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5 Best Garden Cart Reviews | Yard, Lawn, and Wagon Models Included - GardenAware.com

5 Best Garden Cart Reviews | Lawn, Yard, and Wagon Models Included

The best garden cart is a must-have for all garden enthusiasts as well as professional gardeners. This highly practical gardening tool is irreplaceable for hauling garden supplies and materials, plants, tools, and accessories.

Before you actually decide on the model, take a few minutes to read our buying guide and the individual reviews. We are here to help you make an informed decision so that you can get the best garden cart for your needs.

Top 3 Best Garden Carts


  • Easy to pull up to 600 pounds
  • Quick-release dumping system
  • Balanced 4-wheel design


  • Removable steel mesh sides for added convenience with larger loads
  • Durable 34-inch x 18-inch steel mesh bed and 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • New frame design offers improved maneuverability and sturdiness


  • Lightweight and easy to roll
  • 7-inch wheels with durable metal axel
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Best Garden Cart Buying Guide 

All of us gardeners regularly haul loads of supplies and tools so what we need is a garden cart which is easy to use, durable, has the capacity we need and can be conveniently loaded, unloaded and stored away.

Let’s consider the most important features of good quality garden carts one by one.

Which Carrying Capacity Will Suit Your Needs?

You need to think about the appropriate for the type of gardening you intend to do in terms of load capacity.

Gardening carts come in various maximum capacities from about 400 pounds all the way up to 1.200 pounds or more. You should consider the weight you will be pulling and buy a yard cart accordingly.

garden carts are very handy

What I mean by this is that there’s no need to pay a higher price for a heavy-duty, large-load cart if you’re not going to be using it regularly.

In general, heavy-duty carts are more expensive for a good reason: they need to be of excellent quality to cater for heavy loads close to 1.000 pounds or more. The materials need to be super-solid and the tires are usually pneumatic and more expensive.

When using these, make sure not run over your best soaker hose. For light hauling you might as well go for an affordable lawn cart up to 600 pounds and use their full potential.

For heavier loads, choose a well-made yard cart which will stand up to the tasks at hand and last you a great many seasons. This type of carts should come with removable sides to enable easy loading, unloading and hauling bulky loads.

You should also consider the best wheelbarrow for certain jobs.

What Kinds Of Bed Materials Are Used?

The bed material needed is closely related to the hauling capacity. For heavier loads, you should definitely consider steel bed as it’s the most durable. It will last for years,

We suggest that you paint-protect the steel beds from rusting or discoloring caused by acidic compost or any chemicals the bed may get exposed to. Bear in mind that steel beds are always on the heavy side and a little more expensive option. A huge plus is that most come with detachable sides.

The next best material is polyethylene. It’s scratch and dents resistant almost like steel. Another advantage of polyethylene is that it weighs less than steel and doesn’t rust over time.

The thirds most common and least expensive material is plastic. It’s used in carts which are not intended for heavy or bulky loads but for light ones. Plastic carts can also be very useful for tools and accessories. Some of the models are scooters so you can also sit on them while gardening. All models are light-weight and rust-resistant.

One disadvantage is that plastic beds can crack if you leave them in the sun for longer periods. Because of this, you should keep them in the shade.

Garden cart wheels 

More robust, heavy-duty garden carts come with rubber pneumatic tires. They need to be inflated, much like bicycle tires and they are great shock absorbers and perfect for most terrains. They are prone to punctures, though.

Non-pneumatic tires made of solid rubber are the next option. They won’t ride as smoothly as rubber pneumatic tires, but they won’t get punctured either.

There’s a hybrid semi-pneumatic tire consisting of a rubber tire with air pockets built in. It offers some shock absorption and doesn’t need inflation.

Garden carts intended for lighter loads usually come with plastic wheels. Plastic wheels/tires are light-weight and will not pop or get punctured.

Some plastic tires are threaded and all of them will suit the tasks on the grass and other soft surfaces. For a more rugged terrain, you should go with rubber pneumatic tires.

What Types Of Handles Are There?

Although the traditional straight handles provide more maneuverability easy tilting and dumping, they do require more hand strength on your part.

Closed handles and single-bar grips are most popular because they are ergonomic and make pulling or pushing much easier. The two-handled design is more difficult to manage by people of smaller build. They also require less strength.

How Many Wheels Are There On Different Garden Carts?

While wheelbarrows only have one wheel positioned front-and-center, the most common four-wheel design on garden carts offers less maneuverability but it is much easier to pull heavy loads.

Two wheels up front allow for more stability than single wheel carts but they are less maneuverable. They are suitable for light and medium loads.

Two-wheel and four-wheel carts are not best performers on hilly terrain or steep inclines. Fortunately, most gardens are flat so the four-wheel design is probably the best option in most cases. If they have detachable sides, you will get even more convenience from your cart.

Having considered the most important features, let’s move on to our top 5 garden carts reviews!

Best Garden Cart – Our 5 Top Picks Reviewed


Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart is simple to use and much easier to handle than a one-wheel wheelbarrow because it comes with four wheels. It has a solid capacity of 600 pounds and the bed made of polyurethane.

Poly Garden Dump Cart features a patented quick-release dumping system. It allows this cart to be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily. The balanced 4-wheel design makes this cart easy to maneuver even when fully loaded.

All four wheels feature the 10-inch pneumatic tires while the updated frame design allows for more durability as well as quick and easy assembly. It takes about one hour to fully assemble the cart and you could with a power tool, if you have one, because of a larger number of screws.

The durable polyurethane bed on this cart is easy to clean and won’t rust. The bed is 38.7-inch x 20-inch and the padded pull handle will make it more comfortable to pull the maximum 600 pounds of the load this bed can take.

This cart features the patented quick-release dumping system which works easy and requires a simple pull of a pin. It allows the cart to be loaded and unloaded easily and in no time.

As for the unloading convenience, the weight of the load will usually be enough to tilt the bed backward to dump the load.

You might need to pick the cart up to fully dump it if the load isn’t too heavy on your back. Bear this in mind and don’t overload the cart.

For most gardening tasks as well as moderate work involving up to 600 pounds of loads to pull in or around your yard, Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart is probably your best choice.

Things We Liked

Easy to pull up to 600 pounds

Quick-release dumping system

Balanced 4-wheel design

Durable rust-proof polyurethane bed

Things We Didn't Like

Assembly process takes about an hour


Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides is the best cart to use for household gardening, lawn mowing, and yard work if you’ll be hauling up to 400 pounds of load.

What makes this wagon cart special is the unique feature which makes it even more versatile: it has removable sides, which makes loading and unloading of bulky materials really convenient.

The large 10-inch pneumatic tires will allow you to do more tasks quickly and move more load in one go. Another great feature is the new Gorilla Carts frame design.

The improved frame allows for quick and easy assembly and also provides more maneuverability and ground clearance. As with all Gorilla Carts, the handle is padded and allows a better and more comfortable grip.

This cart rolls very easily. Due to the compact size, it will fit in most sheds or garages. It takes up to an hour to assemble and if you protect it with an anti-corrosive it should last seasons on end.

You’ll love the fact that you can simply take the sides off and use the cart as a flat bed when you need to haul mulch or branches around your garden or yard. Most of the garden tools will also fit in the cart.

The grate on the bottom is also a great feature so that the dirt simply falls through, rather than accumulate in the bed so you won't need to spend time cleaning out the inside of the cart whenever you use it.

Overall, a great multifunctional and solid quality garden cart from Gorilla Carts. A real bang for your buck!

Things We Liked

Removable steel mesh sides for added convenience with larger loads

Durable 34-inch x 18-inch steel mesh bed and 10-inch pneumatic tires

New frame design offers improved maneuverability and sturdiness

Padded pull handle for easy pull up to 400-pounds

Things We Didn't Like

The slide locks securing the gates jostle on rough terrain


Suncast LC1250D Poly Rolling Cart is convenient and lightweight alternative to traditional garden carts and wheelbarrows. It features a sturdy resin cart, 2 7-inch wheels, and a durable metal handle, a design which will meet most of your needs when it comes to light-duty gardening. 

With this garden cart, you will definitely find it much easier to navigate, not just in your garden but also in and around the house. This sturdy cart can be used for hauling mulch, compost, garden supplies as well as home supplies including groceries and even wood pellets.

This garden cart from Suncast is not prone to tipping, except when on sloping terrain, and requires less maintenance than your average cart. This is because the wheels are made of solid rubber and the cart is rust-free.

This mostly plastic garden cart is lighter and less tiring because none of the weight is borne by your shoulders. You can easily pull it wherever you need. Since there is a recess at the bottom which you can grasp, you’ll be able to lift it easily to conveniently empty the cart when dealing with lighter loads.

You’ll find it super-easy to unload leaves and branches straight to a dumpster. In addition, the cart meaaasuring 20 x 22 x 34 inches makes it really convenient for storage as it takes up little space in your garden shed or garage.

The small bottom, however, means you will not be able to haul multiple bags in upright position. This cart from Suncast is not the ideal solution for moving loose soil, mulch or rocks around because it’s not that easy to tip the load out. 

You’ll have no problems maintaining and cleaning the Suncast LC1250D Poly Rolling. You can use it for various purposes and, overall, it’s a reliable and affordable solution for your hauling needs.

Things We Liked

Lightweight and easy to roll

7-inch wheels with durable metal axel

New frame design offers improved maneuverability and sturdiness

Takes up little space in storage

Things We Didn't Like

Plastic may crack if you overload the cart


Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter is designed to be your faithful gardening companion. You can keep all your gardening tools inside the scooter which has an 8.5 gallons capacity. A removable accessories basket is also included for supplies and tools.

This portable scooter has a seat with a foam cushion which is a comfortable resting spot so you don’t have to squat all the time. The cushion can be removed and used as a kneeling pad.

It also has two drink holders if you get thirsty while gardening. The holders are on the shallow side which makes them more of a spot to put down your drink rather than a real holder. 

The resin wheels allow for convenient mobility and the pull-strap makes pulling the scooter super easy. The lid snaps shut securely so if you leave the scooter in the rain the lid will stay put and keep everything inside nice and dry.

Overall, this inexpensive piece of gardening equipment can store 8.5 and doubles as a comfortable gardening seat. You get a free accessories bin for gathering produce or keeping/moving supplies and the foam cushion designed for sitting also comes handy as a kneeling pad.

Things We Liked

Convenient scooter with pull strap

Lightweight and rust-free poly material

The sitting cushion doubles as kneeling pad

The lid snap-shuts securely

Things We Didn't Like

Not the best for uneven areas and rough terrain


Gorilla Carts Steel Utility Cart With Removable Sides comes with a capacity of 800 lb and in red color. It is very similar to the 400 lb model but has a larger bed of 38-inch x 21-inch. This cart with steel mesh bottom and sides is a great option for household gardening and yard work.

The large 10-inch pneumatic tires will stand up to the task of hauling 800 pounds load. The improved frame design provides more convenient maneuvering and has more ground clearance.

The handle is padded and offers a solid and comfortable grip. Do bear in mind that the pull convenience and functionality also depend on your strength: if you can’t handle the cart with 800 lb maximum load, go for a more manageable model with less capacity.

The removable sides make loading and unloading of heavier materials much more convenient than any cart with the solid one-piece bed. Once you take the sides off, you can conveniently use the cart as a flat-bed cart. It will be of great help when hauling branches or other bulky loads or heavy garden/yard tools.

This cart is also a compact size and you’ll be able to store it away in your shed or garage to protect it from the weather. Once it is delivered, it will take you about one hour to assemble it.

The cart will last longer if you protect it with an anti-corrosive. It will also be easier to maintain and clean because all the dirt will fall through the grate bottom. This is another hauling piece of equipment from Gorilla Carts at a fair price. 

Things We Liked

Padded pull handle for easy pulling up to 800-pounds

Removable steel mesh sides for more convenient handling of heavier loads

Durable 38-inch x 21-inch steel mesh bed

The 10-inch pneumatic tires suitable for uneven terrain

Things We Didn't Like

A sturdier bottom (for 800 lbs loads) would be an improvement