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5 Best Grass Shears Reviews | Pick a Top Rated Hand Shrub Trimmer - GardenAware.com

5 Best Grass Shears Reviews | Pick a Top Rated Hand Shrub Trimmer

In this article, we’re going to help you choose the best grass shears for your lawn, garden or yard. These affordable tools will help you trim your grass with no hassle and in no time.

Top 3 Grass Shears


  • Designed and built for professional grade applications
  • Great scissor cutting action
  • Durable blades fully heat-treated for more strength


  • Ideal for edging and trimming and topping tasks
  • Long shaft prevents sore knees from kneeling and back ache
  • Blades swivel 360 degrees for easy trimming at any angle


  • Ideal for cutting grass in difficult-to-reach spots
  • Great shrub trimmer and grass shears for your lawn, shrubs, borders, around trees etc.
  • Stamped, fully hardened, double-beveled blade

What to look for when picking a pair of grass shears

Although it seems that these essential gardening tools are basically just scissors for grass, there are a few things worth considering before you make the purchase.

Grass shears are readily available and inexpensive and there’s a wide selection of different types to meet your needs. There are three main types of grass shears as regards the construction: regular handheld, shears with a long handle and cordless electric shears which are battery operated.

In this review, we’re going to cover the first two types, which are manual and mechanical, and we’ll cover the cordless grass shears in a separate article as they are tiny power tools and have different features to look for.

Types of grass shears as regards their purpose

Grass shears fir into two categories depending on the work you can do with them.

Edging shears – these are used for cutting the grass along the edges of your sidewalk, steps, garden beds and similar spots. They resemble regular scissors but are sturdier and more ergonomic as you will be using them longer while edging the grass. Edging shears will help you keep grassy edges neat as you snip off any overhanging, taller or excess grass in general.

Topping shears – this type is used to trim down the grass to an even height of your choice. Topping shears are perfect for tight spots or parts of your lawn or garden where even the smallest lawn mower won't fit.

In addition, there are also rotatable or swivel-blade shears which have a super-convenient mechanism which allows you to adjust the position of the blades. You can set them to be vertical or flat.

The vertical position is used for edging and flat for topping your grass. In between these two extremes, there are options to lock the blades in place ranging from 180 to 360 degrees.

This type of grass shears is the best option if you want to buy just one pair of multi-purpose shears.

The features to look for when buying manual grass shears

First off, if you decided to buy a pair, it means you’ll probably be doing quite the amount of work with them. In order not to make it a stressful and tiresome chore but a relaxing activity, make sure to bear the following features in mind.

The blades

Your best bet is stainless still which will provide the much-needed sturdiness to your shears. SS shears will last you a long time and you’ll be able to trim, snip or top loads of grass.

Blades which are coated with Teflon or some other non-stick coating will make cleanup easier and ensure your blades don’t rust over time. The non-stick coating is not a must feature but it sure is a convenient and useful one.

Not to think about how sharp and easy to sharpen the blades are is a costly mistake as you would soon be buying another pair if you go for a model from an obscure manufacturer which does not guarantee the sharpness and the overall quality of the blades.

As for the sharpening, unless you’re a pro gardener we don’t recommend to use a power grinding tool for sharpening your garden shears. In general, you should sharpen along the original bevel of the tool if you are a beginner at sharpening tools. You can use a mil file for sharpening your grass shears without the worry of damaging the blades.

The handles

Now, you definitely want to get a pair of grass shears which will be ergonomic enough as well as comfortable while allowing for a good grip at the same time. This is to make the job easier, quicker and less strenuous.

If possible, go for the model with a spring grip as it will be comfortable to hold while working.

The most models of traditional scissor-grip grass shears are available but some of you may not find them as comfortable. However, if they come with a soft coating on the handles, you’ll find them more comfortable to work with. They will also help protect against blisters, an advantage which many gardeners will appreciate.

You may not know but there are long-handle models of garden shears. These are a must if you have bad knees or problems with your back. They have a long handle which enables you to do all the work while standing up.

Most long-handle grass shears have a slightly slanted handle. This makes it easier to get the shears into difficult-to-reach spots under hedges and in flowerbeds. However, for more demanding chores, you should consider getting the best cordless grass shears

Now, without further ado, let’s check out our top pics in the manual grass shears category!

Best grass shears – snip, snip, snip, down to the choice of five best shears reviewed


Corona ClassicCUT Grass Shear features a tried and true design that’s been in use for years. In addition, a vinyl, non-slip grip provides great control. To make the job easier, a strong spring helps open the blades between each squeeze.

The blades can easily be sharpened between uses to ensure you’ll always have a clean cut. There are also replacement parts available in case you need them.

Apart from providing sturdiness, the Corona’s steel handles also add durability. The vinyl coating on the steel handles adds the sleek look to the overall great design.

Apart from performing really well when it comes to trimming, snipping, cutting and edging grass, Corona shears also does well as a clipper and bush trimmer. In the long run, the versatility of Corona Classic shears will definitely satisfy you as regards its performance.

In addition, you can also use Corona shears for ground covering and landscaping. Trimming grass is a breeze with these grass shears due to their endurance and versatility as an effective gardening tool.

The strength and stability is guaranteed due to the very fact that the shears are fully heat treated. This allows for better durability and sharp power and cutting action. How did the engineers at Corona do it? They simply used steel alloy blades that have been forged and re-sharpened to perfection.

The blades measure 5 1/2 inches from the tip to the bolt of the grass shear and the cutting surface length of the grass shear is 4 inches.

Corona Classic can lock and rotate to up to three different positions so you can comfortably and efficiently do the trimming, cutting or edging on your lawn. The safety lock is included with the grass shear so you can easily transport it or store it when you’re not using the shears.

Overall, Corona ClassicCUT Grass Shears are really tough and come at an affordable price. The heat-treated steel blades of the Corona grass shears will easily slice through tough sod and light grasses alike. They are stable and feature a very sturdy build for a pair of grass shears - probably your best landscape edging pair of grass shears for a great many seasons!

These one-handed shears provide extra comfort for longer snipping and cutting jobs. For your peace of mind, these lawn clippers from Corona are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Things We Liked

Designed and built for professional grade applications

Great scissor cutting action

Durable blades fully heat-treated for more strength

Forged steel alloy blades for durability

Handles are vinyl coated for added comfort and longevity

Comfortable, non-slip grip a huge plus

Things We Didn't Like

These shears do tend to stick after cutting


Fiskars 36 Inch Long-handle Swivel Grass Shears are the best grass shears you could hope for if you’ve got a bad back or a trick knee and prefer to stand while edging, trimming or topping grass.

These shears are 36 inches tall and the angle swiveling feature of the grass shears make it super comfortable to use. They are perfect not just for edging and topping grass but also for reaching trees and trimming thinner and smaller twigs and sick leaves.

The long shaft design makes it easy to work with as you don’t have to kneel or bend your knees while trying to reach taller trees or make your other gardening and landscaping tasks such as trimming the grass around your garden beds, sidewalks and steps. Need a quality weed trimming scissors? Fiskars got you covered!

Most flower beds will also directly benefit as the grass shears are a good manual way to help trim the flowers without damaging any as you probably would with bulky and difficult to control power tools.

The blades measure 4 1/2 inches so that they can provide a great cutting power all the way to the grass shears blades’ tips. The blades are made from steel and are precision ground for quality and accuracy and the ergonomic handle adds to the comfort to the user in the long run.

In addition, the Fiskars long-handle steel blades swivel 360 degrees so you can set them exactly where you want them to cut.

To protect the blades during storage and transport, you can conveniently use the lock installed. When in use, each snip will provide power and convenience with this grass shears.

The aluminum build of the grass shears add to its light weight yet sturdy build and at only 2 pounds, it is super to manage and carry around. The handy spring-loaded grips easily pop right back open every time you squeeze, giving you an easy cutting experience at a good price.

To sum up, the strong and sharp steel blades which swivel 360 degrees and the long handle on these grass shears allows for efficiency as well as comfort while trimming, edging or topping.

With the Fiskars lifetime warranty and at the reasonable price, it’s hard to find a better deal for long-handle grass shears.

Things We Liked

Ideal for edging and trimming and topping tasks

Long shaft prevents sore knees from kneeling and back ache

Blades swivel 360 degrees for easy trimming at any angle

4-1/2 inch blades hold grass up for clean cuts

Lifetime warranty

Things We Didn't Like

The rotating of the scissor blades might get loose after prolonged use


Bahco P74 Lawn Shears feature steel blades and their horizontally oriented position which is also known as Duck's Foot. This pair of grass shears will go really easy on your back and knees.

They are engineered for easy edging or topping in difficult-to-reach areas which lawn mowers can't access. These shears are also suitable for cutting around shrubs, sidewalks, fence edges, planters, etc.

38 inches tall and with the overall length of 44 inches means that Bahco P74 Lawn Shears will spare you the need to bend down or crawl on your hands and knees to get that perfect trimmed look of your lawn.

They will also spare you the extra effort while edging, trimming and cutting thanks to the high quality, 8 inch rust-proof straight cutting blades.

The blades on these lawn clippers are fully hardened and very sharp. In addition, the solid steel blades offer a durable hard edge and lasting strength and durability. They will also minimize the downtime from sharpness and other performance issues.

Bahco P74 Lawn Shears feature a self adjusting pivot bolt and are stamped, double-beveled, and industrially clad with an anti-friction polymer coating. Xylan coating for rust protection also enables a smoother grass cutting experience.

Another benefit of the Xylan coating is that the blades are easier to clean and disinfect, if your grass or other plants contain any pathogens. Xylan coatings are completely resistant to chemicals and disinfectants.

For your comfort and safety, the sturdy and durable bolt-on high-strength steel tube handles are designed to help you beat fatigue. The solid, soft and comfortable non-slip ergonomic grips will enhance the comfort and control while keeping your hands safe as you work. These lawn clippers are perfect for extended use.

These heavy duty grass shears include two integrated rubber shock-absorbing bumper stops. They are designed to help reduce arm and shoulder fatigue as well.

Overall, these shears made in France are sturdy and should last you seasons on end. Sharp and well balanced, they are a good alternative to gas and battery powered grass trimmers at a much lower price.

Things We Liked

Ideal for cutting grass in difficult-to-reach spots

Great for trimming grass, shrubs, borders, around trees etc.

Stamped, fully hardened, double-beveled blade

Covered in black Xylan protective coating

Straight cutting edge, long steel-tube handles

Things We Didn't Like

A little awkward to use at first


Fiskars Power-Lever Grass Shears is a fantastic choice if you are on a tight budget. These grass shears are very comfortable to use and also offer a great amount of power when it comes to manual trimming, topping and edging your lawn, flowerbeds sidewalk edges or doing any other gardening or landscaping jobs.

The power lever mechanism adds strength and durability to the grass shears which adds to the popularity of this pair of garden shears. Another great feature is the intuitive design and the sturdy built blades which will make your chores easier and quicker so that you can also use them as weed trimming scissors.

You can count on the precision of your cuts as well as the smoothness of these grass shears as the blades are extra long at 5 inches in length.

Compared to traditional grass shears, Fiskars Power-Lever Grass Shears use the unique and patented Power Lever technology which will provide you with up to two times more power for cutting and trimming any grass around the home, be it for decorative or for maintenance purposes.

Clean cuts can be achieved with even more precision due to the fact that the serrated blades are will help to hold grass properly without slipping.

The die cast is made from zinc material so you can get a better grip while using these shears with a firm hold as much as possible. The design is of cutting edge technology but also the self sharpening capability. This will keep your shears as sharp as possible for every use without the need to sharpen them with a blade sharpener.

This affordable but quality pair of gardening grass shears with a nonslip grip will also work for ornamental grass. Landscaping will be easy and your hands won’t get tired trying to shake off the clippings of grass and leaves due to the non-sticking properties of the blades. Overall, a great choice all around!

Things We Liked

Ideal for trimming a wide range of regular and ornamental grasses

Power-Lever technology increases leverage to make cutting up to two times easier

Serrated blade grips up for precise and clean cuts

Blade length is a solid 5 inches

Lifetime warranty from Fiskars for your peace of mind

Things We Didn't Like

It takes some getting used to the mechanics of cutting with these shears


Fiskars Shear Ease Grass Shears effectively cut to the tip with the help of the long and precise blades which measure 4 1/2 inches each and use Shear Ease technology. This prevents jamming to give you the smoothest and precise cuts or trims.

Fiskars Shear Ease Grass Shears do well as grass shears for decorative grasses on your lawn, front yard or backyard. In addition, you can also use them for trimming grass along the sidewalks of your house or your deck, patio or porch.

The blades are super effective and very flexible. They can be rotated to a full turn of 360 degrees in order to allow for precise edging and trimming without sacrificing and compromising the comfort factor for the gardener.

The sharp blades keep themselves sharp even during the heavy usage due to the fact that the blades are made from high-quality, fully-hardened and precision-ground built for ultimate cutting experience and durability.

The Nyglass handles make these shears super strong - the combination of fiberglass and nylon gives toughness and durability but retains a light weight properties.

What’s more, there's an included thumb operated locking mechanism for safe storage and easy transportation. And that’s not all: the ambidextrous design will ensure ergonomics to suit right and left-handed users.

This model from Fiskars is a reliable tool for trimming and edging grass and plants in your garden. It’s equally useful for all landscaping purposes around your house.  

For precise cuts, you can also use the grass shears in gentle flower beds as well as decorative shrubs and bushes and potted plants. A truly versatile and reliable pair of grass shears and a shrub trimmer at a very affordable price.

Things We Liked

Ideal for all edging, light cutting and trimming tasks around the home

The blades rotate a full 360 degrees for the versatility of use

Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blades stay sharp through heavy use

4-1/2 inch blades cut all the way to the tip

Shear Ease technology aims at preventing the blades from sticking

Things We Didn't Like

Occasional sticking of blades can be annoying – improvements needed