Best Tomato Cages 2018 | Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

A tomato plant grows upright, holding its fruit up off the ground. They often need best tomato cages for the sort you are planting because the tomatoes get heavy enough to pull limbs or even the entire plant to the ground. This may result in snapping the branches or stem in the process.

Another reason to give tomatoes support, whether you use the best tomato cages, stakes, trellis or a variety of other creative solutions, is that is if you leave them on the ground, they are more prone to fungal diseases, and you really don't want those in your garden because they are hard to get rid of.

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1. Square Heavy Gauge Extra Tall Tomato Cage, Set of 2 Green
2. EZ Grow TC-4 The Big EZ Heavy Duty Folding Tomato Cage and Plant Support, 2 Pack, White
3. Lifetime Tomato Cages, Heavy Gauge, Set of 4
4. Gardener's Blue Ribbon STEZ1 Stake-It-Easy Plant-Staking System
5. Gardener's Blue Ribbon 3-Pack Ultomato Tomato Plant Cage
6. Glamos 220500 10-Pack Blazing Gemz Plant Support, 12 by 33-Inch, Emerald Green
7. Panacea Products 89733 Heavy Duty Tomato And Plant Support Cage Set of 4

Buying Guide And Useful Information

What are the benefits of tomato cages?

As we said, a number of diseases that can damage the fruit thrive in moist soil. That’s why letting the fruit touch the ground makes infection far more likely. In addition, a number of insects will attack the fruit much more readily when it is on the ground and the fruit will generally be more prone to rotting.

It's also important to keep the leaves and branches off of the ground, not just the fruit. Branches and leaves dragging on the ground (or even hanging low enough to the ground to be splashed by soil during rain) can get Septoria Leaf Spot, which will quickly kill the foliage.

Another reason for giving the necessary vertical support to tomatoes is that you'll never be able to pick tomatoes while standing up if you grow them on the ground. This will make harvesting more difficult and more effort will be required. Some tomato plants might also grow more slowly if you don't give them the support to grow off the ground.

How to choose the best tomato cage?

When choosing a cage, consider the size of the plant when it’s fully grown. Available cages range from 3 to 6 feet high, with an 18- to 30-inch diameter. The type of tomatoes matters: determinate and indeterminate tomatoes behave differently.

Typically the indeterminate ones are those that are mostly recommended to be supported by cages. This is because they have a vining habit and grow indefinitely until they frost or wither for other reasons. Determinate tomatoes are bushier and plants normally don't vine around or grow forever.

As for materials, go for sturdy, heavy-duty galvanized steel, powder-coated steel and powder coated wire. As regards shapes, there are round, square and triangular constructions for you to choose based on your preferences.

What is the best way to cage tomatoes?

Set your cages up when seedlings are planted in the spring, to avoid damaging mature roots. In areas prone to heavy winds, insert a wooden stake inside either side of the cage to anchor it.

Let branches protrude through the openings, so the cage can be self-supporting. You should store cages at the end of the season so you can use them the next year. Tomato cages can also support other vegetables that may fall over, particularly peppers and eggplants.

Positioning a ready-made wire cage around a tomato seedling is undeniably simpler than cutting stakes, driving them into the ground and tying branches to them. Once a plant has been caged, the plants won’t need further pruning or handling.

If the openings on wire cages measure at least 6 inches, harvesting ripe tomatoes will be much easier than picking fruit from sprawling vines on the ground. Also, plants in cages take up less space, even if spaced 3 feet apart. This allows for better air circulation and results in much more abundant harvest yields.

7 Best Tomato Cages

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Square Heavy Gauge Extra Tall Tomato Cage, Set of 2 Green

Square Heavy Gauge Extra Tall Tomato Cage comes in a set of 2 green color cages. This super-sturdy cage made from powder-coated steel will keep your tallest tomato plants upright for a better, cleaner, and more fruitful harvest.

53" in height when installed, this cage is made of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel and has big, 8" square openings which make tending to tomatoes and harvesting easy. The hinged panels are a handy feature for flat folding and compact storage.

Square Heavy Gauge Extra Tall Tomato Cage supports plants on all sides. You can additionally tie your tomatoes but, in general, no tying is needed). The cage will keep your plants up off the ground for better air circulation, cleaner fruit and better disease prevention.

This cage will efficiently support even your biggest indeterminate tomato plants. Since the cage is extra tall, in windy locations, we recommend anchoring this cage for safety purposes.

This cage is the new and improved model in the wide product range of Gardener's Supply Company. It’s stronger, heavier, and much better welded. The green powder-coating will make it rust less.

You will appreciate the fact that they are square which will add stability to your plants

It will work well enough for your indeterminate plants if pruned to a manageable height. Throughout the season, this cage will stand its ground, protect and support your tomatoes and help you get a cleaner, healthier and bigger harvest yield.

If you’ve been wasting money buying cheap instead of best tomato cages for years, this cage will put an end to your search for the best tomato cage design. This cage will keep your tomatoes straight, strong and healthy. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble and excellent sturdy quality. This time, you will truly get what you pay for: a permanent solution that should last for years to come.

Things We Liked

  • ​Powder-coated steel construction
  • ​14-1/4" square x 65" H including 11" legs
  • ​53" height when installed
  • ​8" square openings
  • Cages fold for off-season storage

Things We Didn't Like

  • A tad short for the tallest indeterminate tomato varieties



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EZ Grow TC-4 The Big EZ Heavy Duty Folding Tomato Cage and Plant Support, 2 Pack, White

EZ Grow TC-4 Folding Tomato Cage is round shape and comes with 4 legs and 5 rings for plant support. EZ Grow weighs just 5 pounds and folds flat so it can be easily carried to the garden or container.

To install this cage, simply unfold it and push the legs into the soil to firmly secure the cage around your plants and you’re good to go. This tomato cage is 17.5-inches in diameter and 48-inches high. It will provide plenty of room for growth during the course of the season. When the winter comes, you can simply remove it, fold it and store it until the next season.

EZ Grow TC-4 Folding Tomato Cage is made from durable heavy-duty galvanized steel with five rings to support your tomatoes or other plants. It comes in a set of two, which is a great deal for the price.

One of the best tomato cages for the price, these cages are nice and thick, easy to open and flatten, and will support very heavy plants without falling over. They might not be quite tall enough for some indeterminate tomatoes but will meet your needs if you are growing smaller determinate sorts that don't grow taller than 5'.

Caged tomato plants will develop enough foliage to provide plenty of shade for ripening the fruit. The shade will protect tomatoes from sunscald and the shaded soil underneath the plant will retain more moisture. Even moisture in the soil reduces blossom end rot and cracking problems.

With the extra top extender which you can buy from the same manufacturer, you can make the cages taller if necessary. You can also use the cages for eggplants, peppers, cucumbers and zucchini.

They are sturdy and strong enough while in use but they easily fold up at the end of the season. No more piles of round tomato cages around. The four legs easily go into the soil without bending. The best tomato cage design for easy setting up and storage alike.

Things We Liked

  • ​Durable heavy-duty galvanized steel construction
  • ​Five rings for plant support
  • ​48" height when installed
  • ​Legs push into soil to firmly secure cage
  • Cages fold easily for convenient storage

Things We Didn't Like

  • An extender might be necessary for taller indeterminate tomato varieties



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Lifetime Tomato Cages, Heavy Gauge, Set of 4

Lifetime Heavy Gauge Tomato Cages come in a set of 4 all made of 10 gauge wire and with hinged panels fold flat for compact storage.

These tomato cages support plants on all sides and keep plants up and off the ground for better air circulation, cleaner fruit and fewer diseases. Large openings make harvesting super easy and the cages fold flat for off-season storage.

These foldable tomato cages are great for several reasons. They do a good job supporting your tomatoes, have lots of space for harvesting and pruning between the bars and leave small footprint off season in your shed or garage.

For those of you who like square cages, these are a great option. The holes are big enough to get your hands through and it is easy to redirect and weave plants back into the cage. Indeterminate tomatoes might need a bigger size cage or you can stack these.

When stacking these one on top of another to create towers, you should add two steel support poles for strength against strong winds. Also, tie the poles securely to the cages. The resulting towers will survive windstorms, even when they are loaded with indeterminate plants.

It’s super easy to install them because these cages simply sort of pop open. You don't have to hook one side to the other, just open them and insert them into the ground.

Disassembly is also really simple. You just pick them out when the plant is removed, put them on the ground and they will collapse by themselves. Make sure you tie them securely before putting them in a corner or up against a garage wall: they will unpop if you don't secure them together.

Things We Liked

  • ​Wider and stronger heavy-duty
  • ​Powder-coated steel construction
  • ​8" square openings make harvesting easy
  • ​Cages fold easily for off-season storage

Things We Didn't Like

  • Too short for the indeterminate varieties



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Gardener's Blue Ribbon STEZ1 Stake-It-Easy Plant-Staking System

Gardener's Blue Ribbon Stake-It-Easy Plant-Staking System is simple to assemble and offers a customizable cage height and width: they can be easily adjusted as your plants grow. Fully assembled cage measures 12 inches by 72 inches at its largest size setting.

Keeping plants fully supported and upright helps providing adequate air circulation and maximum sun exposure. With the customizable plant-staking system, you don't have to worry about large plants drooping and spilling over the original cage.

There’s no need for rigging up make-shift extensions to smaller systems, either. Any possible breakage and unnecessary stress on the plant is avoided. The Stake-It-Easy plant-staking system is designed to grow with your plant as it grows, giving the necessary support to every branch of your plant along the way, even up to 6 feet high.

To set up the cage, simply place the sturdy stakes into the soil in the design that you prefer around your plant. Then use the expandable stake arms to connect the stakes. If you require additional height, use the stake connectors to connect the other 3 stakes to the base to grow to a height of up to 6 feet.

You can move the stakes around to a position that you feel best supports your growing and climbing plants. Stake-It-Easy cage is designed and built to be completely flexible, offering 4 different assembly options: straight vertical, flared out, tepee, and twin cages. It's also flexible enough to be installed after your plant has grown.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon Stake-It-Easy Plant-Staking System features durable construction made from high-quality materials. It comes with a plastic coating that allows it to withstand the outdoor elements.

The Stake-It-Easy is built to last through multiple gardening seasons and when a season ends, the Stake-It-Easy can be disassembled into smaller-size pieces, making it easy to conveniently store the cage when not in use.

Things We Liked

  • ​4 different configuration of large tomato cages
  • ​Patent-Pending Design can be expanded as the plant grows
  • ​High-quality materials with a plastic coating
  • ​Up to 6 feet high configuration for taller plants

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not enough horizontal support to go around for 2 units



Editor Rating:


Gardener's Blue Ribbon 3-Pack Ultomato Tomato Plant Cage

Gardener's Blue Ribbon 3-Pack Ultomato Tomato Cage is designed specifically for growing tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables. Each cage is consists of three 5' heavy-duty and sturdy stakes and nine fully-adjustable support clips for continuous support throughout the plant's growth.

The stakes have a strong steel core and tough, thick plastic coating. Unlike the silver color of traditional metal cages, these stakes feature a thick, heavy-duty plastic coating in green color, which allows them to blend in beautifully with surrounding plants and your garden decor.

Each Ultomato cage provides nine arms in matching green color which easily snap securely onto the stakes to complete the cage framework. You can place them at equal heights for a three-tiered effect, or stager them for more of a spiral-staircase style.

The arms allow you to place them exactly where you want with further repositioning as the plant grows, as well. You can add more arms over time or move a bottom arm further up when needed.

Ultomato system takes very little time and effort to set up and doesn’t require any special tools or extra pair of helping hands. You can build the plant cages around seedlings or smaller plants so that they are ready when the plants start to grow.

Ultomato system also allows you to build the cage around a mature plant, offering the flexibility needed to add support without putting any strain on the plant. Simply insert the stakes into the ground in a circle and at a distance equal to the length of the arms, attach the arms, and you’re good to go.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon 3-Pack Ultomato Tomato Cage supports tomato plants and encourages them to grow vertically. This way the fruit and leaves don't weigh down the stems. It also provides better air circulation through the plant and allows the foliage to naturally shade ripening fruit.

Things We Liked

  • ​3 pack a great deal
  • ​Continuous support throughout the plant's growth
  • ​High-quality materials with a plastic coating
  • ​5 feet high configuration for taller varieties

Things We Didn't Like

  • The horizontal arms are too flexible



Editor Rating:


Glamos 220500 10-Pack Blazing Gemz Plant Support, 12 by 33-Inch, Emerald Green

Glamos 220500 10-Pack Blazing Gemz Plant Support measures 12 by 33 inches and comes in lively color. This set of 10 cages is great for small potted plants.

This size is short for larger tomatoes, but perfect for the pots. According to some of the reviews, tomatoes don't seem to miss the extra support which they would get from taller cages but most users agree that this wiring is not of sufficient gauge to support even a medium size tomato plant.

Also, these are not just small but also a bit flimsy cages. The dimension of 12 inches refers to the top. The bottom ring is only 7 inches wide and the ground spikes are only 4 inches apart. You won’t be able to use these on a standard size tomato plant: it will not fit.

Although lightweight, they are pretty and you can use them for other smaller plants and for flowers. The supports are also made of a very light gauge wire and it’s questionable how long they will last. The legs bend when going into soil, and due to inadequate welding, you might expect a couple of them to come apart.

Another slight con is the way they are packaged. They seem to be crammed together so tight that it is hard to get them apart and you might need to straighten quite a few wires.

However, even if they might not be sturdy enough and tall enough for all tomatoes, they should do fine supporting smaller ones. At this price for a 10 pack, you really can’t expect top quality materials or workmanship.

Things We Liked

  • ​Adds vibrant color to your garden
  • ​Great for small potted plants
  • ​10 Cages in Pack

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not the best quality overall
  • Not strong or tall enough for most potatoes



Editor Rating:


Panacea Products 89733 Heavy Duty Tomato And Plant Support Cage Set of 4

Panacea Products 89733 Heavy Duty Tomato and Plant Support Cage really stand tall and are good enough to support taller indeterminate sort of tomatoes.

The cages don’t rust or change colors. They are really durable and do not bend easily at all. They come in a set of 4 heavy duty 54-inch wire cages for large tomatoes or climbing and bushy plants.

These wire tomato cages will do a good job of reigning in your massive heirloom tomato plants, and the four stakes will keep them from shifting. Stackable and compact for seasonal storage they won’t take up much space in your shed or garage waiting for the next season.

Panacea Products 89733 Heavy Duty Tomato and Plant Support cages are very sturdy and quite tall so even if your tomatoes still top out of them, the cages will hold your plants easily. They are a much better quality than the average low cost or DIY cages and you should get a few good years of use out of them.

On the whole, for the price, Panacea Products 89733 Heavy Duty Tomato and Plant Support are very good: they are adequate for most tomato varieties and fairly sturdy. The wire is thick enough to last several seasons so regardless of a few reported cases of welded parts breaking off, we consider them a good buy.

Things We Liked

  • ​Set of 4 heavy duty wire 54"" cages will support large tomatoes
  • ​Also suitable for climbing and bushy plants3 pack a great deal
  • ​Great for container gardening as well
  • ​Stackable and compact for seasonal storage

Things We Didn't Like

  • Occasional cases of broken off welded parts



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