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6 Best Mulching Blades Reviews 2019 | Give Your Grass a Fresh-cut Look - GardenAware.com

6 Best Mulching Blades Reviews 2019 | Your Grass Can Get a Fresh-cut Look Again

Mulching has many great benefits for your garden and soil, and the right tool makes it easier to get your yard trimmed. The best mulching blades are obviously much different from a regular blade, and they are typically referred to as a 3-in-1 because they can bag, discharge and mulch grass clippings.

Mulching is one of the best ways to reuse grass clippings, as mulched leaves and grass feed the soil with appropriate nutrients, while also working as a natural fertilizer.

Top 3 Mulcing Blades


1. Maxpower 561713X Commercial Mulching 2-Blade


  • Good customer service 
  • It does not cause clogging 
  • They are much thicker than the average blade


  • Compatible with most 48" decks and works perfectly 
  • Better than OEM blades and last a bit longer 
  • For a set of three blades, it is affordable


  • The blades are affordable  
  • Mulches grass easily and effectively  
  • The blades work well in sandy soil

Plants absorb sustainable nutrients from the soil and retain them their leaves. When mulched, this organic material becomes valuable nutrients to both the soil and the plants. To get this natural process going, you'll need the best mulcher mower blades, which we've selected and listed in this guide.

What to Look for When Shopping for A Mulching Blade

There are different types of blades you can use for your lawn mower, and they have distinct uses. All of the blades have various benefits for your lawn. However, if you're looking for the best self-propelled lawn mowers that can are compatible with these blades, feel free to check out our self-propelled lawn mowers reviews.

High-Lift Mower Blades: This type of blade works well with bulk and heavy-duty purposes as they cut or pick grass swiftly. They also lift more grass in a single stroke than the low or medium-lift blades.

If you own a vast yard, then you will find that high-lift blades are the ideal choice for you to cut grass to a high degree. Professionals and trained lawn mowers would instead use high-lift blades for commercial purposes and heavy-duty cutting as well, because it can get the job done faster and more effectively.

High-lift blades have a long size metal, and they're typically thicker than the other types of blades. If you will like to get the best results, then you can combine a high-lift blade with a piece of suitable lawnmower equipment. Doing this will see to it that the equipment will handle high-pressure activities more efficiently.

High-lift blades also have a distinct airflow pattern, which will help them in bagging grass clippings more effectively. This lessens the incidence of clogging in no small extent, and you also won't have to deal with the frustration that comes with cleaning up grass clippings by thrusting them through a chute into the bag.

Standard Medium or Low Lift-Blades: These blades are also known as a 2-in-1 or regular blades. Primarily, they have only two functions; to discharge, and to bag. They work by using a slight upward angle on the back edge of the blade, thereby creating an airflow pattern that releases grass by propelling it outward via a chute or bag.

This type of blade is ideal for people who are not interested in mulching. It keeps your lawn well-manicured and gets rid of excess leaves and debris. If you have a whole yard of grass to cut and you don't want to worry about lumps of grass, then the standard blades are the ideal choice for you.

Mulching Blades: These blades are also known as 3-in-1 blades, and they form the focal point of this guide. The blades are designed to bag, discharge and mulch grass clippings, and to help perform these activities, they come with a curvier feature and have a more defined cutting edge.

The curved surface of the mulching blade, together with its increased cutting-edge, works by cutting the grass multiple times into tiny pieces. The mulching blade also has a curved shape, which provides a different type of lift and discharges power from that of a standard blade.

If you mow your lawn often, then mulching blades are ideal for you. However, these blades are not suitable for overgrown grass, because they tend to clog under the deck and create a heap of grass on the lawn.

Features to Consider in A Mulching Blade

Quality: You should always prioritize quality over cost. The fact that a mulching blade is expensive doesn't necessarily mean that it is of the highest quality, so you should look out for a mulching blade that has a right balance of quality and warranty and select that. You should also consider buying from a reputable brand.

Best Fit: Before purchasing a mulching blade, make sure that it fits your lawn mower. If possible, ask an assistant to try out the blade on your mower. You must buy a mulching blade not just for its aesthetics but for its functionality.

Material: The mulching blade must be made of quality material. It is not worth buying a blade that won't last long and becomes blunt after a while. A blade coated with anti-rust is highly functional and won't need to be changed for an extended period of use.

Blade Size: Consider the size of blade you need before purchasing one. There's a ton of mulching blades in the market with different variants and sizes. To filter your choices, first, consider what size you'll need to make it easier to choose. Only buy from manufacturers that specify the type of slot their mulching blade fit.

Curvature: Mulching blades have a curved design. Purchase a mulching blade with the best curves by checking the alignment of the curvature and how it is angled. Make sure the angle is not excessive or insignificant for ease of use. Comparing mulching blades vs. regular blades, the curve of the edge is usually the most significant distinction.

Benefits of A Mulching Blade 

•    Mulching blades produce fewer vibrations and cause less strain which makes mulching effortless. Mulching blades save time by reducing manual labor. The curve and design of mulching blades makes them more precise for mulching

•    Mulching makes your soil and plants healthier by releasing the nutrients of plants into the ground. This is also known as "grasscycling," and it is fit for lawns.

•    Mulching keeps your lawn cool by acting as a protective guard, reducing the effect of the sun on the grass. This absorbs vapor which cools down the lawn, leaving the lawn damp and encourages plant growth.

Product Reviews


The Maxpower 561713X includes a set of two commercial mulching blades for 42-inch cuts, and is compatible with Pola, Husqvarna, and Craftsman Rider. 

There really is little wonder why it is the best mulcher blade in this guide.

If you own a lawn mower that is compatible with 34149, 138971, 138498, 127843 and PP24003 OEM numbers, then you can find a suitable replacement in the Maxpower 561713X.

The Maxpower 561713X is a commercial mulching blade; it cuts more surface area, which increases its mulching performance. You'll enjoy mulching with this blade because its sharpened teeth allow for a precise cut, and it incorporates a centrifugal air lift design for uniform chopping distribution. Each of the Maxpower blades measures 21" in length and 1 ½" in width, while also packing a 5-pt. with a star center hole.

As these 21-inch mulching blades cost less than $20, so get to save a lot. Maxpower also has free Amazon tech support, so you can call them if you're struggling to get the equipment set up.

Most users complained that the blades might need to be sharpened before use, while others stated that it worked just fine out of the box. While the opinions are a bit mixed, the truth is that maintenance is significant with most blades. Every blade will need to be sharpened occasionally, as this will ensure high-quality function.

Mulching blades are typically not for overgrown grass, as some users complained that the blades left clumps of grass on their lawn. The standard blades are best used on overgrown grass, while mulching blades are ideal for people that cut their lawn often. This type of mulching blade produces the best mulch for your garden, and they are the best dual blades in this guide.

Things We Liked

Good customer service

It does not cause clogging

They are much thicker than the average blade

Things We Didn't Like

It has a limited 30-day warranty


The Rotary Set of 3 mulching blades measures 16 ¾ inches in length, 2 ½ inches in width, and 187 inches in thickness. They are very affordable, and they make for quite a bargain, as you'll also be getting three quality rotary mulching blades.

Regardless of the type of lawn mower you use, this option is an ideal choice. 

These blades are much better than fsp mulching blades, and they are compatible with 48" Decks, Craftsman, Poulan, and Husqvarna lawn mowers. The blades have about 1/3 of the lift that high-lift blades provide. They also finely cut 2/3 of the grass, allowing them to fall to the ground.

However, note that the blades will not vacuum you freshly cut grass like high-lift blades, so they are not suitable for bagging. If you like, you can throw in a mulching kit to increase the effectiveness of the blade.

Most of the cut grass fall back into the lawn, which is beneficial for your yard, soil, and trees. Mulching adds a rich color and leaves your landscape beds, and it makes them look perfectly manicured. Organic materials improve the quality of your soil as well.

These blades will fit most mowers with a 3 blade 48-inch deck, so before you you're your purchase, make sure that you check the factory specs of your lawnmower.

Sadly, the blades are also more massive, because they have thicker steel than most original blades.

Things We Liked

Compatible with most 48" decks and works perfectly

Better than OEM blades and last a bit longer

For a set of three blades, it is affordable

Things We Didn't Like

Might be hard to sharpen


This is another Maxpower product that is also as affordable as our top choice. The Maxpower 561713 is compatible with 42 inches cut, as well as Poulan, Husqvarna, and Craftsman lawn mowers. It comes in a set of two, and it measures 21 inches in length and 2 ¼ inches in width. 

A 5-point star center hole also accompanies these measurements. As it is with a lot of Maxpower blades, these make lawn mowers mulch grass into tiny clippings that are ideal for your lawn. 

The Maxpower 561713 can replace OEM numbers: 27843, 138498, 138971, 138971x431, 53-21389-71, 53-21278-43, 53-21384-98, perfectly. Also, just as it is with the Rotary blades, this blade does not bag grass. However, it gives a good balance on any lawn mower it is compatible with.

The 561713 is more like a high-lift blade than a mulching blade. However, there are some differences nonetheless. For instance, this product does not bag clippings. High-lift blades have significantly angled corners, which helps them create more lift and give the grass a fresh-cut look. High-lift blades also need more horsepower to help cut tall or dense grass.

Although they don't fit the description of mulching blades, the Maxpower 561713 blades do a pretty good job at mulching. The blades leave a thin layer of nicely-cut mulched grass on your lawn, which leaves nutrients for your soil and grass.

Things We Liked

The blades are affordable

Better than OEM blades and last a bit longer

The blades work well in sandy soil

They are a combination of high lift and mulching blades

Things We Didn't Like

The blades are quite soft and are prone to bending


This is also a Rotary product that is suitable for most lawn mowers.

These copperhead mower blades are made from premium-grade, high-carbon steel, which provides better performance and durability. The material of these blades also gives them extended life. 

Unlike our value for money pick, this blade fits most John Deere Models- D100 and LA100.  It fits OEM numbers: M137328, AM141033, GX22151, GY20850. It also fits John Deere models: D105, D110, D110, D120, D120D, D130, D130, LA100 LA105, LA110, and LA115.

The Rotary Copperhead is suitable for 42-inch decks, and it measures 24 inches in length and 5 inches in width. The blades are austempered for optimal hardness and durability. They are also ISO 9000 certified, which means that in these ones, you get a reliable product.

The blades come with vertical teeth, which improve cutting efficiency. They also feature a centrifugal airlift, which provides a quicker and more uniform distribution of clippings.

Things We Liked

Made from quality material

Austempered blades that improve durability

The blades work well in sandy soil

50% more airflow at discharge

Things We Didn't Like

The blades feel thinner than other mulching blades


The Oregon 92-616 has the same price tag as the Rotary Copperhead blades, but you get 3 blades with this product.

Also, just like the Rotary Copperhead blades, these blades are also specifically for John Deere mowers.

The 92-616 G3 Gator blades replace OEM numbers: AM137757, AM137758, AM141035, AM141036, GX21784, GX21785, GX21786, and GY20852 blades perfectly. Each blade measures 17 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width, and is 187 inches thick.

The Oregon Gator is a must-have product for wet, dry, and sandy turf. It provides superior mulching, thereby reducing the number of bag stops, especially when compared with the standard low or medium lift blades.

This blade has a high-lift feature, with an aggressive blade angle that increases airflow to push debris up and out. Doing this means that the blade helps with providing effective bagging or side discharge.

Things We Liked

The blades are affordable

Austempered blades that improve durability

Easy to install

Cuts the grass finely for easy mulching

Things We Didn't Like

Not suitable for overgrown lawns


The Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Mower Blades are suitable for most Toro lawn mowers. These Copperhead blades fit Toro numbers: 110683703 1129759(03) and 1155059(03). A single blade on this product measures 17 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and 5/8 inches in thickness. The center hole also fits a 50-inch deck. 

All Rotary Copperhead blades are ISO 9000 certified, so you're assured of long-lasting blades that have been tested for safety and efficiency. The vertical teeth of the Rotary blades improve cutting efficiency.

You'll also get sharp edges, which make for a more precise cut and a cleaner lawn. The blades exhibit less vibration, which makes them cut better and wear less. In the long-run, it ensures that the components are also able to last much longer.

A lot of users have complained that the blades wear out after 1 or 2 cuts and become a tad blunt, so you will need to get them sharpened before using them.

Another common complaint about the blades is that they have rough cuts. A lot of purchasers complained about streaky blades with different lengths, while some other users complained about a strip of uncut grass left in the middle of where the blades are mounted.

The Copperhead blades might also get stuck in thick grass. They're mulching blades, and mulching blades don't particularly fair well with overgrown grass.

Things We Liked

The blades are affordable

Great customer reviews and from a reputable company

They are toothed blades, which means that they are effective for effectively bagging grass clippings

Suitable for mulching

Things We Didn't Like

The blades might be too blunt