper to handle your garden hose for many years to come.

Things We Liked

  • Stylish addition to your exterior with 5' leader hose included
  • 125' of 5/8" hose capacity will suit most needs
  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction for durability
  • Top shelf for convenient for keeping accessories
  • Horizontal standard 16” mounting holes will keep it stable and secure
  • Comes fully assembled with a one year warranty on leaking

Things We Didn't Like

  • Mounting hardware not included



Editor Rating:


RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel is a retractable hose reel with 65′ of reinforced braided hose It comes with brass hose fittings, an 8 pattern nozzle, 66′ of leader hose, a convenient carry handle and even the mounting hardware.

The heavy-duty spring provides smooth returns while the guide prevents the hose from overlapping. The mounting brackets allow for 180-degree swivel. This means you won't have any hassle with moving or pointing the hose to where you want to use it.

This hose reel is manufactured using high-quality materials and the most reliable components. The spring system winds the hose in automatically, which is just the feature every garden enthusiast needs for enjoyable hose handling.

An automatic gripping mechanism built in allows the automatic winding system to be locked. This way, the length of unwound hose can be easily adjusted. An automatic alignment device ensures that the hose winds onto the reel correctly. You will certainly appreciate how this hose guide works.

The high-quality hose can easily handle a high rate of flow at high pressure. Another great feature is the multi-pattern nozzle included in the purchase. You’ll be happy to be able to choose from 8 different cleaning and spray patterns.

This hose reel comes with a 65foot braided hose which is reinforced for added durability. Not among the longest hoses capacity reels but at least it is portable and has the added bonus of the hose and the nozzle.

Apart from being a portable reel, this unit can also be mounted to the wall wherever you want it. It can easily be removed for storage in the winter which will certainly prolong the life of the hose and the reel.

Things We Liked

  • Can be wall mount or portable unit
  • A nozzle with 8 different cleaning and spraying patterns included
  • Comes with a 65foot reinforced braided hose
  • The heavy-duty spring provides smooth returns
  • 180-degree swivel allows convenient hose handling
  • The reel can be easily removed for winter storage

Things We Didn't Like

  • Retracting could be better



Editor Rating:


Liberty Garden Multi-Purpose Wall and Floor Mount Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Multi-Purpose Wall and Floor Mount Garden Hose Reel can be mounted to any exterior wall, or anchored to lawn or turf or any other suitable flat surface.

It's well-made, using 13-gauge steel with an industrial powder-coated finish. It includes a 5-foot inlet hose as well as all brass/galvanized fixtures. This reel can hold holds up to 200 feet of 5/8-inch hose.

This hose reel should give you many seasons of reliable and functional hose handling and storage. However, as with any steel product, there is always a chance for rust to develop over time.

Although this reel has a finish designed for industrial applications, even the toughest of coatings can be compromised by scratches which will then make the scratched area prone to rusting.

If the base metal is exposed to the elements long enough, rust will develop. If you’re going to mount this reel on a wall, make sure to use stainless steel mounting hardware. We recommend that you periodically inspect your reel for any surface scratches.

Scratches can easily be repaired by using standard automotive touch-up paint. It’s recommended to clean and paint the reel with a clear acrylic paint at the end at the end of each season, just before storage.

As for any possible leaks, this reel’s components are manufactured to rigorous quality standards. However, when you install this hose reel, make sure the hose washers are all in place and all fittings are secure. Don’t overtighten the fittings as you might damage the components and cause leaks.

The unusual hose connection design of this reel has its pluses and minuses. What would work better is a single 90-degree 'elbow' with a male on one end and female on the other so the hose could cross into the center of the reel like all other reels, not over the outer edge.

Things We Liked

  • Can be wall mount or portable unit
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Easily holds 125' of heavy-duty 5/8" hose
  • Wall mountable with plenty of mounting holes
  • Brass hose fittings
  • Supplied leader hose has heavy-duty fittings to tighten down at reel connection

Things We Didn't Like

  • The hose connects outside of the reel causing the routing of the hose to go over the reel, which is not the best solution: a small diameter hose will kink and pinch causing reduced or no water flow



Editor Rating:


Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart

Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart features a 225 ft. of 5/8 in. standard vinyl hose capacity.

The Slide Trak™ hose guide makes winding and unwinding of your garden hose a breeze and the new water flow system constructed of No-Leak aluminum guarantees no leaks.

The connections and leader hose are good quality and the top handle is a convenient extra. The cart is lightweight, which is great when moving it around. It does require holding with your foot at times when winding and unwinding the hose.

The sturdy resin construction should make the reel more durable and longer lasting for seasons on end. This hose reel comes with a leader hose and features a manual crank, all fully assembled.

With the dimensions of 28-3/4 in. W x 21 in. D x 34-1/2 in. H and 2 hind wheels, this cart reel is highly portable so you can easily move from faucet to faucet if you have a bigger garden.

Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart is of good quality, and it will come in handy for all you keen gardeners. Due to the fact that it’s resin and not metal construction, we recommend a lighter hose.

Things We Liked

  • Highly portable with huge hose capacity
  • Slide Trak™ hose guide makes winding and unwinding easy
  • The top handle is a convenient feature
  • No-leak guarantee

Things We Didn't Like

  • The stress of a heavy-duty hose might be too much for some plastic parts