6 Best Garden Gloves To Protect Your Hands | Must Read Reviews

For all you keen gardeners, a quality pair of garden gloves is an absolute must. Having a few extra pairs will do your hands a world of good.

With the multitude of various designs and materials used, we’ll try to make it a little easier for you to pick a perfect pair of gloves for you.

With a snug fit, and padded knuckles and palms, most garden gloves will protect your hands without compromising dexterity. As each pair has a few distinguishing features, let’s go over what to look before you buy a pair for yourself.

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1. Bellingham Bamboo Garden Gloves
2. Magid BE195T Bella Women's Pro Rose Garden Glove
3. Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gloves
4. Amazing Stuff For You Garden Gloves
5. Gardena 9 Pairs Gardening Gloves
6. Skytree 7 Pairs Pack, Gardening Gloves

Garden Gloves - Buying Guide

Whether you’re buying a pair for you or as a gift for a gardening enthusiast, you’ll need to consider the basic characteristics and features.

The Size

You need close-fitting, flexible and breathable gloves. They need to allow you to maintain dexterity but also keep out the dirt, thorns and any potential bug bites, irritant plant oils, and sharp briars in your garden beds.

Most manufacturers offer small medium and large size. In the perfect case, the manufacturer will provide printable size samples so you can choose the closest possible fit.

If not, simply go for medium, if your hands are average size, or go for small/large size if you think they will fit better.

The Coating

Almost all models worth our recommendation have a protective layer which will keep your hands unharmed even when you’re working with the prickly flowers and bushes or stubborn, rough, coarse and sometimes even poisonous weeds.

The working part of the gloves is the palm area and a lot of manufacturers have started using a few millimeters-thick nitrile coating for your palms, fingers, and thumbs.

Nitrile provides a synthetic rubber coating which is as flexible as latex but, unlike latex, it does not have any latex proteins in the material itself. This is a much-needed feature for gardeners with latex allergies.

The nitrile needs to be thick enough to protect your hands from sharp thorns but not too thick to hinder movements of your hands when gardening.

The biggest advantage of nitrile over leather will be appreciated by all of you who regularly deal with shredded bark mulch: unlike leather, nitrile prevents the slivers from leaving tiny wood splinters in your palms and fingers.

Other rubbery, synthetic textured polymer materials are also used and all of them are solid options as long as they are not too thin to lose protective properties or too thick to decrease control over the plants, especially the most sensitive or fragile ones.

A few more useful features

Durable, close-fitting, and water-resistant gloves all have the right combo of materials as well as reinforcements such as double stitching.

A lot of gloves offer elastic cuffs or extended wrist pars almost up to your elbows. That’s a great feature to keep the dirt and prickly bits out and protect your hands from barbs and burrs.

You will certainly appreciate the reinforced knuckle protection, as well as the knit sleeves which are snug enough to prevent everything from slipping inside the gloves.

Another useful feature is the rubber dots on the palms for a better grip. And the last but not the least, it helps if the garden gloves are machine-washable for convenient maintenance.

Best Garden Gloves - Reviews

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Bellingham Bamboo Garden Gloves

Bellingham Bamboo Garden Gloves are a seamless, budget-friendly pair featuring breathable bamboo fabric. Their design will allow you to dig in the dirt without getting your fingernails dirty.

The material won’t make your hands sweat as much as they do in your average garden gloves and if you leave them unwashed or forget them outside in the rain or mud, they won’t get all smelly and yucky.

Bellingham Bamboo Garden Gloves may not be heavy-duty enough for pulling out prickly rose bushes or the most stubborn coarse weeds but they will do just fine for digging around in the garden and pulling out weeds with small spikes.

They certainly provide a good grip and will remain flexible and easy to put on and take off. Another advantage is that they dry out quickly and can be rinsed off easily after working in the dirt.

These gloves do a great job and fit so well that you will probably forget that you're even wearing them. They are flexible and will provide the grip you need to dig and grab small roots without feeling the heat even on a hot summer day.

While they're not as heavy-duty as some of the gloves we’ll review later on, they will provide a comfortable, stretchy fit while allowing full control over your work. In a nutshell, they will fit clotight enough for you to easily do carry out the delicate tasks, but not too close as to smother your hands or cause sweating.

The abrasion and puncture resistant palm-dipped style nitrile coating will mold to your hand for maximum comfort. Simply put, this is an all-around high-quality comfortable pair of garden gloves at an insanely affordable price.

Things We Liked

  • Nitrile coating for protection and flexibility
  • Super comfortable gloves
  • Easy to maintain and machine-washable
  • Perfect stretchy fit for maximum dexterity
  • Inexpensive and highly durable for light and medium-duty tasks

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not for prickly rose bushes



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Magid BE195T Bella Women's Pro Rose Garden Glove

Magid Bella Women's Pro Rose Garden Gloves are made with strength, durability, and comfort. For added protection, they feature elbow-length gauntlet cuffs which will keep your forearms safe from scratches and cuts.

Magid Bella Garden Gloves offer solid thorn protection using a puncture-resistant, synthetic leather padded palms and reinforced fingertips along with a form-fitting spandex back for ultimate comfort.

They are also nicely designed and beautifully stitched. As for the medium size, the exact measures are as follows: the middle fingertip to top of elastic is 6 3/4", thepalm width is 3 7/8" and the total length is 15 1/2".

Because these gloves aren't made of plastic or rubber, your hands won’t get sweaty or uncomfortable in warm weather. The gloves are heavy suede and they breathe but also provide all the protection you need when working outdoors.

There is a bungee elastic around the wrists for extra safety, as well as reinforced spots on the fingertips and parts of the palm for better grip and even more protection.

A little bit of padding is always a good feature, but too much of it can make it difficult for you to close your hand or bend your fingers. Bending your fingers with Magid Bella Garden Gloves is very easy, so no worries there.

Overall, these soft but sturdy gloves are a great deal for the price, with no loss of dexterity and a lovely design.

Things We Liked

  • Nitrile coating for protection and flexibility
  • Puncture resistant and sturdy but super comfy
  • Padded palm and reinforced fingertips for better and safer grip
  • Elbow-length gauntlet cuff will protect your forearms
  • The knuckle guard gives added protection from thorns
  • The form-fitting spandex back for comfort and flexibility

Things We Didn't Like

  • Be extra careful when choosing the size as these don’t stretch



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Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gloves

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gloves will help you avoid all skin wounds and keep your hands and nails clean. They provide maximum protection for your hands while having a snug fit. These gloves are abrasion-resistant and will last for a good many enjoyable gardening sessions.

Some gardening gloves are so thick that you can hardly feel what you’re doing, which make tasks that involve handling tiny seeds or delicate seedlings next to impossible.

Unlike many stiff garden gloves, Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gloves will fit like a second skin, which is what every gardener needs.

Apart from providing the much-needed protection, these will allow you to have control and feel exactly what you’re doing. They will keep your hands dry and provide excellent grip thanks to the nitrile coating.

Pine Tree Bamboo Gloves are perfect for any gardening task and very comfortable to wear for hours on end. The bamboo material is breathable and it will keep your hands cool while absorbing perspiration. Bamboo will keep your hands cool in summer and warm in winter.

These gloves offer gardeners almost bare hand sensitivity and you can even use them to answer calls on your smart phone. At the same time, they offer excellent grip, not just when gardening or for potting plants, but also when you go fishing, do the cleaning chores, and other activities which need hand protection as well as dexterity.

Things We Liked

  • Abrasion resistant and highly flexible
  • Nitrile coating for excellent grip and protection
  • Breathable material keeps your hands dry
  • Tight fit provides maximum dexterity
  • Useful for various other tasks

Things We Didn't Like

  • Will wear out quite quickly when used for tasks tougher than gardening



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Amazing Stuff For You Garden Gloves

Amazing Stuff For You Garden Gloves is another highly flexible pair of gloves which will meet all your gardening needs and then some. They are sturdy enough to keep thorns out but at the same time flexible enough so to maintain dexterity.

These gloves allow you to pick up and hold tiny and slippery things and the elastic wrist cuffs will keep out all the dirt, rock, trimmings and other unwanted particles. They are breathable will reduce perspiration, and protect your hands from the heat and cold.

Amazing Stuff For You Garden Gloves will be a welcome change from all those stiff gloves, rubbing seams or spots which are so tight that will cause blisters. As for the maintenance, you can simply throw them in the washing machine and air dry afterward.

They are essential for pruning, weeding, planting and all the other gardening tasks but they’ll also come handy for other chores around the house, changing oil in your car, and even handling fish you’ve just caught or bought in order to scale it and wash it before turning it into a delicious and healthy meal.

They are available in three sizes and here’s a chart to help you choose the right one:

Things We Liked

  • Abrasion resistant and highly flexible
  • Puncture resistant nitrile coating reduces cuts and scratches
  • Breathable material and elastic wrist cuff protection
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Excellent fit and maximum dexterity
  • Handy gloves for gardening and other jobs around the home

Things We Didn't Like

  • Tiny rose pricks might get through



Editor Rating:


Gardena 9 Pairs Gardening Gloves

Gardena Gardening Gloves come in a value pack of nine pairs. These gloves come with durable and comfortable fabrics, top-quality materials and a non-slip surface. The non-toxic materials and the dexterity-preserving design are perfect for various applications.

Gardena gloves are washable at 30°C and unlike some lower quality gloves Gardena’s remain pliable after washing and don’t get all brittle and stiff. With 9 pairs per pack, you will always have enough gloves on hand.

These all-around gloves feature robust materials to protect your hands from injuries when you are working with shrubs and thorny plants. The non-slip and water-repellent latex coating also allows a perfect grip while working with plants and using tools.

In addition, the latex material ensures that your hands stay dry and clean and the reinforcements on the fingertips provide protection from dirt and moisture. At the same time, dexterity will not be compromised and you’ll be able to work with delicate plants.

The sensitive fabric selection and the elastic knitted material guarantee a perfect fit, wearing comfort and breathability, which prevents sweating.

Things We Liked

  • Great all-around gloves
  • A value-pack of nine is a good deal
  • High-quality breathable materials
  • Nitrile coating protects your hands and provides a good grip
  • Machine washable and with long-lasting flex

Things We Didn't Like

  • No major cons noted



Editor Rating:


Skytree 7 Pairs Pack, Gardening Gloves

Skytree Gardening Gloves come in a value-pack of seven at a really good price. The colorful design with lovely patterns makes these perfect for all you ladies who like your hands as beautiful as your plants.

They can be used for various gardening tasks as well as light work in and around the home. The palm is dipped in PU material which enables perfect grip and abrasion protection while the breathable back will keep your hands cool and comfy.

They are exceptionally comfortable, durable and pleasant to use. After they get dirty, simply toss them in the washing machine because you have 6 more pairs to use.

These gloves are light and provide a tight fit and the materials have been carefully chosen and the gloves made with gentle women’s hands in mind.

They are not made for tougher jobs and you need to watch out for those prickly rose bushes as the thorns can pierce through the material. Overall, these are cute, convenient and affordable gloves for all the keen lady-gardeners.

Things We Liked

  • 7 pairs of gloves make this purchase a great value for your buck
  • Beautiful colorful patterns for the ladies
  • Washable gloves for easy and convenient care
  • Good all-around gloves for light tasks

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not for tougher task and prickly plants