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5 Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews | Tow Behind Models Included - GardenAware.com

5 Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews | Tow Behind Models Included

A lawn sweeper is a lawn and yard tool used for the removal of debris from lawns or paved areas. Sometimes called a leaf sweeper, a good lawn sweeper will help you get rid of, fallen leaves, twigs, pine needles grass clippings and litter allowing for a healthy lawn as the end result.

This super-handy tool uses a system of rotating brushes to efficiently sweep up debris and collect it into a built-in hopper for convenient disposal.

Top 3 Lawn Sweepers


  • Efficient 42" wide sweeper
  • Hopper capacity of 22 cubic feet
  • 11" semi-pneumatic wheels for sweeping with less shaking and vibrating


  • 25 cubic feet flow through hopper reduces the time need to empty
  • Pull button brush height adjustment lever for best performance
  • Sweeper tongue can be offset to cut and sweep in one pass


  • The 42-inch sweep path and the 20-cubic-foot hopper​
  • Less emptying and fewer passes
  • Six high-velocity brushes with indexed brush height

Lawn sweepers save so much time and effort otherwise spent on raking up leaves and other debris. In addition, using the hoppers will help you conveniently collect all organic debris in one spot making it easier to compost regularly.

Lawn Sweeper types, benefits, and useful tips – Buying guide 

Two most frequently used types

The two types of lawn sweepers most often used by homeowners, lawn and garden enthusiasts and professional landscapers and gardeners are tow-behind and push lawn sweepers.

Tow-behind sweepers

These will save a tremendous amount of time enabling you to attach the unit to a tractor or ride-on yard vehicles and do the sweeping without getting off your seat.

They are hyper-efficient and time-saving. You can also interchange them with other attachments to get a variety of yard work done in one go. Since tow-behind units are not operated by hand, they usually feature a large hopper capacity, which makes them efficient, especially for larger yards or lawns.

Without them, it would take ages to sweep leaves or grass clippings. It would also take quite a sum of money to have the sweeping done by a professional service who will – guess what? – show up with a tow-behind unit.

You will need your own yard vehicle to use this type of lawn sweepers.

Push sweepers

Similar to rotary mowers in design and practicality, these are made to be light-weight and easy to use. No noise from an engine or noxious fumes makes them enjoyable to use.

What's more, there’s not much maintenance involved if you go for a push model. You will need to lubricate the bearings and the tool once a year and your push sweeper will last a great many seasons. They are ideal for small amounts of dry debris and may not be as suitable for heavier clumps of wet debris.

You will, however, have to cover the lawn, yard or paths on foot and the capacity of hoppers is not as large as in tow-behind models. This means more frequent breaks to empty the hopper and get some rest, of course.

Useful tips for using a lawn sweeper

Always wait for the lawn to dry before sweeping

A dry lawn or yard will make it easier for the sweeper to pick up leaves and debris. If a heavy rain or a storm makes a mess of your yard and lawn, you need to wait for them to dry enough so that the sweeper can be operated without jams.

Use appropriate speed

Different types of debris require different speed so you should figure out which speed works best for your lawn. In addition, while higher speeds might make the job quicker and easier on even terrain, they will not be efficient or safe on rough, uneven ground.

Using the sweeper at moderate to low speeds will prevent damages to the machine and allow it to last longer and operate better.

Empty the hopper regularly

As you use your lawn sweeper, the hopper will fill up with debris. Don’t wait for it to be completely full: this will weigh it down, and make it more difficult to use. Clogging may also happen if you overfill the hopper.

To avoid mold and clogging, empty the hopper when not in use, clean it, and dry it completely. It will be ready for the next sweep, last longer and require next to no maintenance.

Remove larger debris before sweeping

Before you use your sweeper, do some cutting, chopping, and shredding of larger debris in your yard. This will lower the risk of your sweeper getting clogged while saving time and making your job much easier.

Best Lawn Sweepers Reviewed


Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper is proudly made in the United States, easy to use and handle and features 42-inch wide sweeping coverage.

This 22 Cubic Feet 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush by Ohio Steel is a professional grade lawn sweeper with an extra-wide sweeping path of 42". It comes with a 22-cubic-foot heavy-duty collector bag which ensures quick and efficient lawn care.

It has a patented 11" spiral brushes which sweep more effectively than most standard sweepers and also puts a lot less stress on gears to allow for better operation and more longevity.

The hopper empties easily by pulling the rope, which you can do while seated on your tractor. Simply reverse to compost, pull the rope and the job is finished.

The Ohio Steel Sweeper Spiral Brush features sealed ball bearings on its brush axle, a hitch pin, and a five-position hitch adjustment which gives a custom fit for almost all tractor brands.

It also has a positive lock "no-slip" height adjustment. This feature prevents the sweeper from vibrating when it is out of the correct position. The wider 9" chute clogs less often, even if you're sweeping moist grass clippings that may clump together.

The three position hitch adjustment provides effective level operation for any tractor hitch height. This means is that you won't need to use spacer rings which are so easy to lose while sweeping.

Overall, the Ohio Steel Sweeper comes with a bunch of great features: 11" semi-pneumatic wheels, black and gray powder-coat finish, sealed ball-bearings on the brush axle and includes a hitch pin.

This pull-behind lawn sweeper weighs 84 pounds, and will help you sweep quickly and with no hassle with its working width of 42". The generous hopper capacity of 22 cubic feet also saves time and effort. A great sweeper at a fair price!

Things We Liked

Efficient 42" wide sweeper

Hopper capacity of 22 cubic feet

11" semi-pneumatic wheels for sweeping with less shaking and vibrating

The three position hitch adjustment for all tractors

Heavy-duty sweeper made in the US

Things We Didn't Like

Assembling the tension rods is more difficult than it should be


Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper is another heavy-duty tow-behind sweeper with great innovative features and excellent build quality for the price.

It features an improved dump lever which means that you’ll be able to empty the hopper without getting off your tractor seat. The extra large 25-cubic-foot flow-through bag can hold enough debris so that you don’t need to empty it too often.

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper comes with durable, tough brushes to clean away grass clippings, leaves, pine cones, and other compostable organic debris from your lawn.

Brush height adjustment is easily adjustable to change the sweeping height while the machine is in operation. The side or center patented offset switch allows for sweeping and mowing simultaneously.

The sweeper can be offset to either the right or left of your tractor, and the preset height adjustment holes will only adjust the brushes and not the complete housing. This means that the sweeper-to-tractor orientation remains as set and appropriate for the task at hand.

This sweeper can also be collapsed and folded up without the use of tools and will definitely save on storage space.

Another notable feature of this quality tow behind lawn sweeper from Agri-Fab is the easy assembly. Only two of the nuts and bolts need tools to put together and clevis pins are used elsewhere.

In addition, there are an adjustable folding hitch and a collapsible hopper, the semi-pneumatic 12" x 3" wheels, and, for even more versatility, it is possible to attach the Agri-Fab best dethatcher up front so you can sweep and detach at the same time. 

Using a dethatcher is perfect for clearing away any compacted dead organic matter, and for picking up pine straw. This will allow the sweeper brushes to collect the organic debris for composting or disposal.

To sum up, the Agri-Fab 44-Inch Lawn Sweeper is a well-built and sturdy piece of yard and lawn maintenance equipment. For more durability, this yard sweeper also features bronze inserts in its wheels. Fairly priced, it will last for seasons on end and save a ton of money down the road.

Things We Liked

25 cubic feet flow through hopper reduces the time need to empty

Pull button brush height adjustment lever for best performance

Sweeper tongue can be offset to cut and sweep in one pass

Improved dump lever can be operated without leaving the tractor seat

Entire sweeper can be folded up and collapsed for easy storage

Things We Didn't Like

Assembly directions could be better


Brinly STS-427LXH tow-behind lawn sweeper is a high-performance sweeper for the unwanted grass clippings, pine needles, leaves, and even thatch after you’ve finished dethatching.

Its sturdy poly weave fabric hamper can hold and haul 20 cubic feet of lawn debris. It has 6 high-velocity brushes that continuously rotate to pick up material, even while the tractor is turning.

This tow-behind sweeper provides a simple adjustable brush-to-ground contact which allows for maximum performance and minimizes skipping. All the material gathered can be emptied from your tractor seat simply by using the pull-rope and ergonomic T-handle.

When the sweeping is done, this unit collapses into an upright position for easy storage.

The Brinly 42-Inch Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper has a 5:1 brush-to-wheel ratio design which allows increased brush-to-ground contact for a cleaner sweep of lawn and yard debris.

It features a new twist-and-lock height adjustment system which ensures that the brush-height setting stays as a set, even if you are driving over uneven terrain. The unit comes with a hamper capacity of 16 bushels and a working width of 42 inches. You won’t have to take many trips across your yard to get the sweeping done.

It also features 12" x 3" wheels for more comfortable, convenient and efficient sweeps. This Brinly lawn sweeper isn’t difficult to assemble but it does take about an hour. If you’re not mechanically inclined, do consult the manual and have a friend over to assemble this otherwise solid quality sweeper.

Things We Liked

The 42-inch sweep path and the 20-cubic-foot hopper

Less emptying and fewer passes

Six high-velocity brushes with indexed brush height

The design allows for convenient storage with little space needed

Things We Didn't Like

One additional lower setting to pick up small twigs would be great


John Deere 42 in. 24 cu. ft. Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper collects grass clippings and leaves with decent quality brushes that sweep your lawn in the first pass.

The one-pass performance is provided by an extra large hopper and a sweeping path of 42 inches. The six 11" diameter brushes have a higher tip velocity which gives extra force to lift debris off the ground and directly into the hopper.

This sweeper has a convenient pull cord which should make unloading while seated a breeze. However, this is not always the case. Although this lawn sweeper comes from a well-established brand and is in the upper price range, it has its shortcomings.

The plastic wheel bearings caused some complaints. They don't seem to last much beyond the warranty period. What you can do is use the sweeper carefully and try to avoid making sharp turns which could damage the wheels.

It is a solid-quality build otherwise and delivers decent performance. It works just as well on dried or freshly cut grass and it does well even on wet lawns - a feature that few other lawn sweepers have. It is efficient enough at picking up larger pieces of lawn debris.

Another good design feature is the simple-to-use single-knob adjustment for setting brush height. With the appropriate setting, it can pick up grass clippings, wet and dry leaves, twigs and sticks, pine needles, walnuts, acorns, burr balls, magnolia tree pods, and more.

Its wheels are pneumatic and provide a better grip which prevents continual starting and stopping. Assembly of this lawn sweeper is not the easiest, though.

Once you’re finished sweeping, this sweeper from John Deere allows for compact storage either upright or hanging, thanks to the exclusive, patented self-storing feature.

Things We Liked

The six 11" diameter brushes have a higher tip velocity

Convenient pull cord which makes unloading

Simple to use single-knob adjustment

Exclusive, patented self-storing feature

Things We Didn't Like

Sub-par quality of some parts reported (as we mentioned above)


Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper is an easy-to-push lightweight unit. This push lawn sweeper has adjustable height settings. It features a lightweight but strong poly construction, and a hopper bag which easily disconnects when you need to empty it.

This sweeper weighs 25 pounds. It’s 26" wide and has a 7-cubic-foot capacity. Apart from being lightweight and easy to use, it’s equally easy to store away.

The sweeper itself is durable and it quickly picks up leaves, twigs, grass clippings and other debris. Although it speeds up your yard work, this sweeper is more suitable for suited for smaller yards.

This unit is not suitable for use on wet or matted down leaves, or on pine needles, but is perfect for keeping up with the dry debris and leaves. It takes some effort to use since it’s manually operated but it produces no gases or noise.

The Agri-Fab 26" push lawn sweeper has a fully adjustable sweeper level, a zinc-plated steel frame, and polypropylene housing. The replaceable vinyl bag has a capacity of approximately 7 cubic feet.

The easy maneuverability slightly compensates for the fact that the bag is smaller and fills up quickly. However, unless you have a small yard and don’t mind frequent emptying the bag there are better models out there for larger lawns and yards.

Things We Liked

Fully adjustable sweeper level

The zinc-plated steel frame and polypropylene housing for durability

Speeds up the work in smaller yards

Lightweight and easy to use

Things We Didn't Like

Too small capacity and frequent need to empty the bag