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The Best Leaf Mulcher Reviews 2019 | Ensure Organic Protection for Your Plants and Soil - GardenAware.com

The Best Leaf Mulcher Reviews 2019 | Ideal for Organic Protection of Your Soil and Plants

The autumn breeze brings autumn leaves all over your nicely trimmed lawn. A lot of people love the look of brown leaves sparsely littered on their lawn, while others see it as a nightmare and look for the best leaf mulcher to help them get rid of these annoying leaves.

For gardeners, the best way to deal with leaves is to use a leaf mulcher. This machine is specially designed to shred leaves; especially the dry ones. Leaf mulchers shield grass from falling leaves and tree debris.

Top 3 Leaf Mulchers 


  • Ease of operation with the oversized on and off switch
  • Can be disassembled for quick and convenient storage
  • Comes with a universal bag holder and 24 replacement lines


  • 3- in 1- use and easy switching
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Affordable price


  • It can handle twigs and sticks
  •  Customer service is top-notch
  •  Lightweight, weighing only 8.76 pounds

While a rake can provide the same use, you'd be working a ton of sweat when using one. The tedious process of raking can create a pile of leaves to trash, but you can get a lot more done- and in less time- with a leaf mulcher.

In this guide, we'll take you through the best leaf vacuum mulchers that can get rid of as much autumn leaves as possible.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Leaf Mulcher

A leaf mulcher (also known as a tree mulcher) will help you shred ten wheelbarrow loads of leaves down to a mere bag. If you enjoy gardening, you'll be glad to know that leaves can be turned into different things that can help both your garden and your soil. With a leaf mulcher, gardening becomes generally easy.

There are three types of leaf mulchers; gas, battery-powered and electric. If you're not interested in any of these models, this is one of the best leaf rakes for your garden.

Gas: If you live in a remote area, gas mulchers can be an ideal pick. They have better engines, and they're beneficial for larger lawns. However, their gas tanks make them more burdensome to carry around. They can also be extremely loud, and they're known to be high-maintenance. You'll have to get fuel regularly and routinely check the engine.

To wit, they're better as commercial leaf removal equipment.

Electric: If you live in a neighborhood, electric mulchers are a better option. They make less noise and emit less air pollution, as opposed to gas mulchers. They are also lighter to carry around your yard for an extended period. However, keep in mind that you'll need to have them tethered to an electric outlet.

Battery-powered: This type of mulcher is considerably the best option for you if you don't like the hefty gas mulcher or the being tethered to an outlet is uncomfortable for you. Battery-powered mulchers are light, and they make little to no noise. However, they're the most expensive option.

Features to Consider in A Leaf Mulcher 

•    Motor: The higher the amp of the engine, the higher the power of the mulcher. The lowest amp power to consider is ten amps, but most of the best leaf mulchers are no less than 12 amps.

•    Speed: The best leaf mulchers will have a speed control feature, with a fast or slow option. Fast controls can suck up the leaves quickly, and a slower speed gives you control over the number of leaves going into the mulcher at the same time. A slower pace also prevents the leaf mulcher from getting clogged.

•    Reduction ratio: A device with a reduction ratio of at least 16:1 gets rid of loads and heaps of leaves that have been raked up.  

•    Capacity: Larger lawns demand high capacity. Be sure to purchase a leaf mulcher that can get rid of as many leaves in your yard as possible.

•    Blade quality: If you have to replace the blade of the mulcher every year, then it's not worth it. A high-quality blade should last through seasons and should be able to shred leaves quickly.

We did not include backpack mulcher, so If you're looking for the best backpack leaf blower, you might want to hold on tight and read on.

What Leaves Can Be Mulched? 

You can mulch almost any type of leaf. Leaves from trees like hornbeam, beech, and oak usually break down faster than others.

Leaf mulchers also make decomposing easier because shredded leaves will break down quicker and won't mat together. When leaves mat, it becomes difficult for bacteria to get the decomposing job done.

Mulch from hardwood trees like hackberry, black locust, hickory, and oak last longer than mulch from softwood trees like honey locust, silver maple, and willow. Factors such as the color and texture of the leaves also affect the decomposing speed.

Benefits of A Leaf Mulcher 

There are two types of mulch; organic mulches, which are made from hardwood chips, pine straw, grass clippings, and crushed leaves; and inorganic or synthetic mulches, which are made from crushed rock, mats or pebbles.

A leaf mulcher is more on the organic side; it turns and shreds leaves, and those leaves act as a protection for your plants and soil. The decomposed materials could be cocoa bean shells, wood chips, bark, pine needles, and straw.

•    Leaf mulch helps you to control a weed that springs in your garden, acting as a protective guard to limit the amount of sunlight that the weeds get.

•    Mulches- especially the organic type- retain water, especially during high temperatures or dry seasons. It conserves water to help your plants and saves you money on your water bill.

•    Leaf mulch will help trap rainwater and prevent it from running off from the soil. It works by reducing the fall of water, and reducing the force when it hits the ground.

•    Leaf mulch conserves soil nutrients by releasing nutrients from the plants into the soil. Leaves contain a ton of nutrients, such as nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, and iron.

•    Leaf mulch from cedar bark and some others can control pests because of their natural oils that repel insects. Sweet-smelling mulch usually affects insects more than any other mulch.

•    Earthworms love leaf mulch, and worms are beneficial to your garden soil because they improve the structure of soil and nutrient cycling.

•    You can use mulch to cover up empty grass patches that make your lawn look odd. It is also easy to take care of mulch than groundcovers, grass, and other fillers.

The Best Leaf Mulcher Reviews


The Worx WG430 is a 13-amp electric leaf mulcher, and it is the best leaf vacuum mulcher on this list for various reasons. 

For instance, the powerful 13-amp motor supplies 8, 500 RPMs, which can reduce ten wheelbarrows of dead leaves and twigs to 1/11 of its size. This ratio is perfect for mulching, composting, and mold.

The WG430 mulches 53 gallons of leaves per minute with its 13-inch diameter cut and an oversized mouth. This seed is sufficient to get your lawn as leaf-free as possible in a single day. Also, thanks to its flex-a-line bladeless system that uses a trimmer line, you'll be getting the perfect ratio of mulch for your rose garden and soil.

This mulcher is easy to assemble, and you won't need any tools either. As an electric shredder, it is less noisy, and you won't have to worry about toxic air pollution as it produces zero fumes.

To assemble, just attach the rods of the legs and place a paper bag with the circular attachment that holds down the bag. Place in the orange, circular plate to seal the bag in, and add the black cup that holds in the mulcher on the top. Lock it in place with the silver latches by the sides, and it's good to go.

You can use either a bag or plastic with this mulcher. It also provides 24 cutting lines or string trimmers, which means you won't have to buy a string trimmer for a long while after purchasing this tool.

WORX also has an excellent 3-year warranty on this product, and since it is Amazon's choice, you know you're getting a good and genuine product.

With most leaf mulchers, a lot of dust and leaf debris tend to flare up into the air. Still, with a good face mask, you can protect your eyes and lungs from excessive dust. However, the WORX has a clean-air cooling system that reduces dust and exhaust.

One downside of the WORX is that the opening is not adjustable. As opposed to some mulchers, this product doesn't provide the option of high or slow speed. The WORX also has a two-pronged plug, which really isn't the safest (3-pronged plugs are usually better).

Another flaw of the WORX that most customers complained about is that it's strictly for dry leaves; any drop of the moist leaf can cause the machine to clog up, and you'll have to turn off the device and pick out the leaves with your hands.

Things We Liked

Ease of operation with the oversized on and off switch

Can be disassembled for quick and convenient storage

Comes with a universal bag holder and 24 replacement lines

Weighs less than 20 pounds

Things We Didn't Like

The mulcher does not shred wet leaves


The Worx WG518 is almost as suitable as the Worx WG430, and it's more affordable. This 12-amp mulcher has two speeds, and it acts as a blower, a vacuum, and mulcher. 

The 2-speed motor of the Worx WG518 gives you a low or high option. So, you can choose and control the air stream. On the blower mode, you can set the mulcher to "low speed" for better control on hard surfaces and in tricky corners, while the "high speed" setting allows you to clear more space on your lawn.

Unlike the Worx WG430, the WG518 has a metal repeller that mulches leaves into a 16:1 ratio. While you only get a mulcher with the Worx WG430, the WG518 gives you more flexibility to vacuum up your lawn instead of raking.

This 3- in 1- machine blows the leaves off your lawn, patio, sidewalk, and driveway with a powerful air speed of 160-250 mph, and a 400 CFM air volume. Then, switch to the vacuum to suck up and mulch the leaves. It is simple and easy to assemble, and you can convert it to a blower or vacuum with one touch.

If you're not keen on the 20-pound Worx WG430, then the 10-pound WG518 should be your go-to choice for prolonged use. However, unlike the Worx WG430 that is fixed in one place, you'll have to carry this 3- in 1- mulcher around, which can get tiring.

Most customers stated that the WORX made a high-pitched sound while in use, so you might have to bring out your noise-canceling headphones while using this product to avoid tingling ears.

Another complaint was that the vacuums strength is weak when compared to gas-powered vacuums. However, you can add the WORX LeafPro and a vinyl extension cord to your purchase less than $50. The pipe linked to the base might also come off occasionally, which can be annoying.

You might also have to separate twigs from the leaves because twigs tend to get clogged in the fan, the WG518 is better used with dry leaves and grass clippings.

Users also complained about the cheap design of the mulcher. One user claimed that the attachments use the same hard plastic for locking the attachment to the blower and does not feel durable. The latch for attaching the mulcher and vac can be challenging to use. Also, most users found the 10 pounds to be too hefty for prolonged use.

This machine comes with a 3-year warranty to replace and repair parts. The battery packs and chargers have a 12-month limited warranty.

Things We Liked

3- in 1- use and easy switching

Easy to assemble

Affordable price

3-year warranty

Things We Didn't Like

Too heavy for most people


The TECCPO 12-Amp is a 3- in 1- mulcher that has some of the best features of a 3-in-1 option. It is also a 2-speed selections mulcher, which allows you to switch between a high or low setting. 

The TECCPO leaf mulcher has a plastic impeller and a metal blade, both of which help it to mulch leaf into a 16:1 ratio. The 3-in-1 machine can blow, vacuum, and mulch effortlessly, and it has a grinding feature that works well with the blades for smashing and grinding leaves.

With a 20/350km/h two-speed switching, and an air volume that can reach 13m³/min to cater for various levels of blowing demand, you can clear out your front lawn in lightning speed.

This machine comes with a 3000W power rating, which helps it to absorb both dry and wet leaves. So, you won't have to worry about separating leaves with this mulcher. Thanks to a metal and plastic anti-blocking turbine, there also won't be an incidence of clogging when leaves are getting mulched.

This lawn mulcher comes with a 40L capacity back dust bag, which has an ergonomic design to reduce hand strain. The bag is also shock-resistant, and you can pour out the leaves from both sides. It has two tubes in the blower, but you should note that you'll have to take one out before use.

This product comes with four vacuum tubes, one collection bad and one bag strap and you get a 2-years warranty with this model, which isn't as good as our first pick but gives you at least two fall seasons to detect any problems.

Things We Liked

It can handle twigs and sticks

Customer service is top-notch

Lightweight, weighing only 8.76 pounds

Things We Didn't Like

The vacuum might be a bit weak


BLACK+DECKER are notorious for making reliable products, and this product levels up to its name. This high-performance machine has a 12 amp motor with a 3- in- 1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher that keeps your lawn neat and clean. 

In any vacuum, the airspeed or MPH is notably more critical for moving heavy objects off the ground, such as pebbles, and twigs. If you're working with a larger area, you'll need the MPH of your vacuum to move more debris faster.

The 250 MPH vacuum of the BLACK+DECKER might not be as powerful for larger lawns, but if you have a smaller yard, it'll work just fine for clearing dried leaves and debris off the sidewalk and patio.

The mulcher has a high impact metal fan that prevents clogging when mulching leaves, and it can grind up to 16 bags or wheelbarrow of leaves into one container. The decibel of this machine is 68 dBA, 50% lower than most mulchers.

The variable speed selection allows you to choose between a high or low setting, depending on where you're working. For instance, if you're working with delicate flower beds, it could be powerful enough to disintegrate matted leaves.

The BLACK+DECKER mulcher has an EZ-Empty reusable leaf bag design that holds enough leaves, thereby eliminating the need to empty the bag. In the long run, this saves a lot of time and effort. To save you even more time, the machine has a button that allows you to switch between the vacuum and the blower more quickly.

You can use the built-in cord retained to keep the extension stable and plugged in for uninterrupted use. The model weighs only 8.1 pounds so that most people can carry it for extended periods.

The warranty of this model is 2-years, so you have ample time to check it out and return it if you notice a defect.

Things We Liked

This product is lightweight

Variable speed control for different areas

Does not clog

Excellent customer support

Things We Didn't Like

The bag is hard to carry and prone to wear and tear


You should consider this product if you're on the hunt for a heavy-duty mulcher, you don't have a budget, you prefer gas mulchers to be electric or battery-powered mulchers, and you have a big lawn that requires constant clearing. 

If you do not fit any of these requirements, we recommend you focus on the electric mulch options. However, this is one of the best chipper shredders or leaf grinders available.

Like other gas mulchers, this product has more power than electric and battery-powered mulchers, and it can be useful for mulching larger spaces. This mulcher also doesn't require a power supply, and it relies on gas to get most of the work done.

However, its biggest demerit is that it costs a lot more than electric or battery-powered models.

The Western Pacific is suitable for wood mulching, and it cuts leaves and debris up into 5-inch pieces. It has an adjustable deflector vane on the sides, which discard the ground debris neatly in a bag.

This mulch machine measures 5.9' x 2.6' x 3.8', and it weighs 385 pounds. So, you should only buy this model if you want to rake or vacuum the leaves very close to the machine. It is also one of the most expensive models in this guide. You can also get the best leaf rake for your garden here.

It has 14-inch wheels with a 23-inch wheelbase, both of which provide active motion. The gasoline engine is a powerful 420CC 15HP, with advanced centrifugal clutch. However, the best feature here is that it shuts down automatically when there's no oil.

The blades of this model are twin reversible chipping blades made of hardened steel. Thanks to its blade speed of 2200rpm, the Western Pacific 15HP will cut through limbs and branches of trees easily.

With only a 1-year warranty, the Western Pacific 15HP as the lowest warranty compared to the other models.

Things We Liked

It can cut through twigs and branches without getting clogged

Effective for clearing larger yards

It is easy to assemble

Things We Didn't Like

This model does not have an instruction manual, but it is easy to assemble without one


Most WORX products are relatively inexpensive, and this product is no different. Like our ‘value for money' pick, this is also a 3-in-1 model that can be used as a blower, mulcher, and vacuum. Similarly, it also comes with a flip-of-a-switch conversion. 

Without a doubt, this is one of the best cordless leaf mulchers on the market.

This leaves mulcher has a powerful 12-amp motor (just like the Worx WG518) that is eco- friendly and which leaves zero emissions.

The TRIVAC 3-in-1 design has a quiet and easy-to-control structure that can be operated with one hand. The 12-amp motor is light, and the whole model only weighs 11 pounds. Still, it is powerful enough to blow away leaves from your driveway, vacuum debris, and turn 18 bags of leaves into a single bag of mulch.

This product also makes it very easy to switch from blowing to vacuuming without disruption; the easy-to-reach toggle switch changes the settings to vacuum effortlessly.

This garden mulcher has a 2-step mulching system, which moves dirt through a high-velocity shredder blade, pulverizes it with a heavy-duty metal impeller, and deposits mulch into the collection bag.

Things We Liked

It is a lightweight product

A mulching ration of 16:1

Easy switch from vacuuming to blowing

Things We Didn't Like

The mulcher and blower might not perform as good as our top choice


The Sun Joe iONBV weighs 8.7 pounds, and it is the only battery-powered model in this guide. If you don't like the noise and emission of the gas-powered mulcher or the cord of an electrical mulcher, then the Sun Joe is ideal for you. 

However, be prepared to splurge a little on this model.

This leaf vacuum mulcher has an airspeed of 200 mph, which doesn't quite hold up when compared to the other models. However, the 17:1 reduction ratio is a good trade-off. It also has a high-impact resistant impeller, which shreds leaves up to 1/17 of their original size.

The 40-volt Lithium-ion battery power blower is powerful enough to blow leaves off your driveway or yard. It is also a 3-in-1 model, and it has six variable speed settings to match the wind that suits the task.

It comes with five gutter cleaner blower attachments, as well as a 40v 4.0Ah replacement Lithium-ion battery.

Things We Liked

It weighs only 8.7 pounds, and it is lightweight

Comes with an extra lithium-ion battery

17:1 reduction ratio

Six-speed setting

Things We Didn't Like

A fully-charged battery might not last for more than 20 minutes which is normal for most battery-powered models.