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6 Best Watering Cans Reviews 2018 | Indoor, Outdoor, Galvanized, Decorative and Misters - GardenAware.com

6 Best Watering Cans of 2018 Reviews | Outdoor, Indoor, Decorative, Galvanized, and Misters

All gardeners and green-fingered enthusiasts need a good watering can to keep the plants flourishing and the flowers blooming. The best watering can for your needs is designed so that you can conveniently reach those tight spots in your garden or potted plants hanging from the patio roof.

Top 3 Watering Cans


  • Excellent balance when watering
  • Two handles for convenient carrying and use
  • Hot-dipped steel construction


  • UV stabilized high-density polyethylene
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Replaceable screw-on rose


  • Injection molded plastic construction
  • A long spout for easy indoor watering
  • Classic Haws design

From professional models to cute ones which incite your kids to happily give you a helping hand, everyone can find the design which meets their needs.

Watering cans of all shapes and sizes are widely available and affordable. Regardless of the price, most manufacturers put their products to rigorous testing for durability, comfort, rose and spout quality, capacity, weight, and pouring performance.

Looking for best watering can which meets all of the criteria above? Read on!

The Best Watering Can - Buying Guide

Dating back to early 17th century, watering cans have since then seen numerous amazing improvements. From a simple watering can made of metal to rust-free ergonomic anti-leak and spill-free models today.

The materials used

Plastic is by far the most popular and widely available material that a lot of watering cans manufacturers use.

watering cans made of plastic are lightweight

It’s a perfect choice because it is both functional and visually appealing as there are many designs and colors available. The plastic used is safe for gardening and the only thing you need to bear in mind is not to keep it in the direct and strong sunlight when not in use. This will prevent deforming it and prolong its lifespan.

Plastic watering cans are otherwise sturdy, consistent in performance, versatile and have great visual appeal.

Plastic watering cans won’t rust and it will last a long time when stored properly. There a wide range of sizes so even urban gardeners which grow plants or flowers indoors can choose a smaller model to fit small storage.

Watering cans made of plastics are light and easy to refill. They provide a consistent, light flow of water, which is crucial for plant growth.


metal watering cans are made of steel

Watering cans made of galvanized steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper are most popular and practical for outdoor use. They can be designed and painted to look decorative.

A lot of the metal watering cans have old-fashioned, stylish appeal so, combined with their durability, they will give your porch or garden a charming vintage look.

Galvanized cans won't rust from rain the way other tin watering cans may, but alkaline soil can cause rust. When it comes to watering outdoors, galvanized steel wins over plastic as the cans are more durable and sturdier while adding a nice touch to your garden.

The design elements

Watering cans have one or two handles, a long or short spout, a rose and the cans themselves with different water capacity.

Twin handles are great for easy pouring and a removable rose can be conveniently taken out for cleaning.

Roses with tiny holes will provide a gentler sprinkling of water without overwatering your precious flowers. The small holes are designed to break the water stream up into droplets. They will keep the water pressure from building too high and evenly disperse water onto your plants.

Cans with a long spout make it very easy to water garden or houseplants in tricky locations. Sometimes, a long narrow spot will be perfect for reaching tight spots and deliver water to pot plants and flowers just where they need water – near the roots.

If you have hanging pots with flowers in your home and you need a watering can for indoor use, long spout watering cans are your best option.

For the best watering can for your needs, check out our reviews!

Six Best Watering Cans for Your Garden – Our Reviews 


Behrens Manufacturing 206 a classic hot dipped steel watering can with a large rosette which disperses water stronger than plastic and is more durable at the same time. You will like the flow of the water from the spout because it’s gentle enough on your flowers and vegetables as well as herbs. 

The lip inside is great because it keeps water from splashing out. The spout on this can will not crack or break. The metal is heavy gauge and difficult to dent, and the galvanizing is nice and thick.


Weighing a little less than 15 pounds when filled completely, this watering can is ideal if you do moderate watering. It’s not the lightest can out there but it’s still manageable even when completely full.

Behrens Manufacturing watering can hold a good amount of water, and the combo of back and top handles allow for pivoting the can to pour instead of putting too much strain on your wrist.

The classic zinc finish makes it rust, fire, heat resistant and gives it a lovely vintage look. It’s rodent-proof and won’t crack even when you fill it completely and use it daily for seasons on end.

When you are transplanting or seeding outside, this Behrens Manufacturing watering can will provide the right volume of water and gentle spray necessary for reaching deep roots. Overall, this can is a great looking, well-performing and affordable addition to your garden!

Things We Liked

Excellent balance when watering

Two handles for convenient carrying and use

Hot-dipped steel construction

Well-designed spout and rose

Classic zinc finish gives this can a vintage look

Rust, fire, and heat-resistant

Things We Didn't Like

The rose is not detachable


Union Watering Can with Tulip Design does the job well and is easy to carry and fill. There are no holes or gaps where the two halves of the can are fused (which is the usual issue with cheap plastic watering cans).

This cant has an ergonomic handle and a balanced weight for comfortable use. It is UV-stabilized to help maintain its color and integrity even after being out in the sun for extended period of time. For more durability, we still suggest that you keep it in the shade.

The 2-gallon capacity lets you carry lots of water to thirsty plants and to reduce time spent refilling. You can use in your garden, yard or on a deck or patio. The short spout doesn’t make it ideal for hanging potted flowers but it’s perfect for all other purposes.

 Since this can from Union has a huge container, make sure you actually need a can this big. If not, go for a smaller, one-gallon model of the same can which is also available.

The handles are comfortable and the can pours water nicely and with no issues. The rose screws on tightly and if you find some of the holes too tiny or not fully drilled, the rose is plastic so you can widen the holes if needed.

This can is excellent for a variety of plant watering applications. It is an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor use. The ergonomically designed handle helps allows for a well-weighted balance and the rear fill is user-friendly. Great choice overall for an affordable price!

Things We Liked

UV stabilized high-density polyethylene

Ergonomically designed handle

Replaceable screw-on rose

Consumer-friendly rear-fill design

Proudly made in the United States

Things We Didn't Like

The rose could do with a tighter seal


Haws Handy Indoor Plastic Watering Can is a small, well-balanced, mini version of the classic Haws watering can made of injection molded plastic. 

Since 1886 when a Londoner John Haws patented his unique design for a “watering pot” with perfect balance, Haws watering cans have been a fixture in English gardens and for a good reason.

This little Handy Watering Can is made of injection-molded plastic and retains many of the features of the original Haws design. It has two handles for balance and effortless watering.

The water level in this can changes and the tall neck prevents water from spilling out when you tip the can forward. The can comes with a removable plastic-backed brass rose. You can conveniently store the rose on the handle when you’re not using it.

It is really well made and cute a well. It does only hold a pint of water but it is easy to handle and it does not leak and I can leave it full with no worries.

This long reach watering can features a round brass faced rose for a gentle sprinkling of water and a downspout for directional watering. For the price, you get a great-performing and good-looking watering can from Haws.

Things We Liked

Injection molded plastic construction

A long spout for easy indoor watering

Classic Haws design

The tall neck prevents water from spilling out

Perfect size for watering hanging baskets

Things We Didn't Like

You’ll need to refill this can more often


Haws Heritage Indoor Plastic Watering Can is light, sturdy, watertight, and sprinkles like a pro. We highly recommend it for anyone wanting to garden in a small area or water tight spots.

Very small holes on the rose allow for a gentle spray which is perfect for delicate seedlings: you can water them without drowning them. This can produces a very soft shower which is ideal to moisten the soil without harming the seedlings or their leaves.

When you want to water larger plants, you can simply the rose and the can will produce a nicely controlled stream of water to pour out onto your plants and soil.

The attractive ‘trellis' surface design sets this can from Haws apart from other plastic cans. It also has a special “parking point” for the fine brass-faced watering rose when it is not being used. The domed lid is designed to prevent spillage when watering.

The can is compact, however, so if you have a lot of plants to water, expect to travel back and forth from your water faucet and the plants but for moderate indoor watering as well as for potted plants on your porch, deck or patio, this is a great can!

Things We Liked

Made of high-quality injection-molded plastic with a high gloss finish

Attractive trellis surface design

Domed lid prevents spillage when watering

Features a fine brass-faced watering rose

Classic Haws design

Things We Didn't Like

Occasional leaks on the spout reported


Bloem 2 Gallon Watering Can is made of lightweight, durable resin and in spite of its light-weight design, this can is more sturdy than most other plastic ones I have used. 

The whole can is one molded piece so the spout is impossible to lose. It is very easy and pleasant to use. The sprinkler head allows for a gentle soft sprinkle when watering so the water does not gush out.

The can is well balanced and pours a nice soft stream. The handle is well designed to water using two hands when the can is full.

The handle goes from the top of the can to low on the back, making it easy to hold as you carry it and while you water plants. The opening at the top is big enough to fit the garden hose without having to remove the hose nozzle.

Being UV treated, this can is resistant to the sun and will retain its color despite being outside for a long time.

Things We Liked

Made of lightweight, durable resin

High-quality color pigments and UV additives for weather resistance

Lightweight and easy to use

A great handle design for convenient watering

Things We Didn't Like

A little more difficult to clean the inside


Plastec WCFG Indoor Watering Can holds up to 0.4 gallons, which makes it super-handy for little watering every now and then, especially indoors.

If you need a can small enough to in the bathroom sink to fill it but also large enough to water the plants without making lots of trips to the bathroom, this is a perfect choice.

Apart from watering, this is a multi-purpose can: the translucent plastic and US and metric measurements make mixing powder and liquid fertilizers easy.

The fill hole is offset so it's very easy to fill. Most cans have a filling hole in the center so the handle gets in the way of the faucet. Well, this is not the case with WCFG Indoor Watering Can by PLASTEC.

The design of the can is adorable. It is so attractive and stylish that you can leave it in plain sight for your friends to admire.

You do need to be careful not to overfill this can as it may drip water out when you're watering. The long spout makes it very convenient for watering smaller houseplants and adding water to thirsty flowers in your vases.

The fill hole is set slightly to the side making it possible to tip the can on the other side to pour without spilling water out of the fill hole. If you plan to water 2 or 3 this can will be perfect.

However, if you are looking for a watering can to water a houseful of plants without the need to refill, this can will probably be too small so you should go with a bigger capacity model.

Things We Liked

A long spout for convenient watering

Attractive and stylish design

Fill hole is offset for easier filing using a sink

Translucent plastic with measuring marks

Light-weight and convenient

Things We Didn't Like

Might be too small for some gardeners

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