7 Best Electric and Cordless Pole Saws 2018 – Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide

Pole saws are а variation of chainsaws designed to make it easy to trim tree limbs and shrubs you can’t safely reach from the ground. Being able to use a small and lightweight chainsaw at the end of an extended pole, you can safely stand on the ground while cutting or pruning branches above.

There are a number of reasons to invest in a pole saw, but the main reason is that they are lightweight, safe and really convenient for the trimming and pruning tasks. It’s a lot safer to use a pole saw than it is to try and tackle higher tree branches without one.

Of the two types (electric and gas) this review will cover the best electric pole saws.

ModelEditor RatingPriceCordlessBar/Chain LengthMax Shaft LengthWeight (lbs) 
1. GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX 40V
2. WORX WG309
3. Oregon 40V Max PS250-A6
5. Sun Joe SWJ800E
7. GreenWorks 20352 24V

Buying Guide and Useful Tips

Why do you need one?

The best cordless pole saw for your needs allows you to avoid trying to climb trees or use a ladder for pruning and cutting tasks. The top picks in our cordless pole saw reviews feature ergonomically designed handles with anti-vibration properties, making them extra comfortable and easy to handle. The battery capacity is important as it will give you more operating time. It will give a little additional weight to the tool itself.

The best corded pole saws are a bit more powerful than cordless ones, due to the constant source of power. You do have to use extension cord and pay attention to it while working.

Electric pole saws are by far more convenient than having to utilize ladders, climbing equipment or large chainsaws which require both hands to operate while dangling from a tree. Neither safe nor convenient chore.

With quality battery packs capable of holding charges longer and adding little extra weight, cordless pole saws are a must have addition to your yard power tools arsenal.

As for the price, if you’ve ever used a professional tree service before, then you’ll know that you can pay off your investment with just one use. We see no reason why any home owner with a yard full of trees should go without one of these quite affordable tools.

How are they used?

Before operating the pole saw, you should inspect it to make sure it’s in good operating condition and safe to use. Then, clear the area between yourself and the tree and keep in mind the potential hazard of falling limbs if you’re trimming directly overhead.

After inspecting the pole saw and clearing any possible obstructions underneath the tree limb you are felling, you need to plan your cuts. Even the removal of a single limb typically requires a number of preliminary cuts and jump cuts before making the final cut.

When cutting branches, limbs, and so on, most of the time the blade should start at the top. When making a jump cut, however, you will want to start the blade and cut from underneath the limb. Since gravity isn’t on your side, this can be quite physically demanding, so it’s important to keep the weight of a pole saw in mind when making a decision which model to buy.

Features to look for

When choosing the best cordless pole saw, the first criterion you should have in mind is saw quality and cutting power. The longer the saw and thicker the chain, the better it can cut. Look for pole saws with stronger chains made out of carbon or high-tempered steel.

Bar length and pole length are important to consider: most cordless pole saws come with 8-inch bars (the bar is the part around which the chain travels) but some 10-inch models are also available. As for poles, they usually extend 8-10 feet which is more than enough.

Great overall designs will allow you to operate your cordless electric pole saw comfortably and efficiently. With self-lubricating chains, telescopic and lengthy extendable poles, anti-vibration systems, and more, it will be easy to find an awesome pole saw featuring a number of convenient and smart design improvements.

Let’s take a look at the models we chose for our cordless pole saw reviews!

7 Best Electric Pole Saws

Editor Rating:


GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw, 2Ah Battery and Charger Included

GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX Pole Saw is a 40V model in their G-Max line of cordless yard tools. It has a bar that measures 8 inches. That’s a standard bar and chain size so you’ll be able to replace it in various shops when needed. You’ll probably get about two sharpenings or more out of the chain included.

It has a few really easy-to-use features which are perfect for all homeowners, weekend gardeners and professionals alike. The chain is self-oiling. All you need to do is make sure you keep some chain oil in the see-through reservoir which holds 50 ml.

Adjusting chain tension isn’t that difficult, though not as easy as it seem at first look. The visible lock bolt on the outside of the tool lets you remove the drivecase cover and access the chain tensioning screw. If your chain slips a little after using it for an extensive tree trimming session on multiple trees, you can easily adjust it. New chains may also need some adjustment.

After charging the battery, you need to assemble the pole saw by screwing the pieces together. This will take very little time, and you will like the design and the way the large threaded collars hold the extension rods together. This enables a secure connection between the contacts located within the pole.

With this system, the motor sits at the saw-end of the tool, making the pole a singular conduit for the battery power and activation electronics which are transmitted from the handle to the saw motor.

Once the assembly of your best battery cordless pole saw is completed, fill it with chain oil, verify the proper chain tension and you can start work. You’ll find it really lightweight. At 8.4 pounds (including the 2 Ah battery), it’s about half as heavy as gas powered pole saws.

According to this battery pole saw reviews, GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX Pole Saw is very maneuverable. You’ll find it easy to go from limb to limb and get the saw to position itself exactly where you want it for top and bottom cuts. Going back and doing your cleanup cuts will also be easy as the saw is very precise and easily operated due to its low weight.

The 8 foot reach of the G-Max 40V pole saw is really well-balanced and the split weight design (battery and controls on one end, motor and blade on the other) will keep the pole saw nimble while working.

Overall, this will be a great buy at the price and we suggest you seriously consider going for it!

Things We Liked

  • ​8-Inch bar and chain for easy trimming of branches
  • 3-piece aluminum shaft can be extended to 8 ft.
  • G -MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery
  • Easy adjust chain tensioning system
  • Auto-oiling feature with 50ml see-through tank

Things We Didn't Like

  • You can’t use other Greenworks 40V batteries for this saw as it’s a G –MAX type



Editor Rating:


WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw, 10-Inch

WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw is a unique and multifunctional corded electric pole saw. If you attach the 8-foot extension pole you’ll be able reach higher limbs without using a ladder and do the trimming and pruning. Once you detach the pole, you’ll be able to easily saw the fallen limbs.

The pole attaches with no additional tools required, which makes it quick and convenient way to switch from a chainsaw to a pole saw. This is the best electric pole saw as regards versatility. It is also praised in the electric pole saws reviews for its patented auto-tensioning chain system to help extend the life of the bar and chain.

In addition, the automatic, tool-free chain tensioning system and automatic oil pump with level indicator make this pole saw even easier to operate and maintain. This 10-inch compact tool has a rotatable handle for efficient pruning.

WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw has a powerful 8 Amp motor and versatile design with the leak free chain oil reservoir, making it the perfect yard tool for light to medium duty trimming, lambing, pruning and general clean up around your yard.

This saw has an easy to handle pole which extends up to 8 feet. The pole saw weighs exactly 10 pounds, which makes it a little heavier than most models when fully extended. It is, however, manageable and it does cut quickly and precisely.

Watch out for the weight of the saw coming down at the end of the pole as the branch falls. Some upper body strength will be needed to operate this saw but it’s nothing an average built and reasonably fit user can't handle.

This saw will deliver. It cuts through 3-4" diameter branches with no problem. Cutting into any grassy plants does pull some grass into the chain and the interior, which will require occasional breaks to stop and pull it all out.

The chain saw attaches and detaches from the pole easily, and it is very rigid when attached. It is a bit of a workout, especially if you are using it to cut parallel to the ground. As mentioned in our buying guide and the sawing tips, if you can rest the saw blade on the branch which you are cutting, the weight is much more manageable.

Overall, WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw might be your best electric pole chain saw for all the reasons we highlighted above. Since this is a corded saw, we recommend using 12ga extension cords as the amp draw is significant.

Things We Liked

  • ​Powerful 8 Amp motor
  • 8-Inch bar and chain for easy trimming of branches
  • Patented auto-tension chain system for extended bar and chain life
  • Rotatable working handle for easy pruning

Things We Didn't Like

  • At maximum length, the pole bends a fair bit and is hard to stabilize



Editor Rating:


Oregon Cordless 40V Max PS250-A6 Pole Saw with 4.0 Ah Battery & Standard Charger

Oregon Cordless 40V Max PS250-A6 Pole Saw comes with a 4.0 Ah Battery and a standard charger. It arrives efficiently packaged and, with some minor assembly, it will quickly be ready for use.

This pole saw is a machine with solid construction, matte finish and ergonomic design. The Lithium-ion 40 volt battery is about the size of a driveway paver. A bit bulky battery may put off some of you but with best cordless pole saws batteries size does matter. It won’t run out of power mid-project—or worse, close to the end.

In the case of the Oregon products, the 40 volt PowerNow battery line will work with all of their 40 volt cordless power tools, which includes a string trimmer/edger, chainsaw, hedge trimmer and this pole saw. It’s good to have one battery which you can use with several different tools. The battery in this review is a 4.0 Ah model which is the largest in the PowerNow line as regards capacity and run-time and it will require less frequent recharging.

This saw features a unique material selection of the extension shaft casing. On the PS250 it is made of a fiberglass composite. This provides lightweight strength, especially with its oval shape. The drive shaft itself is solid and precise metal core that comes well lubricated and fits snugly together upon assembly to the drive unit.

Upon full assembly, this pole saw balances quite well. Along with the included shoulder strap, the saw is relatively easy to handle and operate. At 13.5 lbs. with the battery on-board, this saw is lighter than most gas-powered pole saws but a tad heavier than most electric ones.

Like all pole saws, this model is long and requires handling attention as well as some upper body strength. Using the saw, however, is easy. After filling the auto-oiler for the chain (oil is included in the box), you’ll be good to go.

There’s a trigger lock that keeps you from accidentally activating the trigger until you’re ready. One hand easily accomplishes the whole starting procedure and it’s great when a cordless tool starts immediately when you need it.

Things We Liked

  • ​Mid-mount motor design for better tool balance and a reduced elevated weight
  • 8" Bar and cast aluminum branch removal hook
  • Patented auto-tension chain system for extended bar and chain life Ergonomically engineered to be well balanced, low-vibration and quiet
  • 40V MAX Lithium Ion Power for up to 500 cuts on 2-3" branches
  • Premium cell technology with constant no-fade power

Things We Didn't Like

  • According to a few battery pole saw reviews, the battery arrived dead but was quickly replaced



Editor Rating:


BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20V Lithium Ion Pole Saw, 8"

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20V is a lightweight and easy to use cordless pole saw. At only 6.3 pounds, it is the lightest saw in our reviews. This is the best cordless pole saw for those of you who would have trouble operating heavier corded electric or gas saws which typically weigh around 10-16 pounds. This 20V model even comes in at a few pounds lighter than other cordless saws.

With an 8-inch cutting bar, this saw is rated for cutting branches up to 6 inches in diameter, which it does without problems. Handling the saw is really easy. Vibration and noise are low, and the low weight makes it easy to maneuver.

As for reliability, this saw holds up well with very few reports of the motor giving out. It uses lithium-ion batteries and, as with all Li-Ion batteries, you should make sure to recharge the battery right away once you drain it to ensure it continues to hold its charge well. With this saw, you should expect to get a solid hour of cutting with the included battery.

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20V has a maximum extension of 10 feet. It has a removable center pole section which can reduce the length to 6 1/2 feet. This will make it easier to handle if you don’t need the extra length. At full extension, you can expect to cut limbs as high as 14’ up.

One small con with this model is that it doesn’t have an automatic oiler. Having no reservoir to pump out oil onto the chain, it does include a small oil bottle for you to apply it manually. You’ll need to purchase some bar and chain oil and squirt it onto the bar and chain before staring each job.

Things We Liked

  • ​Good cutting power with 20V battery
  • Battery can be used with other B+D tools
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Long maximum reach of 10’
  • Storage bag and charger included

Things We Didn't Like

  • No auto-oiling feature: don’t forget to oil the bar and chain manually



Editor Rating:


Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw can extend up to 8 feet, bringing an 8 inch sawing surface to all those and hard to reach branches to make trimming and pruning tasks easy and convenient. It’s corded so bear in mind to have the appropriate length and solid gauge extension cord.

Coming with an ergonomic handle designed for extended use, The SWJ800E Sun Joe Pole Chain Saw includes a rubber handle to make continued use less strenuous on the hands.

This saw comes with an automatic oil lubrication system, ensuring a smooth performance while using the tool. For the automatic oil lubrication, an 80 ml tank is included and can be refilled between uses or when necessary.

This pole saw comes with a 6.5 AMP motor which powers the 8-inch bar and chain and draws its power from a cord connection. At 7 pounds, it comes at a little above the average weight for corded pole chain saws.

You will like this saw because the pole is adjustable, providing a range of possible lengths that make it easier to use. What's more, you’ll appreciate the reliability and infrequency of the chain jumping the track, making the overall length of time spent sawing shorter and hassle free.

With an easy lock and unlock mechanism and a good manual while backed with two year warranty, you should be a happy customer with this model. Sun Joe, the brand most of you know, has produced a reliable chain saw worthy of the manufacturer’s reputation.

Things We Liked

  • ​Powerful 6.5-amp motor cuts branches effortlessly
  • 8-Inch Oregon cutting bar and chain with automatic lubrication
  • Telescoping pole extends to 8.7 ft
  • CSA approved with full 2-year warranty

Things We Didn't Like

  • The advertised 7” branch thickness which the saw supposedly cuts easily is questionable



Editor Rating:


BLACK+DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw, 10-Inch

BLACK+DECKER PP610 offers all the advantages of B&D tools: it is reliable and convenient while not overly expensive. It’s very easy to use featuring push button start and takes a little maintenance), you are not limited by battery running time and also don’t have to mix fuel. As this is a corded saw, you’ll need an outlet in the reasonable vicinity and an extension cord of good quality.

The assembly is quite easy. You just install the chain and tighten it which all takes a few minutes. The oval shaped pole is sturdy has a good grip and offers a standard length of 9.5′ when fully extended. Effectively, you’ll be able to reach about 14 feet, depending on your height of course.

It is fairly light and easy to maneuver, but as other pole saws, the more you extend it the heavier it feels. It also becomes a little unstable to full length as the motor is positioned at the top makes it a little heavier.

When you use this saw with the pole completely collapsed, it’s possible to cut branches from or close to the ground for added convenience. The 6.5 Amp motor offers enough power for light or medium pruning you may need, cutting to 6” limbs.

BLACK+DECKER PP610 features an automatic oiler which works well. The chain tightening is also easy and the tool you need to do it is included.

Things We Liked

  • ​10" low-kickback bar and chain for improved cutting performance
  • Sturdy 9.5' Extended pole for hard to reach branches
  • 6.5 Amp powerful motor for demanding cuts
  • Automatic oiling system for constant bar and chain lubrication

Things We Didn't Like

  • Motor to drive gear design could be better



Editor Rating:


GreenWorks 20352 24V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw, 2Ah Battery and Charger Included

GreenWorks 20352 comes with a variety of performance and safety features that not only help you get the trimming and pruning jobs done right, they also ensure carbon emission free operation for a cleaner environment.

Trimming out of reach branches is now not only easier to do, but is also environmentally friendly as GreenWorks 20352 gets its power from a 24V Cordless Lithium-Ion battery.

It provides reliable cutting performance without using cords

Its 8-inch cutting capacity makes it easy to trim and clean up branches, plants and more with ease. This cordless pole saw has an over-molded handle for increased user comfort and the rear handle lock-off switch prevents accidental start-ups. The pole easily detaches into 3 segments for storage and transportation.

A powerful 24V motor ensures dependable cutting performance while sturdy 8 inch bar and chain deliver reliable cutting power. The tool-less chain tension adjustment system with quick adjustment knob will make the adjusting easy and hassle free while the auto-oiler with clear-view window allows for easy oil level checks.

If you have doubts about how powerful a battery-operated saw would be, after using GreenWorks 20352 to trim the branches in your yard or garden you’ll see for yourself that a single charge will keep you going for quite some time.

If you have other GreenWorks products, you’ll love the fact that the same 24V battery can be used on all of them, which is very convenient. Overall, you’ll love this pole saw: it is extremely easy to use, it cuts branches up to 5in in diameter with no problems and at 10.5 pounds it’s average weight and not too heavy for an average user.

Things We Liked

  • ​8-Inch bar and chain for easy trimming and pruning jobs
  • 24V Lithium-Ion Battery is compatible with other GreenWorks tools
  • Charger included in the purchase
  • 3-piece aluminum shaft can be extended to 8 ft.
  • Easy adjust chain tensioning system

Things We Didn't Like

  • This cordless pole saw must be stored horizontally or the bar oil will leak out



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