10 Must Have DIY Gardening and Landscaping Tools

Gardening is a hobby that rejuvenates the human body. Gardens ensure positive environment maintained in and around the house, but it is important that you maintain the garden to prevent it from being destroyed. This article details some gardening equipment that is important for a perfect garden – beyond just “using some of the best sprinklers available” as other articles promote.

These techniques, as well as tips for maintaining a healthy garden, are very easy to follow and thus everyone can understand them as well as use them without any difficulty.

1.Weed Killers

A weed killer in actionWhen you maintain a lawn you will definitely come across the problems of weed. Weeds are an unwanted pest in the garden which often crops up and needs to be removed every now and then. There are various weed killers or in other words herbicides which are used to get rid of the weeds.

How to Choose them?

The weed killer which you use should be chosen very carefully and also used very carefully. The amount to be sprayed on your lawn should be as per the instructions otherwise it can damage the garden and the wanted plants as well.

Weed killers are sprayed in the garden and thus it is very important that you use this spray on a non-windy day or it can ruin other plants as well if it spreads. You’ll want to get the proper killer based on the weed you have.

The Pro

The main advantage of weed killers is that they are very easy to use. If one goes to clear the weeds by the traditional way it is a very big task as it requires a lot of patience as well as hard work. One has to physically uproot the weeds. Thus weed killers are always better to use as they do a very efficient job at killing the weeds and that too without any physical efforts.


A dethatcher is a device which is used for removing thatch from the lawns. Usually, the best dethatchers which are available in the market run on gasoline but for domestic uses electrical dethatchers are also available.

What is a thatch?

Thatch is basically a layer of organic covering which includes dead leaves, weeds, dead roots stems leaves and so on. This layerDethatcher in action is totally unnecessary as it has the potential to curb the growth of your lawn.

Removing thatches

Removing the thatch is very beneficial as it helps in maintaining the lawn and also acts as a catalyst for the healthy growth of the grass. Thatch problems should be taken very seriously as thatches can encourage moss to grow as well as spread. Dethatching is a technique which should be carefully followed.

Why You want a Dethatcher

One cannot just go and scrape off all the thatch which one sees as chances are that one can damage the grass completely. After all, thatch is an organic waste and acts as fertilizers and hence a little amount of thatch on the lawn is totally okay.

There are various dethatchers which are available in the market. The dethatcher has metal rotating blades which are sharp enough to remove the thatch but blunt enough not to crop the grass.

3.Lawn Aerator

Roots hold on to the soil tightly and thus aeration of the lawn is a bit of a problem. Lawn aeration means digging small holes in the land which can make the soil breathable for lawns. Thus, aeration of the lawn is an important process which helps in reducing the formation of thatch as well as reducing compaction of soil.

The Definition

Easy to operate soil aeratorLawn aeration helps in improving the process of drainage of the soil. It encourages worms as well as other micro-flora and fauna to breathe in the soil. It is very important that the soil has living creatures like earthworms as they help in better growth of the plants. Earthworms are actually better lawn aerators as they also allow loosening of soil.

Artificially do it

For artificially aerating the soil if one has soil problems, artificial aerators are very efficient and effective. The best lawn aerators available in the market make the soil breathable and thus you can maintain your lawn very easily. Lawn aerators are very easy to operate.

Types of aerators

There are two types of aerators which are available in the market, one is manual and other one is electrical. The electrical aerators can mow a very big lawn and that too in very fewer times. Manual lawn aerator, of course, requires efforts for the same.

4.Garden Tiller

Gas operated garden tillerGas operated garden tillerPeople who are fond of gardening and have a small area of garden at their homes, know what efforts go into tilling the land so that it is free of weeds and other unwanted plants. It is necessary to till the land of the garden because if the land is not tilled there are many consequences that will degrade the land of if fertility and the garden will be destroyed. Garden tillers serve as the best tool to get rid of weeds, pests, insects, etc. and it also opens the pores of the ground so that there is sufficient airflow in the ground.

Why is it useful?

Gas operated garden tillerGas operated garden tillerGarden tiller is useful because it will be easy for you to remove all the unwanted things from your garden. The mechanical garden tillers are used by most of the people to save their time and effort. You will have to make sure that the tiller is used properly so that your garden is fresh again.

How to use it?

Most of the garden tillers available today are mechanical. They are known for saving time and efforts of the gardener. But while using the garden tiller one should make sure that they learn about how to use it perfectly.

The mechanical tillers require electrical supply. Connect the wire to the supply and turn the switch on. Before this, make sure that the tiller is not on. Otherwise, it may lead to a fatal accident.

Additional tips

Also, wear safety equipment such as gloves, boots, and glasses to make sure that the accident is prevented. Boots will ensure safety by covering your feet and thereby the mishap of the tiller damaging your foot will be prevented. The gloves will ensure that they insulate the body. In case, there is leakage, you will not feel the shock.

5.Tomato Cages

Tomato cages will protect your plantsTomato cages are equipment used in gardens or any other place to make sure that the plants or the object remain above the ground. The main purpose of the tomato cages is to make sure that it is out of reach of animals and to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garden. Tomato cages have various uses such as pot decoration, bird, bath, etc.

Why are they useful?

Tomato cages will protect your plantsTomato cages can be used as decoration in many ways. You can grow a pine cone tree inside the cage. This will look beautiful as outdoor decoration and also, the animals will not harm it. You can also use the tomato cage to make a bird bath.

Tips:  You can place a bowl of water on the tomato cage and the birds can have water or sit in it. It can also be used to put the flower pot upside down to enhance the beauty of the garden.

How to use tomato cages?

To use the tomato cages, you will have to put in some effort, but then your garden will grow beautifully. The use of tomato cage is to support the herbs with tender shoots. When you get a new seedling, place it inside the tomato cage and place the cage inside the ground. Hammer it down so that it fixes inside the ground.

When the seedling is planted and the cage is fixed, make sure that you gather all the branches that are growing non-uniformly and place them in the cage. This will ensure proper growth of the herb that you have planted inside the tomato cage.

6.Watering Can

Why use a watering can?

A watering can is simple and effective toolWatering can have always been the fanciest item available in the kit of gardening equipment and are great as long as you have a garden hose. The watering can come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and it depends on the user which can be used for the garden. The bigger watering cans can be used in case you have a big garden with a lot of grass and less flow.

If you have just flowers and very little grass, you can select a can with a smaller nozzle. This will ensure that the water falls on the flower and it is not wasted. While purchasing a watering can, make sure that you check the water quantity it can hold. Because, if the water quantity is low, you will have to go and refill every now and then.

How to use a watering can?

Using a watering can keep your plants healthy is simple and effective. A watering can always be preferred over using a hose pipe. If you are using a watering can make sure that you maintain a proper distance between the plant and the nozzle. This is because if the flow is heavy, the flower might break.

Also, there is another way to use the watering can. Apart from using only water in the can, you can mix some insecticide or pesticide with water and use it over the plant to kill pests. It can also be used to kill weed and other microorganisms present on the ground.

7.Lawn Trimmer/String Trimmer

Lawn trimmers help in healthy growthLawn trimmer is also known as string trimmer and is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of unwanted plants, weeds, pests, etc.

Why is Lawn Trimmer useful?

 The lawn trimmer is a convenient way to maintain your garden because firstly, it is mechanical and so it saves time and second, the blade can be adjusted according to the use. This means, it depends on you whether you want to keep the land with small grass, medium grass or just trim the edges. 

Lawn trimmers also help in healthy growth of garden because of regular trimming of grass, gives a better quality of growth and it also keeps the land free of pests and weeds.

How to use it?

It is important to know that while using any kind of garden equipment, safety is required. There is safety equipment such as gloves, boots, etc. which are necessary to be worn to prevent accidents that are very fatal.

Apart from the safety equipment, read the user manually very carefully. You will come to know about the way to use the lawn trimmer. This means that you will be more aware of the settings that will ensure that the lawn is trimmed perfectly. There will be a guide to adjust the blade length, the gap between the blades, etc.

These garden equipment are available on online as well as offline platforms and they come with a safety manual and the user manual. This will guide you through the procedure. You can also refer to the internet for more information regarding gardening.

8. Pruning saw

A pruning saw is a must haveA pruning saw is a sharp short blade used to cut thick branches. The blade is curved to make it easier attached to a firm handle. The curved blade helps to cut the curved branches with much more ease. Today the pruning saw comes in sharper variety which can be used to cut thicker branches and bushes of trees. Always remember to use safety equipment while using the saw, as it may fall and injure your hand.


A pruning saw is a must haveA handheld saw is usually used for small household necessities. The blades are smaller and could be straight or curved. Some larger models of a pruning saw cannot be used for small gardens but for professional cultivation needs.

Curved blades are used for moderate branches and need special tending to. A straight blade is used to chop thinner green branches with 8 teeth per inch.

How to use it

Make sure you know which part you want to cut exactly and the wood you want to preserve. Wear good thick gloves which will have a strong hold of the saw so that your hand does not slip. Your angle of the saw must be in the right direction. This way, the gravity will help the saw and you do not have to put as much pressure on the same.

When you are cutting heavy bushes or thicker branches, to avoid it from an untimely cut, make sure the weight is disconnected. Keep slicing with the saw until the branch comes apart from the tree which a smooth motion. Other great alternatives if you need something more HEAVY DUTY is an electric chainsaw.

9. Pole saw

Pole saw will help you reach those tall branchesA pole saw is used when a branch is situated at a height which cannot be easily reached but needs to be cut. A pole saw makes it easier even to cut something as high as 15 feet. Normally, using a pole saw is not advisable as it is highly dangerous. So calling a professional or learning to use it well is advisory.


Used for the jump cut which is done after you are familiar with the usage of the pole saw. For branches which a couple of inches thick and not easily reachable, this works. For the limbs that are 8 feet or higher, you can use it.

How to use itPole saw will help you reach those tall branches

Before you start, make sure your work area is clear of all people and property to avoid mishaps. Plan on which branches need to be cut and what you want to save. Using a jump cut i.e. cutting the branch from below, to avoid an untimely cut would be strenuous but a good way to get a clean cut.

Locate the pole in such a way, that you have an idea about the weight you have to handle. Make sure the cutting is done at a vertical angle and clean up the cut once it is done.

10. Lawn spreader

Lawn spreaders are devices used for even distribution of lawn care products throughout the whole field. Doing this manually would make the distribution uneven and would make it more strenuous leaving too much of something in one area and nothing on the other.  It can be used for products like seeds or fertilizers and can even be used to carry things like a wheelbarrow.


A drop lawn spreader adjusts to your walking pace and accordingly spreads the required product evenly. You can adjust the amount you want to drop with the help of the stopper.

If you use a rotary lawn mower then it would cover a larger area in a short span saving you lots of time. It provides special wheels for easy movement and the wheel lines on the field give you an idea of the area you have covered

How to use it

Seed faster with a lawn spreaderThe working of lawn spreaders depends on the type you are using. Drop spreaders have adjustable holes in the bottom which need to be adjusted according to your walking pace.

Make sure you have adjusted the dropper in such a way that the seeds or fertilizer is evenly distributed to avoid overgrowth. Use the spreaders within the distance of 25 inches. Some of the spreaders have gear which is powered when you push it and later throws the payload stored inside.

11. Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is a device used for cutting grass evenly – similar to how top chipper shredders are used to break down wood. It consists of rotating blades which slowly cuts the grass into the same length. The settings can be adjusted manually in most mowers. Today, there are robotic lawn mowers which can be easily controlled using a remote control.


A well-kept lawn ensures a better healthy growth. Regular grass trimming helps with good growth. By keeping the grass well cut, it keeps the weed at bay. Weeds spoil the growth and prevent a healthy yard.

It makes sure that the grass is not affected by seasonal changes

How to use it

Gas operated lawn mower

Before you start mowing the lawn, make sure your work area is clear of debris, sticks, twigs, fallen branches or bushes to prevent uneven cutting and damage to the mower. Just like any device, even a lawn mower needs fuel to run. Normal petrol will help. Those devices that run on electricity do not need fuel but will need highly powered batteries that need to be recharged from time to time.

After starting the mower, make sure you have adjusted the blades correctly to ensure an even cut. The grass should be cut a medium height and not too short. Make sure you wear tall boots to protect your feet from the debris and cut grass.

The lawn mowers today come with a bag so that the cut grass goes into the bag keeping the lawn clean. If that is not the case then ensure that you clean the lawn completely after your lawn mowing session.

If you need to take a step in making your garden wonderful again, make sure you buy quality products in the Gardening tools.