17 Modern Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard That Will Leave you Breathless

Beautiful landscaping ideas are not easy to come by. They require creativity and a vision - 2 things that not everybody has. Getting a great landscaping job is worth the investment - just be sure to put in a proper amount of time since it is not always cheap.

If you're having a hard time coming up with landscaping ideas then look no further. We've laid out 17 beautiful examples that will serve as inspiration for a yard and will truly impress neighbors and guests.


Backyard garden path

This lush, green yard looks beautiful with its bright green colors, flowered plants, and cobblestone path. The wood chips instead of soil build the image of a natural yard, looking almost like a forrest. How could you not love this approach to a backyard?



While the previous image was unassuming and beautiful, this yard is much more grand. Not only does it have beautiful brick, gorgeous flowers, and a perfectly maintained lawn, but you can tell this is either a huge property or it borders a forrest.  Hanging flowers off the brick wall and a pond that you can see on the left (towards the back) shows us just how grand this back yard is!


backyard landscaping

If you love sand or desert themed landscape, this is for you. Although we personally like this type of landscape to replace the entire yard (and therefore grass), this is a nice little corner. Not only is it beautiful, it is also very environmentally friendly since it requires less water than a normal lawn.


backyard garden

If you're looking for an awesome way to complement your fence, check out this beautiful plant patterns. With tall, lush, green plants and bright flowers in the "front" of the greenery it really makes the flowers pop, adding a nice natural feel to the wooden wall.


backyard fence

This takes minimalism to another level. Despite a clear lawn, it's about the subtleties of this shot that makes it nice. With a beautiful clearing, simple shrubbery, and a nice wooden bench swing to relax on not only is this unassuming, but also very affordable.


beautiful backyard pool

This pictures just screams serene. With tons of bright green plants, the main focus of this image is the pond and the 3 jutting waterfalls. If you're looking to incorporate water into your yard then you'll definitely want to take a page from this book.


simple landscaping

This is one of my favorites simply because it is easily achievable by everyone. With nothing fancy, this simple set of lawn, cement work, and plants is affordable and doesn't require any fancy planning. 


home patio

Although it's hard to see what this backyard is like without al the professional touches you can't still help but feel a pang of jealousy for the person who has this yard. It's not the biggest yard, but it makes up for it for its awesome design, bbq, and patio.



This may be bigger than most of people's yards, but you can still get ideas from the cobblestone intermingled with grass, and striking trees in the back. Having a turquoise wall probably isn't feasible for most, but if you can afford it then kudos to you! It will definitely leave a lasting impression.



Although it's hard to tell this is somebody's backyard, this natural, huge landscape will truly amaze anybody. Apart from the beautiful plants, our favorite part is the "stairs" of stone and grass on the bottom of the picture.


beautiful patio

Want a top outdoor fireplace with an unlimited supply of firewood? Then you can't hep but appreciate this modern design and seating by the fireplace.


landscaping in front of the house

This is our only front yard landscape highlighted, but it definitely deserves it. With colorful flowers and a clean looking front porch, the only thing it's really lacking is a best, little hummingbird feeder.


patio in the backyard

With a beautiful, tropical theme and magnificent waterfall pond, this takes the cake for our #1 choice. Bonus points for the pathway lights to light up the backyard.


landscaping ideas

An amazing backyard, with a wooden deck and patio. With a fair amount of grass, various levels, kiddie pool, and wooden benches, this yard is great if you have the room. The various levels of the backyard really adds to the depth.


luxury pool

At ultimate pool guide you KNOW we love our swimming pools. This one has some gorgeous touches - with a stone waterfall, backyard outdoor lights to light up the night, and a small palm tree right next to the side of the pool, this design will truly make any neighbor jealous.


big yard landscaping idea

Looking for a classy and clean cut idea?  This yard with perfectly sculpted grass, and tight patio design makes it perfect for those who like to keep it tight and trim.


gardening ideas

This idea highlights raised box gardens for those who enjoy gardening and growing their own food. Although you can also use this to grow beautiful flowers and plants, this self sustaining backyard theme is especially appealing to us.

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